Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 18

The Aftermath: 3

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 2009 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

The Aftermath: 3
Geoff and Bridgette talk with the latest castmates to be voted out of the show.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • When Geoff is trying to talk to Bridgette after the "That's going to leave a mark" segment, Bridgette's ponytail is missing. It returns when Bridgette starts talking to Owen.

    • Harvey is the same person who appeared on Harold's "best friend" picture in One Flu Over The Cuckoos just with a different hair color.

    • This is the first episode of Total Drama Action where Chef does not appear in person (he only appears in scenes of previous episodes during the "That's Gonna Leave A Mark!" segment).

    • When Owen is introduced, Geoff makes references to the episodes: The Big Sleep, Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Camp Castaways and I Triple Dog Dare You!. When Heather and LeShawna are introduced, I Triple Dog Dare You! is also referenced.

    • Owen's confession is a parody of Chunk's break-down in the movie The Goonies.

    • Heather was shown to also own num-yos in this episode.

    • Courtney was proven to have her own camera which she uses on set dubbed The Courtney Cam.

    • This is the first episode to be aired in high definition in the United States.

    • The alternate title for this episode is "The Aftermath III: O-wen or Lose".

    • Goof: The Total Drama Island website and a commercial stated that Owen is the youngest of three brothers, but he states that he is the oldest brother in this episode.

    • In this episode, we learn that Heather's parents tried electroshock threapy on her when she was little to make her act more nice, but it didn't work.

    • The wig that Heather wears in this episode looks like a smaller verson of LeShawna's afro seen in the episode 3:10 to Crazytown.

    • Running gags in this episode:
      1. Owen keeps telling the truth no matter how hard Geoff tries to provoke him.
      2. Bridgette keeps asking Owen to tell Geoff what it is that Bridgette is saying in an indirect way, even though Geoff can hear everything that Bridgette is saying.

    • Although Chef Hatchet, Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Cody, D.J., and Gwen appear in this episode, they have no speaking lines.

    • The Aftermath segment Truth or Anvil which replaced Truth or Hammer, is itself replaced by another new segment, Truth or Electrocution.

    • In this episode, LaShawna reveals that she does still have romantic feelings for Harold but she would just like to remain friends, for now.

    • The badly drawn animation that accompanied Owen during his story in The Sucky Outdoors returns in this episode to accompany Owen's flashbacks of some of the naughty things he has done earlier in his life.

    • In addition to Owen having two older brothers, he also has two younger brothers Johnny and Gavin and an uncle named Gabe.

    • Owen's mother is actually seen and heard for the first time on the show (with the same appearance she had on Cartoon Network's Video Message from Home) and it is found out that she spent fifty thousand dollars to add on a cheese cellar room to her house as she was confident that Owen would win the money to make up for the expense.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Bridgette: (after strapping Geoff in the electric chair) Now it's our turn to ask the questions!
      Geoff: No prob. I'm an honest guy, right?
      Bridgette: Geoff, is this really the new you? The manager, the publicist, the bullying! Or is this just what you think people want from you?
      Geoff: Um, pass. Next.
      Bridgette: Oh, you know that's not the way this works. You wrote the rules!
      Geoff: This is all me, all the way! (The chair zaps him) Aaahhh! Oh, man! My new hair stylist, Flo, is gonna kill me!

    • Geoff: So, Heather, before you were voted off, Courtney was brought back. Do you think she's a worthy competitor?
      Heather: No. (the chair zaps her) Aaahhh!
      Geoff: Awesome! You think Lindsay's as dumb as she looks?
      Heather: Yes. (the chair zaps her again) Aaahhh!
      Geoff: This is too easy. Do you think Beth could be a threat?
      Heather: Beth? Absolutely not. (the chair zaps her again) Aaahhh!

    • Bridgette: Our next two guests have licked Owen's armpit, sucked jam from his belly button, and eaten a cockroach. Oh wait, that was just Heather. Please welcome, Heather and LeShawna. (they walk onstage)
      LeShawna: Hey, y'all.
      Owen: Hi, guys! I forgot you did all those sick things, Heather. (laughs)

    • Geoff: (referring to Owen) Watch, dudes gonna make a killing promoting cheese on the air. Why didn't I think of that?
      Bridgette: I don't even know who you are anymore.
      Geoff: I'm the hottest dude you've ever been with.
      Bridgette: Not any more, it's over.
      Geoff: Actually, it's just time for a short break. We'll be back.
      Bridgette: I was talking about us. We're through, over, done, finito! (everyone gasps)
      Owen: (offers Geoff food) Chicken?

    • Owen: (about his mom spending fifty grand) So, what did my mom blow the money on?
      Geoff: Uh...let's find out. We've got a surprise guest on webcam, people!
      Owen's Mom: Owen! I don't know how to work this thing!
      Owen: (gasps) It's my mom! What happened?
      Owen's Mom: The boys and I didn't mean to spend it all. I guess we kind of got carried away.
      Owen: I just want to know one thing. What did you buy?
      Owen's Mom: A teensy, tiny...extra large cheese cellar.
      Owen: I just want to know one more thing. Is it full of cheese? (his mom smiles) Aha! Woo hoo, baby!
      Geoff: Aren't you mad, dude?
      Owen: Mad? I've always wanted a fully-stocked cheese cellar! Tell Johnny and Gavin to leave me, the parmigiana-reggiano, the emmentala, and the vacherin de hoto cheese, and I'll be home soon. Love you guys, bye!
      Owen's Mom: Come home honey bear. Wait, is that an electric chair?

    • Geoff: Owen, dude. What is your biggest problem?
      Owen: Hmm, that's a toughie. Sometimes, I worry I'm too critical of others. That top makes your eyes look really pretty, Bridgette.
      Bridgette: Ooh, thanks, Owen.
      Owen: Sure, or maybe it's my unrelenting love of dairy. And sometimes I worry I might be color blind. Are my shorts bright green or moss green? Ooh, I know what my biggest problem is! I've gone kinda nutso with food since having my jaw unwired. I've gained ten pounds. I've really let myself go.

    • Geoff: So, Owen, how'd you feel about Chef when he broke your jaw? Furious? Vengeful? Think about this now. Remember? (makes electrocution noise)
      Owen: I wasn't mad. I didn't feel anything except lots of pain in my jaw!

    • Geoff: So, Owen...
      Owen: (playing truth or electrocution) Ahhh! In the third grade, I cheated on my math exam. In fourth grade, I stole my uncle Max's toupee and glued it to a goats butt at the petting zoo. In fifth grade, I knocked my little brother down a flight of stairs and blamed it on my other little brother. When my mom sent me to summer camp for fat kids, and they served us lunch I pigged out, and the rest of the camp had nothing to eat for an entire week. But the worst thing I've ever done? I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and went to school and hid the puke in my jacket. And then I made a noise like this, (makes retching noise) and then I dumped it all over...
      Bridgette: Owen! I don't think that's what Trent meant.
      Owen: What other kind of truth is there?

    • Bridgette: You have got to be kidding! A hammer, an anvil, and now an electric chair! You want to electrocute Owen!?
      Geoff: Chill, babe. It's a big chair but it's low voltage.
      Owen: It's okay. I'll do it. I was electrocuted up at the lake once and it wasn't so bad. I'm very well insulated.

    • Geoff: (comparing their show to a talk show) Well, our lighting stinks. My dermatologist told me so, and so did my publicist, and my new manager. (interns drop lights close to Geoff, about to drop another) Nothing personal, guys, come on! Point is, this isn't some touchy feeling place where people go to talk about their problems. Well, they can but I'm not gonna make them feel any better about 'em.

    • Geoff: Bridgette thinks we need to bring more insanity to the show. (Bridgette glares at him) Uhh, I mean profanity. (Bridgette punches him) Okay, okay, more humanity. Bridgette thinks I've gone too over the top but then, so have out ratings!

    • Owen: Izzy's like a bunch of red ants at a picnic. Eventually, you get bitten by one that's crazy. Still, it's better to be bitten with crazy than being bitten by a tiger shark!
      Geoff: A tiger shark, huh? Maybe we should try that on the show!
      Bridgette: Don't even think about it! You know what happened with the piranhas!

  • NOTES (2)