Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 26

The Aftermath: 4

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2009 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

The episode starts off right after the ending to the previous episode. Duncan and Beth both finish the race at the same time, ending in a tie and they both demaned to know who won.

Duncan and Beth both sit in the winner's seat as Geoff and Bridgette show them clips from some of the events that happened during the show, includig a few embarrassing clips of Chris.

Meanwhile, Chris and Chef are at the airport, getting ready to go on vacation, when they see some of the clips on TV and rush to their limo to the studio. Chris fears that if they don't get there in time, the show will get cancelled. But Chris gives the limo driver the wrong directions and he and Chef wind up back at Camp Wawanakwa.

Back at the studio, Courntey comes up with the idea for them to make a quiz show that will determine the winner, but everyone thinks that idea is lame.

Harold then builds a huge game for Duncan and Beth to do. They will be on a convaier belt that will take them to a wierd wall design that they will have to get through. The two go through weird designs, inculding a flamingo, a plus sign and Harold's face. But after the game is over, it is still a tie.

Geoff and Bridgette decide to show more embarrassing clips of Chris, including one of him sleeping with a teddy bear and one that shows that he actually wears a wig. Just then, Chris appears and declares that he is taken over the show.

Chris asks the castmates if they know the two finalists very well and they all agree that Duncan is a tough guy and Beth is nice and honest. But then Chris shows them a clip of Duncan being nice to the guys while they sleep, including handing DJ his teddy bear, putting Harold's leg back in bed and placing Justin's sleep mask on him. Another clip is shown of Chef handing Beth a cookie gram that was sent by the Total Drama fan club for all the girls to share, but Beth eats all of the cookies because she thinks she deserves them more than anyone.

Chris then tells the other castmates that they have a chance to ask Duncan and Beth a question before they vote for who should win. He first goes to Geoff and Bridgette, but sees that they're gone. We then see the two making out in the back room.

So Chris goes to Trent. Trent mentions about when Gwen broke up with him and then told his team mates to vote him off and he asks the two what they would do in his situation. Beth says that she would not date anyone in the contest and Duncan agrees.

Izzy goes next and challenges the two to a dance off. Beth doesn't do so well, but Duncan wows everyone with his mad break dance skills.

Next up is Gwen, who asks them how they would spend the prize money to save the enviroment. Beth said that she would use it to plant more trees in Northern Ontario and Duncan says he will donate some of the money to Greenpeace.

DJ is next. He asks the two if they were riding their bikes and they hit a fork in the road with one path full of daises and one path full of dandelions, which path would they choose. Duncan says the dandelion path, because they're just weeds, and Beth says that should slow her bike down and save both of them.

Next up is Owen, who challenges the two to an eat off, consisting of nothing but health food. Beth and Duncan try really hard to stomach the food, but they both can't eat the sea weed.

Heather is next, but instead of a question she just goes on an angry rant about how she should be in the winner's seat.

Next up is LeShawna, who asks the two how they would spend the money if they won. Beth talks about how she would take her boyfriend out for a romantic dinner and then talks about buying a bunch of stuff she "had her eye on for a while." Finally she says that she would buy a school for underprivileged children. Duncan says that would buy two schools for the underprivileged.

Next up is Justin, who just asks the two if they still find him attractive. Beth says he has the right face for a leading role in a movie and Duncan says the same thing, but tries not to smile while he says it.

Next is Lindsay, who just says that she'll be voting for Beth.

Harold is next. He gives the two paper and pencils and tells them both to create a made up animal. Beth draws a Haracorn (A hare mixed with a unicorn) with wings and Duncan draws a stealth bomber crossed with a samurai sword.

Finally it's Courtney's turn to ask a question, but doesn't get a chance to because Chris says that they have run out of time.

Chris then says that it is time to vote. He tells the castmates that they will be voting inside an outhouse since the show's budget is gone.

After everyone casts their votes, Chris tallies them up. It is three votes for Duncan, three for Beth and one for Explosivo, Izzy's alter-ego. Chris reads the final vote and Duncan is declared the winner of Total Drama Action.

Courtney then gets excited, but Duncan points out that he won't be sharing anything with her. That is until Courtney kisses him and tells him that "every king needs a queen".

Beth is then reunited with her boyfriend Brady, who everyone is shocked to see is real. Beth then says that she doesn't care that she didn't win as long as she has Brady. With that, Chris thanks everybody for watching this season of Total Drama Action.