Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 26

The Aftermath: 4

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2009 on TELETOON

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  • All I can say is, they could have ended it last week.

    What words spring to mind when you think of "Season finale?" For me, such words include "exciting", "climactic", and "watchable". You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that the all-important last episode of Total Drama Action would be... another "Aftermath". Now, I can only speak for myself, but I despise these "Aftermath" episodes. I mean, what's the point of spending an entire episode on the development of characters who are no longer part of the show? Not to mention that Geoff and Bridgette are insufferable; who in the writers' department thought it would be a good idea to have two of the contestants partake in torturing all the others? That's Chris's job. What happened to the camaraderie between the twenty-two teens, who, despite their differences and arguments, were always united by their mutual hatred of Chris and the Total Drama reality series? The episode itself is worth a few laughs, but quickly spoils that by lacking any cohesion whatsoever. I mentioned that they could have ended it last episode, and I have a feeling they were planning to, indeed, this seems like somewhat of a last-minute affair. If they'd really though about it, maybe they could have done something about the obvious plot holes, such as "How did Geoff and Bridgette resolve their issues after being on the verge of breaking up in the last episode?" or "How did Chris and Chef find their way back from Camp Wawanakwa?" It seems as though the writers cast those concerns to the wind, in favor of cheap laughs. Speaking of which, I can't believe they're still breathing life into the "Explosivo" gag.

    The ending itself lacked that feeling of closure I was hoping for; Duncan wins, gets back together with Courtney, Beth's boyfriend is real... so what? All of it feels rushed, and not at all rewarding for staying on board all season. I am however, looking forward to hearing their explanation as to why Duncan will be in Total Drama Musical despite already having won his million dollars, but I'm not getting my hopes up. They'll probably sidestep that plot point just like they have to all the other major ones.

    Total Drama Action aired in the same time slot as "The Office." If such a conflict ever occurs again, you can bet I'll be tuned in to NBC.
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