Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 26

The Aftermath: 4

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2009 on TELETOON

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  • It's not fair! Why does Duncan win instead of Beth? I thought a bad-guy couldn't win. Nearing the end of the finale, Chris goes right into the voting. The voting booth is revealed to be a toilet house (due to low budget courtesy of Courtney's lawsuit).

    While Chris reveals the castmates' voting booth, the contestants (Season 2 Contestants) goes straight to voting. Only 8 voted. Due to some flaws (Bridgette and Geoff making out instead of voting, Lindsay sneezing on her voting paper and LeShawna and Trent got repulsed by Owen's fillings), Duncan ended up as Season 2 Winner. If Noah (Chris's Assistant), Bridgette, Geoff, Lindsay, LeShawna and Trent got the chance to vote, then Beth would've won since the six share a huge conflict towards Duncan. At least Duncan returns for a third season along with LeShawna, Bridgette, Lindsay, and Noah. Duncan gets eliminated first (If you count Ezekiel's elimination in the following part of this two-parter).