Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 26

The Aftermath: 4

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2009 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • Here is how the other side of Chris was shown by Geoff and Bridgette: Chris is singing in the shower. He eats a sandwich in a very messy way. He sleeps sucking his thumb and holding a teddy bear. It is revealed that he is bald. He goes outside in a robe, but the wind blows a part of it off revealing private parts.

    • The frames for Harold's final challenge were:

      A random rectangular-like shape.
      The letter "T"
      A Spider
      Palm Tree
      Something that looks like the Sky Needle
      Chris McLean
      A plus sign
      Harold's Face

    • Chris and Chef accidentally return to Camp Wawanawkwa in this episode.

    • In Duncan's ending, Chris is never seen giving him the case containing a million dollars.

    • In the alternate ending, Beth gets knocked out due to being hit with the million dollar case.

    • Courtney didn't get to ask her question due to running out of time.

    • Chris showed hidden footage of the two finalists: Beth was shown eating all the cookies sent to be shared. Duncan was shown being nice to the other boys while they were sleeping.

    • Duncan and Courtney get back together in this episode.

    • Beth's boyfriend Brady is proven to exist in this episode as he makes an appearance near the end.

    • The music playing during Duncan's video showing all the stuff he did on the show is the same music played during his arrival in Not So Happy Campers (Part 1).

    • Chris mentions Ryan Seacrest in this episode. Ryan Seacrest is mostly famous for his role as the host of American Idol.

    • There was an alternate version of this episode shown on and that shows what would happen if Beth was the winner.

    • Geoff does the recap in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Chris: (stuck in traffic, to driver) You call this driving?! What are you doing?!
      Chef: Well, Chris, when a lot of cars are stuck on the same road, it's called traffic.

    • Beth: Just give all the money to me!
      Duncan: Uhh, No.
      Beth: It was worth a try.

    • Courtney: Stop! I got a plan. I devised a completely unbiased (winks at Duncan) way to pick a winner. A quiz show to determine who gets the million.
      Everyone else: Lame!

    • Eva: (about who should win the million) Make a decision! I'm getting bored! And you know what happens when I'm bored? (hits fist into palm)

    • Izzy: (after telling Duncan and Beth to have a dance off) Hit it, DJ!
      DJ: What "it" am I hitting exactly?
      Izzy: Not you! DJ Jazzy Chef!

    • Courtney: We're rich!
      Duncan: Not so fast, sister. Who said I'd share anything with you?
      (Courtney kisses him)
      Courtney: Every king needs a queen.
      Duncan: King, huh? That doesn't sound so terrible.
      (Courtney kisses him again)

    • Beth: What's that?
      Chef: Cookie gram. Sent by the girls of the Total Drama fan club for all the girls to share.
      Beth: Really? That's so nice. (cut to a scene of her eating all of the cookies) It's really hard work being nice. I deserve these more than anybody! (shoves the camera out of her face)

    • Geoff: This is the last time we're going to see each other guys. Getting a bit choked up here.
      Bridgette: We had an awesome time together. I'm going to miss you guys.
      LeShawana: We'll miss you too girl. Now, pick a winner so we can all go home!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Stoked

      When Chris said that he and Chef were going to Sunset Beach, this is a reference to the show Stoked and the beach where it takes place.

    • DJ Jazzy Chef

      Chef's DJ's name is a reference to DJ Jazzy Jeff, a famous turntablist best known for working with Will Smith.

    • Hole in the Wall

      The challenge Beth and Duncan undertake in this episode is a reference to the Fox reality show Hole in the Wall where contestants attempted to contort their bodies in an effort to fit through a wall approaching them with the winner(s) at the end getting a cash prize.

    • Survivor

      The castmates voting on who should win and Chris tallying the votes is exactly like how they announce the winners on all the season finales of the hit reality show Survivor.