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Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 3

The Big Sleep

Aired Unknown Jul 15, 2007 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

The Big Sleep
The two teams set out on a twenty kilometer race that they think is the contest on this occasion. However, the real winning team is the one who has the individual that goes to sleep last afterwards. Another camper is voted off the island.

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  • the two team set out on a 20 kilometer race that they think its a challenge, but really it was just to get them tired for an awak-a-thon.

    The two teams set out on a 20 kilometer race that they think it's a challenge, but really its a challenge to get them tired for a awak-a-thon. I thought this was another really good episode of Total Drama Island. I found this episode really funny and enjoyable. I did lower my score because of Heater I hated how she used Lindsey (because she was dumb) and Beth ( because she was desparate) in an allience and they stole Eva's MP3 player so she could have a tantrum to try to get her out of the game. It all came down to the final 2 Duncan Killer Bass) and Gwen (Screaming Gophers) and Gwen wins it barely. At the elimination everyone gets a marshmallow except for Eva and Harold. Eva for throwing a tantrum when she lost her MP3 player. Harold for being a weak link I think. Find out who get's the last marshmallow and who gets voted out when you watch the episode. The funny parts were when we found out what the real challenge was the awak-a-thon not the 20 kilometer race. Eva's tantrum was a little funny and a bit weird, Owen sleepwalking naked was hilarious, Duncan sleeping on the toilet, and Eva at the end of the episode. Now the scene's with Gwen and Trent were really touching and sweet. Well overall a good episode but Heather ruined it. 9.5/10.moreless
  • Oooh! It gets JUICY when Chris cooks up an awake-a-thon! An alliance forms, a trick is performed, an angered camper, a naked sleepwalker, a couple gets closer, a winner, the losers, Chef in a TUTU?! 20 campers left after a person is eliminated.moreless

    This is when the drama stirs up and deserves the name Total Drama Island! It rocks!

    Chris wakes the campers at 7 in the morning to take a 20 kilometer run around the lake, the first whole team to get to the mess hall "wins". When the Screaming Gophers "win", they get some spirit-killing news. They get notice that that wasn't the challenge. Then the food comes (THE FOOD LOOKED GOOD) and Gwen nearly cries LOL. They eat then hear that the actual challenge was an awake-a-thon! Chris's evil little mind....I LOVE it! Owen falls asleep first, then sleepwalks NAKED throughout the whole episode (ANNOYING I know....). That's just....profane.... and Yeesh! Anyways Heather forms her own little alliance with Lindsay and Beth. First on her EVILGENDA: Get rid of Eva. How?: Take away her MP3 player.....that's sad...but it works!!! Chris tries to put them to sleep with everything, which is where Chef and his tutu *Laughs* comes in...*falls off of chair and rolls on the floor laughing* Sorry...Sorry.... DJ ties himself to a tree, but when he falls asleep....TIMBER!!! The tree falls. Justin is later caught cheating when it is revealed that he PAINTED his eyelids...sneaky and cunning! Then a moment happens which is the most fanfic'ed in HISTORY: Noah acidently kisses Cody's ear and cuddles with him while he's sleeping. Then they wake up and FREAK OUT LOL! Duncan plays a trick on Harold (The classic "handin warm glass of water") to make him pee himself. Yeesh, NEXT! Gwen and Trent get closer...Aawwww!!! Then it's down to Gwen and Duncan for the win....It's neck and neck!!!! Then Duncan takes a bathroom break, and falls asleep! Which gives Gwen the win!!!!Meanwhile with the Killer Bass, Eva is thrashing around to find her MP3 player, when Heather the raging jerk-a-holic comes in and says "Here it is! I found it on the beach!" Eva is BUSTED for nothing. Then she gets elliminated, throws a stick at Courtney, and says they made a big mistake for voting her off. Meanwhile at the campfire ceremony afterwards, they toast to never go to the bonfire ceremony EVER again. Will it, along with Trent and Gwen's realationship and the alliance of Heather, Lindsay, and Beth, LAST?! Tune in to find out!!!!moreless
  • We finaly find out Heather's true colors as she makes an alliance and gets rid of another killer Bass, Eva. Also, Owen sleepwalking in his birthday suit?

    In this episode, Chris makes the campers run around the island and gives them free food afterwards. The real challange was to see who would stay awake the longest. Owen was first to fall asleep, but continuisly sleptwalked through out the island...in his birthday suit.

    Justin tried painting his eyelids to win, but was caught cheating and some of the characters fell to insanity trying to stay awake.Heather forms an alliance with Lindsay nad Beth and plans to take them to the final 3 and starts her "plans" by stealing Eva's MP3 and causing her to lash out at the bass. Gwen ended up winning the challange and Eva ends up getting voted out due to her "rage-aholic" behaviour, leaving only 9 red fishies and 11 green dirt-mammals. Who will be voted out next?moreless
  • The remaining 21 campers take part in a challenge where they must stay awake for an amount of hours. Owen of course is the first one to fall asleep! Gwen and Trent get to know each other a little better. and Owen sleep walks naked! Eva's voted off!moreless

    This was definably not the best episodes of season 1! Their were very funny parts (Owen sleep walking naked), character development, and secret alliances. In this episode we see Heather become even more evil. Gwen and Trent bond, and Chef dressing up as a ballerina. This episode wasn't the worst, but not the best ether! Their were some funny moments and some moments that weren't very exciting or funny! Chris seems to always find a way to torture everyone! Cody gets his face farted into! And Courtney always comes up the strategies which don't even work! It was funny how Eva freaked out when she was voted off! This episode is still a must see!moreless
  • One of the worst of Season 1. Which means its good, but not great

    Well this episode was indeed good, but just not great like most of Season 1 usually is.

    Today's contest includes running and eating. Then no sleeping. Yep it was all part of Chris's sick mind to wear them out and then make them not sleep.

    The challenge was intense and even intimate with Gwen and Trent flirting and Noah kissing Cody lol.

    However, the thing that ruined this episode from being great was Owen's naked adventure through the island. Gosh, was this plot line even necessary? The answer is heck no.

    Oh and Eva got voted out too. Her reaction was simply priceless as she got pretty violent about her departure.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • When Geoff is given his marshmallow he eats it, but at the end when all the Bass are roasting their marshmallows over the campfire he has one again.

    • Goof: In the confessional, Courtney says that Eva had only been there for a day, but later, Gwen says "After a week of brown slop, I could have cried".

    • When Eva is throwing things out of her cabins, the campers who are avoiding the items are Courtney, Katie, Harold, DJ, Bridgette and Tyler.

    • When Chris says " Chapter 1, the beaver. Canada's national symbol, and a 'damn' fine hat ", in the Cartoon Network airing, 'damn' was changed to 'real'.

    • When Eva is throwing items from Bass Cabin, she throws Trent's guitar , but Trent is on the Gopher team.

    • When Eva is about to leave, she says, "Who needs this stupid TV show anyway?". But when this aired on the Cartoon Network, she says "Lame-o" instead of "Stupid".

    • For Cartoon Network syndicated airings of the episode, Chris's line to Justin "That is so freakin' cool!" is changed to "That is so crazy incredible." His line "Shut up" before that, is also changed to "Get out!"

    • Chris is wearing shorts when he wakes the campers up. However, when he starts the run around the lake, he is wearing pants.

    • At one point, the score stands at nine Gophers to seven Bass. However, these scores are reversed, as there are nine Bass awake (only Bridgette is asleep) to seven Gophers (Owen, Noah, Izzy, and LeShawna are asleep).

    • When the campers are sitting in the cafeteria waiting for the others to finish their run, the table on the right has no one sitting on the inside row. However, in the next scene, Beth is sitting there.

    • When the Bass team are waving good-bye to Eva, Justin is seen with them, but he's on the other team.

    • When Chef Hatchet is dancing around in a tutu, the song is from the ballet " The Nutcracker".

    • We see that in Katie and Sadie's relationship that they even fall asleep together, as shown by their snoring.

    • In this episode, we learn that Owen sleepwalks when he eats beans.

    • The campers in the confessional for this episode were Heather, Beth, Lindsay, Owen, Courtney and Gwen.

    • The final marshmallow goes to Harold in this episode.

    • Heather gets the Killer Bass to vote off Eva by stealing her MP3 player, causing her to go into a fit until she says she found it on the beach.

    • Eva's audition: She does about sixty chin-ups and says that she's the only one in her school who can do that. Then someone hits her with a ball and she goes off to beat him up. She then asks the camera man if he could edit that part out.

    • Heather forms an alliance with Lindsay and Beth in this episode.

    • Gwen was the person who stayed awake the longest.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Gwen: Favorite song?
      Trent: She Will Be Loved. Favorite colour?
      Gwen: Midnight Blue.
      Trent: Ooh, mysterious. I like that.
      (Gwen blushes and yawns)
      Trent: No, don't fall asleep now! Quick...favorite movie moment...

    • Gwen: So you mean that the 20k run and the turkey-eating frenzy were just part of your sinister plot to make it harder for us to stay awake?
      Chris: That's right, Gwen!
      Gwen: Man, he's good.

    • Owen: (Out of breath) Can't..go..on..must..have..condition.
      Heather: Yeah, it's called over-eating. Look into it.
      LeShawna: Well, what's your excuse? You skinny, bossy...whew! I am too tired for insults.

    • LeShawna: (after Chris wakes everyone up) It's seven in the morning. Do I look like a farmer to you?

    • Chris: I didn't want it to come to this. I said that to Chef Hachet last night. I said, "Chef, I don't want it to come this." But, darn it, these campers are tough. So I've come up with the most boring, sleep-inducing activity I could find.
      Gwen: (in confessional) Oh, come on. What now? Okay, y'know what? Bring it on.
      Chris: (reading) 'The History of Canada.'

    • Gwen: I'd kill for a coffee.
      Chris: (drinking a coffee) What is it with you people? C'mon, fall asleep already.
      Gwen: You've gotta hook me up man. I'll just eat the grinds.

    • Chris: In the end, the first person voted off of Total Drama Island was Ezekiel. Proving that home schooling and reality TV don't really mix.

    • Courtney: Okay, that girl, Eva, needs to get her act together. She's only been here a week and she's already thrown her suitcase out the window and broke the lock on one of the bathroom doors.

    • Eva: (as she is leaving on the Boat of Losers) I guess my temper did get the better of me...again! But whatever, it's their loss. They just lost their fiercest competitor, I hope they realize that!

    • Owen: Stay awake for 12 hours? I can do that in my sleep.

    • Courtney: (at the campfire) To the Killer Bass and to not coming back here next week.

    • (in the Confessional)
      Gwen: The Awake-a-thon was the most brutal thing I had ever done in my life.
      (camera cuts back to Awake-a-thon)
      Gwen: (yawns) This is the most boring thing I've ever done in my life.
      Trent: It could be worse.
      Gwen: How?
      Trent: I could be stuck here without you to talk to.

    • Courtney: Bye, Eva. (Eva throws a spear at her which barely misses her) Touchy.

    • Chris: Before we continue on with the story, who needs a bathroom break?
      Duncan: I've been holding it this long, sweetheart. I can go all day.
      Gwen: But can you hold it for another ten chapters?

  • NOTES (2)