Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 6

The Sucky Outdoors

Aired Unknown Aug 05, 2007 on TELETOON
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The Sucky Outdoors
The two teams must spend a night alone in the woods in the contest for this episode. Another contestant is voted off the island.

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  • Another almost perfect episode

    Well since they are campers, why not make a camping episode. Both teams have to survive a night in the woods. Both end up turning into disasters. The Killer Bass are missing a couple fish as Katie and Sadie get lost and are seperated from their tribe. They get into a fight about something stupid. I really don't remember and I really don't care. That's kinda why the episode was not perfect to me. It was really dumb but I guess kinda necessary since one of those two had to leave eventually especially since they cost the Bass the win. However, the wrong one went home, why Katie why her. I know I made a big deal about the Katie/Sadie storyline, but this episode is still fantastic. There were plenty of great moments to make up for Katie/Sadie like Izzy the bear, Courtney/Duncan moments, and much more.moreless
  • Seems to be the most fun one to watch so far.

    The Sucky Outdoors were just great. My favorite part of this season is the cruel humor demonstrated by campers. Like when Izzy dressed up like a bear to freak her team mates of the Screaming Gophers. It was funny when Cody soiled his pants... TWICE! Dang, it was soo hilarious, I almost cried! Only when Izzy and an actual bear came along. Another good one was when Duncan was insisted to tell a scary story and at the end, he took out a hook and everyone screamed! Duncan started laughing as if it was Halloween and he was a mad scientist. It was like Mua Ha Ha Ha Ha HA!(maniacly) I started to laugh again. That was where Courtney told him that it wasn't funny. And, funny thing, the next Courtney ended up "cuddling" Duncan. It was interesting to hear Duncan say " Morning, Sunshine!" To me, it was priceless to see the look on Court's face to figure out that she was snuggling up to him. This was one heck of an episode.moreless
  • extremely good!!!

    this is exactly why i watch this show. this episode we really get to see everyones true personality. i also love when courtney and duncan start fighting but end up cuddleing each other. we also see geoff start to make moves on bridgette but ends up messing it up. this episode really reminds me of regular people camping in the woods and the stories they tell by the fire. hopefully the other episodes that come up in the season,in the u.s., will end up being great like this one or being better then this episode. overall the show is great and i hope there are more seasons to come.moreless
  • Friendships are mostly easy, camping can sometimes be hard! :idea:

    As a Bean Scout named Samson from "Camp Lazlo" will testify, it takes a special breed to survive in the wild. While Samson can tough it out for five seasons, 2.5 years, and 61 episodes, the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gophers were ready to call it quits after only one night! Heather has her sights set on Gwen, and she doesn't care who knows about it! But her grudge will have to wait when unforeseen events take place. Owen once again proves to be the best player the Screaming Gophers have as he catchs fish for the entire team. Not wanting to leave it at that, Owen decides to tell a story about how he learned to rough it. Every-thing he knows, he learned from his grandpa, and he was a real man's man! One time, they were even cornered by a 10 foot bear! Not wanting to die, they did the only thing they could do and made the bear D.O.A., with honors! Ironically enough, that's when Owen realizes there's a time and a place for tall tales, and it's Not in the wild! When a bear starts to roam the camp, Owen reveals he isn't equipped or prepared to face a beast. Fortunately, it turns out to be Izzy, who was fascinated by Owen's tale and wanted to play a joke! I might be jumping the gun, but I think Owen and Izzy are developing a crush on each other! :D But Izzy's antics attract a real bear, forcing them up a tree for the night! The Killer Bass have an even worse time! Katie and Sadie finally get in a fight when they get lost, taking refuge in a cave, Duncan creeps everybody out with the tales of a hook-handed killer, and Bridgette proves to be a jinx when she destroys their tent. In the end, the Screaming Gophers stick together, Katie and Sadie make up. But their renewed friendship comes at a price. The Killer Bass vote Katie off. Now its up to Sadie to carry on without her. Another winner! :idea: Enough said! ;)moreless
  • Campers have to spend the night in the woods... what else can go wrong??

    Okay this episode is by far my favorite. I thought it was soo funny when Owen said he killed a bear, and when a bear came, he cried for his mommy. That was funny. And I think bridgette and geoff are a cute couple, same with duncan and courtney. I thought it was hilraious when SHE was cuddleing with duncan, he didn't even go near her, it was courtney who went to him. And if you notice before the camera does a close up on duncan and courtney, you saw bridgette laying with or on geoff, i couldn't really see. And the scary story was classic...moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • When the Bass are around their campsite in the night, Harold's shirt sleeves are gone. Later, when Duncan is telling his ghost story, there is a close-up to Harold and it appears his facial hair has disappeared.

    • At the end at the bonfire, Bridgette appears to be floating in mid air when everybody is getting their marshmallows.

    • At the beginning when Chris is addressing all the campers, Bridgette is not present.

    • Beth and Cody appear but have no lines.

    • When the Killer Bass are lying in their tent, Duncan and Courtney are lying side by side, but when Bridgette sits up, they are lying parallel to each other.

    • When the real bear chases the Screaming Gophers up the tree, they are in the same positions as when Izzy was in the bear costume did. Also, Izzy is not up there with them.

    • When Owen says "Great Pyramid of Giza", he pronounces Giza with the /ai/ diphthong, and it sounds like "Guy-za"; it should be pronounced with a long /i:/ sound, like "Ghee-za".

    • When Chris points out that the Killer Bass are missing Katie and Sadie, the camera pans out to show them arriving late; we can see that the Screaming Gophers are missing Beth, Cody and Lindsay.

    • When Owen talks about his experience with a bear, Duncan is seen holding the map. However, Courtney has already taken it from him. Also, the compass disappears from Duncan's hand when Courtney takes the map.

    • The pizza delivery guy who brings pizza to the camera crew when they are out in the woods with the Screaming Gophers is based on the original sketch drawing for Duncan.

    • When Katie is on the Boat of Losers, Cody is shown with the Killer Bass, even though he is on the Screaming Gophers.

    • This marks the third loss for the Killer Bass.

    • When the Killer Bass are seen pitching their tent, the symbol seen on the top left corner is the Screaming Gophers symbols.

    • The campers in the confessional for this episode were Katie and Sadie, Geoff, Izzy and Courtney.

    • The final marshmallow went to Sadie in this episode.

    • When Katie and Sadie are in the confessional, Katie says "We even had the chicken pox together", but she has Sadie's voice.

    • Katie's audition: She and Sadie are dancing in her bedroom until Katie does a spin and knocks down the camera.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • LeShawna: Did he say there were bears?
      Owen: I had a encounter with a bear once. Let's just say his head looks real nice up on my mantle.

    • Heather: How do you know how to fish?
      Owen: My grandpa taught me. I caught a shark once, it bit me in the butt. Look. (pulls down his pants)
      Lindsay: Ahhh! My eyes!

    • Izzy: I love fish. I love fish. (sinks her teeth into one but then sees everyone looking at her) I guess we should cook them first.

    • Duncan: So, what's for dinner, woman? I'm starving.
      Courtney: I hope you don't expect me to dignify that with a response.

    • (The Screaming Gophers have been chased up a tree by a bear)

      Lindsay: It's probably already eaten Izzy.
      Heather: Then it shouldn't be hungry anymore.
      (Everyone stares at Heather)
      Heather: What?! This is survival of the fittest. She should have just peed in her pants like Cody.

    • Chris: Not so fast Gopherinoes, it seems that the Killer Bass are missing a few fish.
      Courtney: Oh, you mean Katie and Sadie? I'm pretty sure they got eaten by wolves last night.
      Duncan: Darn shame.

    • Courtney: I would just like to say, for the record, that I was unconscious at the time of the alleged "cuddling" with said neanderthal, so, it's like it never happened.

    • Courtney: That wasn't funny, Duncan!
      Duncan: Oh, yes, it was! I just wish it was all on camera! Oh is!

    • Duncan: (referring to Katie and Sadie) Where are tweedle dumb and tweedle idiot?

    • Courtney: You are so vile! Do your parents even like you?
      Duncan: I don't know, Fraidy McChicken. I haven't asked them lately.

    • Courtney: Ugghh, you're such an ogre!
      Duncan: Ehh, I've been called worse.

    • Courtney: Are you two finished with your little lovefest?
      (Katie and Sadie nod yes)
      Courtney: Good, because thanks to you, we lost the competition!

    • (after the Killer Bass' tent is destroyed)
      Courtney: Nice going, Bridgette! Now we don't even have a tent to sleep in!
      Duncan: Relax, princess. It's no big deal.
      Courtney: "It's no big deal?" It's no big deal?! Things could not possibly get any worse! (a single raindrop falls on her head, then rain starts to downpour) AHHHH!!!!

    • (The Screaming Gophers are in a tree)
      Trent: What do we do now?
      Heather: Don't look at me.
      Gwen: It was your idea to climb the tree.
      Heather:Well, why don't you ask the bear hunter expert?! Hey, Owen, what now?!
      Owen: How should i know?!
      Lashawna: Dude, you said you killed a bear!
      Owen: (screams) I was being theatrical!

    • Heather: She is so going to be the next one to leave!
      Trent: Who?
      Heather: Who do you think?! She dumped Harold's entire red ant farm on me!
      Trent: Yeah, but you read her diary in front of the entire world.
      (Heather looks at them all angrily, stopping them all in their tracks)
      Heather: So? That girl is going down! And no one is going to stop me!

    • Sadie: Trip to the beach ring a bell?
      Katie: Oh, you'd have to bring that up. I had a really hot bikini on that day though.
      Sadie: You drove my mom's car into a snack shack.

    • Katie: Sadie and I are BFFFLs.
      Sadie: Best Female Friends for Life.
      Katie: We even had the chicken pox together.
      Sadie: That's was so fun.
      Katie: It was great to have someone to scratch all your little scabs.

    • Sadie: This reminds me of the time we were seven and we got lost in the mall.
      Katie: And then you started crying and the guards had to page our moms and they were so mad.
      Sadie: Oh my gosh, take a pill, we're fine.

    • DJ: Hey guys, look what I found. (shows everyone a little rabbit)
      Duncan: I never had rabbit stew before, but what the heck, I'm game.
      DJ: This is my new pet. I'm calling him Bunny.

    • Katie: If it weren't for me, you'd be riding the bus to the mall.
      Sadie: If it weren't for me, you'd wouldn't know how to get to the mall.

    • DJ: What's wrong? Gotta pee?
      Bridgette: Like crazy, but I'm too scared to leave the tent.
      DJ: Me, too. (shows her a bottle full of pee)

    • Izzy: (dressed as a bear) Hey, are you all right?
      LeShawna: Did that bear just ask me a question?

    • Katie: Oh Sadie, I'm sorry I said I was prettier then you.
      Sadie: And I'm sorry for bringing up the snack shack incident.
      Katie: And I'm sorry I said your butt looks big.
      Sadie: You did?
      Katie: Well, not to your face.

    • Heather: I am so hungry.
      Izzy: I think my stomach just ate my stomach.

    • Geoff: (to Bridgette) Wow, you pitch a tent like a guy!
      (in Confession Outhouse)
      Geoff: (sarcastic tone) Wow, you pitch a tent like a guy? (slaps himself)
      (back outside)
      Geoff: I mean, you're not all girly about getting dirty and stuff.
      Bridgette: Gee, thanks.

    • Owen: (when he sees a bear) Great Pyramid of Giza!!! Aaaaahhh!! We're all going to die! We're going to get eaten alive by a bear! Oh, the horror! Somebody help us! I want my mommy!

  • NOTES (2)


    • The Great Outdoors

      The episode title is a reference to the John Candy movie The Great Outdoors, a film that also happens to feature a bald-headed bear at the end.

    • Duncan: Where are Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Idiot?

      This is a parody to the characters, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee from the book/movie Alice in Wonderland.

    • Punk'd
      Owen makes a reference to Ashton Kutcher's hit show when he claims that Chris is a bear in disguise, trying to punk the Screaming Gophers again. Punk'd is a show where Ashton Kutcher goes around and plays various types of jokes on other celebrities.

    • Meatballs

      The story that Duncan tells everone about the killer with the hook hand is the same story told by Bill Murray in the movie Meatballs.

    • When stuck in the tree, Owen calls out "Dear Abby she's going to die!" Dear Abby is a famous advice column.