Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 27

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 2008 on TELETOON
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The Very Last Episode, Really!
The final two contestants participate in one last challenge for the grand prize.

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  • Owen wins! Owen wins! "Total Drama Island" comes to a close...or Does it?! :D

    I really like to root for the underdog to win. The underdog of this show was Definitely Owen! Owen is large, chubby, and really out of shape. A betting person wouldn't have thought Owen would get out of the batting gate, let alone make it to the Final 5 or 3. Yet Owen had a knack for playing the game everyone else overlooked. He always performed to the best of his abilities, he was friendly to everyone as long as they were friendly to him, he had an appetite that couldn't be denied, and he prevailed through all the challenges to make it to the Finals. Ironically enough, Goth girl Gwen, the one camper who Never cracks a smile unless it has to do with Trent or Heather getting humiliated, ends up hopelessly outmatched for the first time. Only 4 people are rooting for Gwen to win. LaShawna, Trent, Cody, and surprisingly, Eva! Everyone else has gathered for Owen because of the cool yacht party he promises for the entire cast if he wins! The heat is on! Owen and Gwen manage to make it up the flag pole and get their flags with no problem, but the next section is a doozy! They have to walk across 2 narrow planks between a gorge, where fresh-water sharks await to devour them, and eagles attack them to rescue eagle eggs the 2 campers must carry. Gwen gets across because of Trent, and Owen gets across because of Justin and Izzy. Now all that's left is the long-distance run. But Owen's chances are put in jeopardy. Because Heather doesn't want Gwen to win, she tried to feed Gwen a laxative-laced cupcake. But Gwen isn't an amateur, and she gives it to Owen! Anybody else would've given up, but Owen kept on going, and Izzy and Lindsay teamed up to give Owen the edge he needs. Lindsay turns on a fan, and Izzy's brownies draw Owen in, and Owen races across the finish line, winning T.D.I. season 1! And Heather gets locked in the out-house, courtesy of LaShawna! This show totally rocked! 8)moreless
  • The episode I've been waiting for.

    When this series started airing in U.S, at first I avoided it (especially because it has a rating that CN doesn't usually show during the daytime), but in time I grew interested in it. After the episode where the campers went on the canoe race, I looked up how the remaining episodes would go on this site, and I got to say, I liked the outcome. I saw many of the episodes in advance before they aired in U.S (along with the episodes I missed), but I resisted peaking at this one because even though I knew the outcome, I wanted to be surprised of how it got there. I waited for weeks after seeing the spoiler for this episode, and after all that waiting, my waiting paid off and I saw the episode I was looking forward to the most. After eight weeks, (over half a year airing for us), Total Drama Island has a winner: Owen! And I have to say, I can't think of anyone more deserving. Throughout his entire time on the show, poor Owen was tormented by the other campers, mauled by the wildlife, humiliated by the host, and just plain injured. Yet through it all, he maintained his happy attitude and pushed on. Despite not winning individual invincibility once, he still survived every bonfire, staying under the radar while everyone else was eliminated, until it was down to him and Gwen (does anyone else notice anything peculiar about these two names?). In the final competition, it was one that poor Owen was not suited for best: a rejected Olympic race! Being overweight, Owen didn't seem capable of winning, but was aided by Izzy, the girl who he once left at the mercy of a psycho killer, who placed a plate of brownies at the finish line, incentivizing him to run past Gwen (nearly knocking her over in the process) and win the race, making him the winner of TDL and making him a hundred-thousandaire! Way to go, dude! Even before I knew he would win, I always hoped it would be Owen who would win (I think CN gave away that he would be the winner by having his face be the one on the TDI commercials). It was a long time coming, but the first animated reality show has finally come to an end. Or has it?moreless
  • The one that ends it all.... Or not...

    This series is one of the few rare that all episodes are worth watch more than twice ( I know i have seen at least 4 times most of them) and the final (or so we believe) episode it's no exception, it was cool to see all the cast reunited again, and the final competition (and result) it was more than fitting, and if you thought that Heater had pay her dues for her treacherous ways, rejoice, she still get billed...

    The ending is fun, and like most of the series that you get to grow fond of, leaves you with a happy, yet nostalgic feeling, it's a good thing we got tivo and internet for replays!

    I´m really interested to see if the U.S. version will have a different ending than the original Canadian version, I for one, hope they keep the original one...moreless
  • final episode owen wins

    i found this episode amazing ! it was very funny, dramatic, and it answered a couple of questions like: is heather still bald? how were they going to decide who won? who will win? i gave the episode a ten out of ten. i would reccomend watching this episode if you havent seen it read the quotes and trivia if you havent read them ! to sum it up this episode the best episode in season number one of total drama island ever so watch it i mean it even if you don't like the show you will like this episode.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (29)

    • Gwen and Owen are the only contestants who don't show their audition tapes in this season.

    • Goof: Although Lindsay is shown sitting on Gwen's side at the beginning of the episode, when Gwen comments on Heather's wig and she replies "Bite me", Lindsay's face can be seen in the lower left corner.

    • When Gwen says "Nice rug" to Heather, she says "Bite me". When this episode aired on the Cartoon Network, Heather's line was changed to "Shut it".

    • After Heather sings the laxitive song, she says "Sucker". When this episode aired on the Cartoon Network, she says "Doofus".

    • When this aired on the Cartoon Network, Heather's line "Can't you idiots do anything right?" was changed to "Can't you fools do anything right?".

    • When Owen becomes the winner of TDI, he says "This has been just..." and everyone else asks, "Awesome?". This is similar to the line that he used in Not So Happy Campers (Part 1) when he first arrived .

    • When this episode aired on the Cartoon Network, the new intern who fell into the shark infested waters has a different look. That's because it is from the person who won the contest in the states.

    • In the Cartoon Network airing of this episode, when Owen got the final marshmallow as the winner of Total Drama Island, he said "I'll treasure it for the rest of my life, oh screw it, I'll buy all the marshmallows I want now", this was changed to "I'll treasure it for the rest of my life, whatever, I'll buy all the marshmallows I want now".

    • In the Cartoon network airing of this episode, when Owen was sliding down the pole, his line "Oh crap, that hurts" Was changed to "Oh crud that hurts".

    • One of Owen's lines in this episode is "Alexander the frickin' Great, that's a deep gorge!". On Cartoon Network, "frickin' " was changed to "insanely".

    • When Heather was shaved in the previous episode, she still had some hair on her head, but in this episode, she's completely bald.

    • It is revealed in this episode that apparently Chef used to work in a prison.

    • When Owen first arrives at the gorge, he is holding the eagle's egg. However, when the camera cuts to a closeup of him and Heather, she is holding the egg.

    • Goof: Somehow LeShawna is able to grab Heather, stuff her in the confessional outhouse that Owen had used, and get back to the finish line before Owen and Gwen could finish the race.

    • The campers in the confessional for this episode were Gwen, Owen, Heather and Courtney.

    • Although all the campers are seen in this episode, the only campers that have lines in this episode were:

      Almost everyone is seen and heard cheering for Owen when he wins.

    • When Gwen is next to the gorge that she has to cross, she says, "I'm gonna die now. I'm gonna freakin' die". This was first said by Owen in Not So Happy Campers (Part 2) when he's about to jump off the cliff. In the Cartoon Network airing of this episode, it was changed to "I'm gonna totally die!"

    • Gwen says that the only campers she thought were sane were Owen, DJ, Bridgette, LeShawna and Cody.

    • During the episode, Gwen and Owen had to wear hats that looked like farm animals. Gwen had to wear a chicken hat (as some people did in Not So Happy Campers (Part 2)) and Owen had to wear a cow hat.

    • Heather is locked in the confessional outhouse by LeShawna near the end of the competiton.

    • Owen said he'd use the prize money to throw the biggest party ever and that everyone from the show would be invited.

    • Gwen planned to use the half of the prize money to go to university to study art. The other half would've gone to Owen.

    • The people who stayed in support of Gwen were Trent, Cody, Eva and LeShawna.

    • The competition was split into three parts:

      1: Climbing the pole and grabbing the flag.
      2: Walking while carrying an eagle egg over a gorge on a thin plank of wood above man-eating sharks and avoiding angry eagles.
      3: Running all the way back to the finish line.

    • Heather's wig looks the similar to the ones that Lindsay and Sadie had to wear in Phobia Factor.

    • Heather is still bald from the events seen in I Triple Dog Dare You.

    • The tactics that Heather uses to cheat are a laxative cupcake, taking off Justin's shirt and greasing the pole.

    • The cast throws Chris into the water after the campfire ceremony.

    • The winner of Teletoon's contest to get a spot on a Total Drama Island episode has a brief role as an intern testing out the final challenge.

  • QUOTES (39)

    • Gwen: Good luck, Owen. If I have to lose to anyone today, I'm glad it's you.
      Owen: Awww, thanks. I hope you lose, too.

    • Heather: Can't you idiots do anything right?
      LeShawna: Oh, that is it! I have had it with that girl! (she picks up Heather, throws her in the confessional and locks the door)

    • Owen: That's a really good-lookin' cupcake you got there. It's all chocolatey...and gooey...
      Gwen: (smiles, then rolls her eyes) Knock yourself out. (walks away)
      Owen: (eats cupcake) Oh, yeah...that's a GOOD cupcake!

    • (in confessional)
      Heather: It's amazing how easy it is to tamper with baked goods! (holds up laxative) Fast acting...for strong, reliable relief! Sucker!

    • Gwen: What did I think of the people here? They sucked. They were nothing but a bunch of backstabbing, manipulative, two-timing, fame-hungry, dim-witted, certifiably insane, really weird, psychotic, redneck, overbearing, goody-goody, know-it-all, party obsessed JERKS.

    • Chris: Gwen is now starting the second challenge.
      Trent: What are the eagle eggs for?
      Chef Hatchet: (laughs) Oh, you'll see.

    • Gwen: (looking at Heather's wig) Nice rug.
      Heather: Oh, bite me!

    • (in confessional)
      Courtney: Then again, danger is kinda hot!!

    • Owen: Gordie Howe, I am tired!

    • (after Owen and Gwen find out bald eagles are chasing them while on the balance beam)
      Courtney: Why would I want to watch Gwen and Owen risk their lives?
      Duncan: This is life at it's most raw. Check out Elvis here with his guitar. (Duncan points at Trent gripping his guitar) One miss step and his girlfriend is shark bait.

    • (Gwen and Owen are walking across the wooden beam over the gorge holding eagle eggs)
      Courtney: What? You mean you like watching this? They could die.
      Duncan: Oh, mellow your yellow, babe. This is awesome TV.

    • (eagles scream) Owen: Ahh! Gwen: What was that?! Chris: Angry eagle parents. Duncan: Ohh, snap..(Duncan slaps Chris' hand on the down low)..that is messed up!

    • (in the confessional)
      Courtney: Duncan is so immature. What is it about almost dying and bodily functions that guys love?

    • Chef: "Less rat droppings". Does this look like a five-star restaurant to you?

    • Trent: You okay?
      Gwen: Yeah, just don't make me come between Owen and a brownie.

    • Owen: I can make it... I can make it... great Zeus, it hurts!!

    • Chris: After eight grueling weeks, I hereby announce the winner of Total Drama Island: Owen!
      Owen: Wow! I can't believe it. This has been just...
      Everyone else: Awesome?
      Owen: Yes!

    • Trent: Come on, you have to be a little bummed you lost.
      Gwen: Yeah, but I came second out of twenty-two. That's gotta be good, right?

    • Owen: Some of these chicks are really freaking me out. Maybe I won't invite them to the party... (laughs)

    • Chris: Owen, it gives me great pleasure to give you the true symbol of survival. The final marshmallow.
      Owen: I'll treasure it forever. Ah, screw it! I can buy all the marshmallows I want now. (he eats the mashmallow).

    • (after Owen smells brownies)

    • Gwen: Well, at least not all of you are total sellouts.
      Owen: Oh, I almost forgot. (about the party) It's gonna be on a yacht!
      (Lindsay walks over to Owen's team)

    • Chris: No, no, hair! DUUUUUUUUUUDES!!! (gets thrown into the lake by Owen, Duncan, DJ, Chef and Geoff)

    • Courtney: You're still not my type.
      Duncan: You make me sick.
      (they kiss)

    • Gwen: (to Trent) Aren't you forgetting something? (looks at the boulder he was carring. Trent then picks her up) Hey. Put me down!
      Trent: Say that you'll go out with me. C'mon, say it.
      Gwen: (giggling) Alright, I'll go out with you.

    • Owen: I'm a one hundred-thousand-dollar-ionare!

    • Chris: (to the intern/TDI contest winner) Now, I know you're starting at the end of show, but all of our interns died already. I need you to test this competition to see if it's safe.
      (the intern starts walking across)
      Chris: Don't look down, dude!
      (the intern falls in the middle of it)
      Chris: It seems safe enough.

    • (Owen heads for the confessional out house)
      Chris: No, Owen, not the confessional!

    • Izzy: C'mon, Owen, go faster! (scarier tone) Move it!

    • Gwen: Well, if I get through this, I can probable survive the rest of high school.

    • Chris: (after Gwen says how she's gonna spend the money) Well, that's sweet. Boring, but sweet.

    • Gwen: (about Heather) Why is she so happy?
      Owen: I dunno, maybe she's just happy for us.
      Gwen: You don't have a negative thought about anything, do you?

    • Gwen: What do I think about my eight weeks being here? It sucked, that's what.

    • Chef: Ya think it's easy cookin' for twenty-two teenagers? I had better jobs in prison.

    • Gwen: (to Heather): Oh c'mon, you have to admit that it is good to see them getting it.
      Heather: Yeah... (smiling) maybe...
      Gwen: You still stink though.

    • Lindsay: Oh No! Gwen is winning! Our yacht party is in jeopardy!
      Geoff: Dudes, we have to do something!
      Izzy: Wait! I have an plan! Has anybody seen a really big electric fan here!?
      Chris: Sure. Got one in my trailer.
      Geoff: You do?
      Chris: Do you think I get this wind-blown look naturally?
      Izzy: Get it and meet me back here. RUN!

    • (The campers grab Chris and throw him into the lake)
      Chef: I've been wanting to do that all summer! Take that, pretty boy!
      Geoff: Oh, Chef...
      Owen: (cheering) You're next, dude!

    • Owen: Alexander the frickin great, that's a deep gorge!

    • Gwen: I'm gonna die now, I'm gonna fricking die!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Contact
      Owen: No words!

      This comes from the famous line by Jodie Foster when she is in outer space in the sci-fi movie, Contact.

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