Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 24

Top Dog

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 2009 on TELETOON
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Top Dog
The four remaining cast mates must bond with creatures of fur and feather.

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  • "Great. It was not the best, but great."

    On this installment or Total Drama Action The remaining four contestents (Owen,Beth,Douncan,Courtney) compete in an animal buddy challenge. Courtney tries to train her shark, but ends up with the shark stealing her PDA. After they train, they have to show Chris how alike they are. Beth wins, and gets a 30 minute head start for the next challenge. They are in the middle of the woods and have to make it back. Douncan gets booby trapped, and Beth discovers a raccoon hideout with a ping-pong table, a television set, (etc). In the end, Beth gets invincibility, and Courtney gets voted off. A surprise is Owen is off because they fired him. Overall a Great episodemoreless

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    • Courtney: (in the lame-o-sine after being voted off) Better be Duncan who wins. He signed an iron-clad contract, and I'm taking my fifty percent of the million bucks! I don't care if it gets locked up in the courts for years. My lawyers will take my calls, when they realize how much money I'm going to make them. (looks at pda) "On vacation for three weeks?!" I'm not paying them to take personal time! (throws PDA out the window) That's fine, I'll represent myself. Who needs lawyers anyway? (takes out contract) All I need is this little piece of paper that holds my entire future. (papers fly out window) NOOO!!!

    • (In the confessional)
      Duncan: Hey, I like Courtney, I really do. But I also like a million big ones. Best case scenario, I win the money and the girl. But when it comes down to it, I need the money more than I need some high maintenance chick with a superiority complex. Don't tell her I said that, okay?

    • (at the award ceremony)
      Chris: This is a big one, cast. Beth is safe from elimination, which means the rest of you are fair game. So, sharpen those claws and cast your votes. Someone is going home for the last time.
      Beth: Owen betrayed us, but Courtney's the bigger threat. (votes)
      Owen: I like Duncan, but Beth and Courtney eat less. More for me. (votes)
      Courtney: See you never, traitor. (votes)
      Duncan: (snoring) Huh? (votes))

    • (in the confessional)
      Owen: I learned a lot today. One, never eat wild berries without knowing if they're poisonous. Two, explosive diarrhea is NOT a recommended outdoor activity. And three, you're gonna wanna stay out of those woods for awhile. (farts) A long while!

    • Beth: (to raccoon) I have an uncanny sense of direction. I'll have us back in camp in no time. (runs into a tree) Ow. (gasp) Oh no! The path is gone! The woods are shrinking! We're trapped here forever! (hyperventilates)

    • Duncan: I'll take the chameleon, in tribute of my beloved reptilian friend Scruffy.
      Owen: Dude, Scruffy was a bug.
      Duncan: Nobody talks about Scruffy like that! Nobody!

    • (in the confessional)
      Beth: (referring to Courtney and Duncans talk last night) I totally heard every insane word. Well, almost every word. I dozed off around page nine, section three, paragraph four, then again at page twenty-two, section eleven, paragraph eight. (chuckles) Poor Duncan.

    • (in the confessional)
      Beth: (referring to Courtney choosing the shark) Actually, it makes perfect sense. Those two were made for each other. The only difference is one would eat you alive in a heartbeat, and the other's a shark.

    • Owen: (farts) Huh? No pillow whipped at my head? No angry threat to stick a cork in it? (gasps) Where's Duncan?

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    • Blair Witch Project

      The scene where Beth is crying in front of a camera is a spoof from the famous scene from the horror film The Blair Witch Project.