Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 28

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 2008 on TELETOON
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Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island
The campers from Season One reunite with Chris and are offered the chance to find a suitcase that contains one million dollars.

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  • The campers all come back for a chance to win 1,000,000 dollars

    Think that it's all over? Nope! The 22 campers come back in this one hour special in a race to find one million dollars. The campers divide themselves into teams, and everyone wants the one million dollars. Katie and Sadie fight over Justin (again), Owen rips up is 100,000 dollar check, Justin uses his looks for evil, Courtney goes crazy, Harold and Heather get to know each other more, and just plain craziness happens.

    First off, I never thought that Justin could be a villain. He barely did anything before, and now he's using his looks for evil? Wow, never saw that coming. He suddenly seems important. I guess he's going to be a major villain in season 2, then…

    Then there's Courtney. From what she first said in this episode, I thought she went back to her boring, serious ways. But then she really gets into finding that one million………and wow, did she go crazy! Stealing, swinging on Izzy's vine, leaving Duncan when he was injured, risking the lives of the team made of Owen, Tyler, Cody, and DJ JUST to get the Money! Okay, it's one million dollars, but still, the death part was a little unnecessary. That was SO not the Courtney I knew (but it was still fun to watch)! If this new Courtney's going to stay, I bet she'll sneak in ad compete on Total Drama Action, even thought she wasn't one of the people in the 14 way tie.

    I think that Owen ripping up his 100,000 dollar check was a stupid move on his part. There wasn't that good of a chance that he would find the one million dollars anyway.

    Bridgette and Geoff making out the whole episode got really annoying. I used to like them, but not as much now since that's virtually ALL they do!

    Overall, the episode was awesome, but not as awesome as I Triple Dog Dare You. But it's still pretty good. It's a series classic.moreless
  • Totally incredible! Watched it, listened to it, Loved it! Can't wait for Season 2! :idea: Enough said! ;)

    There was a whole lot of drama going on in this one hour special. The only thing 15 campers want to do is go home and resume normal lives. But the game isn't over until Chris says so, and he makes all the campers an offer they Can't refuse! A chance to win a $1,000,000! Forget a $100,000 because this is for 10 times as much money! All the campers scamper to find the suitcase that Might be filled with a million George Washington's, or 500,000 Abraham Lincoln's, or 100,000 Alexander Hamilton's, or 50,000 Andrew Jackson's, or 20,000 Grant's, or 1,000 Grover Cleveland's! Anyway it's sliced, the heat is on! All the campers form teams, and the team of Owen, Tyler, Cody, and D.J. is the first to obtain the lucky briefcase! But its stolen by the big meanie Heather who's Still looking out for #1, and even ditches Harold who was trying to help her! Of course, Heather regrets it when she falls off a cliff into a beaver's dam, and the aquatic rodents proceed to give her the slapping of her life! Lindsay and Beth are the next to obtain it, but they don't keep it for long as Duncan and Courtney try to reel it in. But then an alligator has to try to take it! Duncan fight's for the suitcase, but Courtney ditches him, determined to keep it for herself! And in good karma fashion, it's stolen from Her by the crazy Izzy! But there's a dark presence on this island, and it's somebody nobody expected: Justin! :shock: Yes, the pretty, mostly mute character who only spoke in the first episode before, gets more lines in this special then he did the rest of the entire first season! Justin proves that he can play a wicked game, as he ditches Katie and Sadie, and bewitches Eva and Izzy to 'give' Justin the case, but Owen manages to snatch it back! But by a strange twist of fate, the suitcase somehow winds up in the belly of a shark! Forcing Chris to announce: Season 2! Cool! 8)moreless
  • TDI reunion!

    This was an awesome episode. i see why there were so many dramas in the title. if you dont want spoilers dont look ahead.The campers had a chance to get one million dollars. although a whole season went to waste when owen went for it. wow justin is a villain now. He was so evil. probably worse than heather, who got some development in the episode. Harold seemed to get through to heather. of course when harold asked if after the show they could be friends and heather lied and said yes and then indicated no way to the viewers is something that annoyed me. Geoff and Bridgette were useless. all they did was make out.Ezekiel went with lindsay and beth who didnt even care about the case until it was in their hands. cody tyler owen and DJ didnt trust each other when they got the case so they tied themselves together. im not saying i care if cody and tyler are in season two but how were they not pulled with owen and DJ to the dock. sadie and katie were quickly ditched by justin whos looks fare him well in the episode. katie and sadie fight over justin and make up. gwen and leshawna easily gave up their information to justin leaving trent annoyed. Izzy noah and Eva waged war against justin after he took the case from them. courtney was really selfish when she left duncan behind hurt. especially after he wrestled an alligator for the case. courtney didnt care if she killed the guys for the case when she wasin the hot air balloon. glad shes not in season two. in the end 14 campers tie in their pursuit of the case and a shark eats the case. leaving tose 14 to go to season 2. icant wait for another wonderful season!moreless
  • The campers have another chance to win some money. Only this time it's ONE MILLION. Some how, the million dollars gets eaten by a shark. Half of the campers are invited to be in the second season.moreless

    It was very well put together. Confusing at some spots though. I loved all of the suspense and nerve tingling-ness. The parts that surprised me were when Justin spoke and when there was a counsiler in a hot air balloon. It was funny, worked perfectly, kept my eyes glued to the screen and most of all: Dramatic. It was overall the best episode yet. I hope that total drama action will be just as good and that the new characters will be just as funny. Job well done producers. Keep up all the hard work. And don't let Heather get to the finals again....moreless

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    • Courtney: I am so done with this game. I lost the competition, my stupid lawyer lost my lawsuit. Now I just want to go home, study for my LSATs and run my student president campaign.
      Duncan: Wow, hello, downer. C'mon, it's almost over. I thought you'd be happy.
      Courtney: (angry) I am happy!

    • (Duncan on the ground with a wounded ankle)
      Noah: So, your girlfriend turned on you, huh? Hate to see that happen. I bet you feel like a loser about now, huh? Less of a man?
      Duncan: Enough of a man to rip your head off, GEEK!
      (Duncan grabs onto Noah's pants, and then fades to where Noah shrieks and runs away)

    • Izzy: (eats another marshmallow) Ninety-five! (burp) Thirty-seven's not bad, Eva. With a little'll be burping like: (does an enormous burp that sounds like a roar, which creates a tidal wave that pushes Lindsay and Beth back against the other side of the pool)
      Owen: (marshmallows fall out of his mouth) I think I'm in love with you! (Izzy smiles but then gets nauseous and barfs all over Chef's steak)
      Izzy: Wow, that was gross. Hehehe! Ok, who wants hot dogs?

    • (In the confessional)
      Eva: I can't believe I let a guy talk me into giving away $1,000,000! What will my peers back home say?! I'll never be able to show my face in my home town gym again! I'll become an outcast! A leper! I'll be the laughing stock of strong women everywhere! I've got to get that case back! One way or another, Justin is going to pay!

    • Harold : Why don't you team up with me and we'll find the case together?
      Heather: Really? You'd team up with me even after everything I did to you?
      Harold: Sure, for a 60/40 split. It's either that or a 5 kilometer walk back to camp. Heather: Good extortion skills, Harold. I'm actually impressed. Fine, it's a deal!

    • DJ: Head for the woods, dude! Just make sure you put some serious distance between us!
      Tyler: Yeah, we'll wait here.
      (Owen begins walking towards the woods, dragging Tyler, DJ and Cody with him since they're tied together)
      DJ: You got to untie yourself first!
      (Owen fiddles with the rope but it doesn't come undone)
      Owen: I can't!
      DJ: (looks at Cody) Where'd you learn how to tie these knots? The army?
      Cody: Actually, it was a special after school program...
      DJ: (looks at Owen) And you! Why didn't you go before we tied ourselves together?
      Owen: Why?! I didn't need to go then! Guys, this is serious!!!
      DJ: (Looks down with resignation) I guess you're just gonna hafta... go...
      (They all back up until Owen's behind a bush, he squats down so all that is seen is his head and the sound of him sliding down his pants)
      Owen: What am I supposed to wipe with, bark?!??!?!

    • (Courtney pulls down the hot air balloon with Phil the stunt guy in it)
      Phil: (Into walkie-talkie) Ah...Chris, we have a situation here!
      Chris: BAIL, PHIL! BAIL!

    • (in Confessional)
      Justin: Do I think that I ride on my good looks, that I use them to my advantage? Do I think being really, really ridiculously good looking has given me the upper hand in life?

    • Izzy: I'm thinking of changing my name, yeah, to "Kaleidoscope". Isn't that pretty? You can call me "E-Scope" for short.

    • Harold: Do you think we'll be friends when this is all over?
      Heather: Definitely. (looks at the camera and shakes her head)

    • Trent: Did you just give away all of our secret information to Justin?
      LeShawna and Gwen: Uh-huh.
      Trent: Just checking.

    • Harold: (in the confessional) Another season? Sweet. Another chance to showcase my mad skills. Hyahh!!

    • Duncan: I didn't agree to season two.
      Chris: Actually, you did. It's called the fine print. Read it, live it, love it.
      Gwen: I hate the fine print.

    • Izzy: Come on! We have to get Justin!
      Eva: Yeah! We'll crush his skull.
      Noah: A little too far.
      Eva: Sorry...

    • (Justin is flying the plane)
      Chris: How did he get the keys to the plane?
      Chef: (seen holding a photo of Justin and puts it away quickly) I don't know.

    • Chris: There were losers. (someone throws a toaster at him) Okay, a lot of losers.

    • (in the confessional)
      Geoff: Bridgette is really amazing. She's so sweet and pretty and down to earth. I'm afraid she's going to accidentally kill me by the end of the day.

    • (Lindsay, Beth and Ezekiel walk under a tree with the million dollar suitcase tied to it)
      Lindsay: Oh, I just saw this pretty dress online!
      Beth: Can I get one too?
      Lindsay: Oh, gosh, no.
      (Ezekiel sees the case)
      Ezekiel: But isn't that...
      Beth: Shhh, give us some girl time.
      (They walk away. Next, Bridgette and Geoff arrive, make out under the case and walk away)
      Chris: (From helicopter) OK, this is ridiculous!

    • (in Confessional)
      Justin: (About Katie and Sadie) I am going to lose it. Seriously, If I have to hang around these two for much longer, I'll throw myself off a cliff.

    • Bridgette: I'm so sorry I knocked you off the cliff.
      Geoff: No worries. It was a pretty soft rock.

    • Owen: (seeing a bear walk up to him) Oh, I bet it's Izzy in there. (opens bear's mouth) Izzy, can you hear me? (bear roars) It's not Izzy!

    • Heather: (to Harold) You know what? So far today, I've been thrown off a cliff by you, attacked by beavers, left to die and I lost one million dolars which I'm hoping to get back so I really don't have time for your Haroldness right now, ok?

    • Noah: Justin! The anti-me! So we meet again.

    • Eva: You run like a girl.
      Noah: Forgot my roids back at the gym.

    • Heather: (stuck in beaver dam) Help, guys!! Get me out of here!
      Trent: (to Gwen and LeShawna) Should we help her?
      (a brief pause and all three laugh)
      LeShawna: (as they run off) That's a good one.

    • Courtney: No one is stealing the money that I stole!

    • Duncan: (referring to alligator he just wrestled for suitcase) Ha! I've had tougher girlfriends than him and uglier.

    • Duncan: What are alligators doing in Muskoka?
      (cut to Chris watching on a monitor with Chef)
      Chris: (to Chef) Hmmm, alligators your idea? (Chef nods and Chris laughs) Good one!

    • Heather: (stuck head first in beaver dam) Noooo! That was a million dollars, you stupid beavers!
      (beavers start beating on Heather's head)

    • Owen: (to Cody, Tyler and DJ) Uhhh, guys, I kinda have to go.
      DJ: So turn around and take a whizz! We're all dudes here.
      Owen: No, not number one. (farts) Number poo!

    • (in confessional)
      Noah: Ok, is it me or is Izzy just one crazy bird?

    • (in confessional)
      Heather: (while using mirrors to see happy face drawn on the back of her head) I am so glad this whole thing is over. I haven't wanted to get away from a group of people this badly since my Calculus teacher made me join the Mathletes for extra credit.

    • (in confessional)
      Duncan: (referring to Harold) What a doofus! That million is about to be in my pocket! Or in my duffle bag. I'm not really sure how much space a million dollars takes up.

    • Courtney: Ohhh, let's go get that million dollars! Yesss!! (kisses Duncan)
      Duncan: Looks like someone got their mojo back!
      Courtney: Shut up and follow me. We`ve got a suitcase to find!
      Duncan: Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

    • Heather: (referring to team 1) You are bringing home school along but not ME?!
      Lindsay: Yeah, that's right.

    • (Eva Pushes Tyler over)
      Izzy: (laughs) That was funny, you stupid guy.

    • (in confessional)
      Courtney: (referring to a million dollar prize just announced) Ok, this just got interesting again.

    • (in confessional)
      LeShawna: (referring to drawing a happy face on the back of Heather's bald head) Ok, you know you'd done the same thing if you were me. After all that girl did to the rest of us over the last eight weeks, she's lucky I didn't tattoo it on her head!

    • (in confessional)
      Owen: (referring to Izzy) How can you not love a woman who can barf like a guy and come back for more?

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