Total Drama Island

Season 4 Episode 10

Up Up And Away

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 2012 on TELETOON
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Up Up And Away

The Final Five take part in a new challenge where they have to create their own flying machine and go after a past castmate who has taken off with the prize money.

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      • Jo: I deserve to win this! You traitor! You backstabber!
        Cameron: I learn from the best!
        Jo: know, you're right. Good technique, kid. But you, you're an idiot! You couldn't even tell I was a girl!
        Lighting: You're whhhaaat?!

      • Lighting: (Sees the suitcase of money float up to him) Yahoo, score!
        Chris: (Chris appear with his jet pack to take the suitcase from Lighting) A million bucks, finders keepers!
        Lighting: Sha-Wow, he's good.

      • Lighting: Yes, that cool mill is mine! Alright girl, hand it over!
        Heather: Oh, I'm sorry. All I wanted was the money. But this is just gone too far. Here, just take it.
        Lighting: (Lighting going to take the suitcase, but Heather use the suitcase to pound Lighting's head) Oww! What is wrong- (Heather swings the suitcase up Lighting's chin) You're crazy. (Heather swings the suitcase at Lighting's head)
        Heather: I was robbed! I deserve that money!

      • Chris: Man, they really hate each other. I feel another jammy coming on. (Heather uses Chris's jammy to pound Chris on the head. Than Heather threw out Chris and Chef out the zeppelin)
        Heather: One jammy for you and one million for me.

      • Cameron: (in confessional) No, I don't think Jo is pushing me around at all. I'd be nowhere without her. I owe all my susses to her. And I will ride my way to victory with her ensured vise. (The camera zooms out to show that Jo is forcing Cameron to say those words)

      • Lighting: Gotta find really big fan. (finds two items) Parachute? Heat source? Hey, that's what Jo needs. Hey, Jo, good luck finding your stuff behind this motorcycle and huge fan that would make a totally bang up helicopter. Ahhh, yeah, who's the smart guy now? Wait a minute.

      • Cameron: I am a 90 pound weakling... okay, 89 and a half. With all the Scotts and Lightings out there, sometimes I need to stay as invisible as possible, so I'll hide behind Jo. Then when it comes time to vote people off, everyone will target the serious competition like Scott, or Lighting, or (makes little laugh) Jo.
        Jo: Cam's a good kid. I'll carry him a few rounds and than I'll damp him. But first, Jock-Straps' getting a ticket to the Hurl of Shame! He's got this silly grudge against me.
        Lighting: Yeah, because that Jo guy kick me into that shark's mouth. It was tenderizing me like a T-bone, Jo's going to pay! Mmmm, man, I could really go for a T-bone right now! Anyway, I'm-
        Scott: (in confessional) Gonna whoop-
        Zoey: (in confessional) Everyone everybody else'-
        Cameron: (in confessional) Take home that million-
        Jo: (in confessional) Dollars for myself!
        Lighting: (in confessional) Sha-lious.

      • Zoey: (in confessional) Scott really brings out the jerk in me, which is kind of liberating. Besides, he voted Mike off. He needs to pay.

      • Zoey: Wow, your 'the' Heather?
        Heather: Sorry. I have this policy of not talking to losers.
        Zoey: Oh, I'm not a loser, you know, unless everyone thinks I am.

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