Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 1

Walk Like An Egyptian (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • A Hilarious Season Premire for Total Drama, World Tour and Cody's Back!

    Season 3 of the Total Drama series takes off from Musical to World Tour. With Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Lindsay, DJ, Owen, Harold, Noah, Cody, Ezekial, Izzy, Tyler and Bridgette returning plus 2 new characters: Alejandro and Sierra singing, dancing and Taking 1st class flight All over the World. The Word will be their's. Alejandro seems to have caught the Hearts of the females quickly except for Heather, who suspicous and Sierra taking a liking to Cody, my favorite character. Ezekial is annoying Chris with his all new Personality. Chris then plays a chime: A sound that means all contestants should Sing or be Eliminated. Duncan and Gwen don't want to Sing, but with Cody and Courtney's support, they finish the Song. Next, They reach to Egypt and have to reach the otherside of a Pyramid to win. Tyler tries to woo Lindsay from Alejandro, but fails. Ezekial is out of the game, for annoying Chris. Leshawna, Harold, DJ, Cody, Sierra, Heather, Owen, Izzy and Noah goes into the Pyramid and Courtney, Gwen and Duncan climbs the Pyramid. Ezekial and Izzy dress up like Mummies and Sierra and Heather team up. Later, Duncan gets Mad that he have to Sing again and quits, leaving Gwen and Courtney sad. Ezekial begs Chris to let him back in the game and he does because of Duncan. Ezekial, Lindsay, Harold, Leshawna, DJ and Bridgette become Team Victory, Izzy, Heather, Gwen, Courtney and Cody become Team Amazon and leaving Alejandro, Tyler, Noah, Owen and Sierra as Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot (Sierra's words, not mine). Each Team gets a Reward for the Next episode: Team Amazon get a Camel, Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot gets a Goat( don't like Tyler that much) and Team Victory gets a Stick... Is he serious? All will be reveal in the Next episode of Total Drama, World Tour
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