Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 1

Walk Like An Egyptian (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • Great start to the season!

    This was the first ep of TDWT and we got to know the 17 contestants of the show: Duncan, Ezekiel, Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, Lindsay, DJ, Owen, Gwen, Alejandro, Sierra, Cody, Tyler, Noah, Heather, Courtney, and Izzy. This weeks challegne was pyramid over-under, where the players had to manage to get to the other side of the pyramid. Alejandro has Lindsay and Bridgette in love with him, but Birdgette tries to evade him as she is with Geoff. Tyler is jealous of Lindsay liking Alejandro. Owen and Noah might become friends. Cody still likes Gwen but she doesn't return the feeling. Sierra is the one who loves Cody. Then in the departure, Ezekiel annoys Chris so he pushes him out of the plane, but he hides in the cargo hold. In Egypt they all go different ways and in the end the 3 teams are formed: Team Amazon (Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Courtney and Cody), Team Victory (Harold, Ezekiel (oh he comes back), Leshawna, DJ and Bridgette and Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot (Alejandro, Sierra, Owen, Noah, Tyler).
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