Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

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Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

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After Chris took the show worldwide, Camp Wawanakwa has been abandoned and turned into a toxic nuclear waste dump. It will provide a great place for all-new challenges and risks as thirteen new players fight to win the million dollar prize.

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  • good but could be better

    This show would have been better if it wasn't 13 episodes long I think they should have added a bit more to give off the originals freshness
  • I missed the other characters.

    I get that the producers wanted to try something new with new characters, but honestly, everyone liked the originals better. I think it is very smart of them making total drama all stars ( a new season coming in january ) because they bring back favorites in the old and new cartoon so everyone can enjoy the old characters with the newer ones! also, I alwasy wondered how some old characters would act with the newer characters, and who would team up with we will find out! I hope to see a lot of courtney duncan fighting in the new season!!!moreless
  • It kept the spark

    The show is generally good and funny. The multiple personality disorder Mike has, nice touch. Scout, the smartest idiot. B, he just left too the kind of girl that I love. I love that the characters resemble their formers in one way or another but still being original. One inconvenient: it's waaaaaay too short
  • There the same

    This is JUST like Total Drama Island only expect it's shown with a newer cast.
  • Just falls short.

    Here are my thoughts in a nutshell. The new cast was underdeveloped due to it only running half a season(13 episodes). Why they decided to make such a short series, while introducing a whole new cast is beyond me. Many of the characters who were voted off early were filler characters. Especially B, who never even speaks. Those who did stick around, had rushed relationships, such as Zoey and Mike, who were forced and rushed from episode one. Mike's redeeming quality is his multiple personality disorder, which made him pretty funny, but still falls short of Izzy as far as crazy people funny goes. Scott is a total failure as an antagonist. His plan is to lose on purpose, which could have gotten him voted off as easily as anyone else. He isn't nearly as smart or manipulative as Heather or Alejandro, his plan could easily have sent him home the first time he did it. The show is still funny, has it moments, and surprises. The new cast wasn't really that bad, I suppose, they just fall short in comparison to the original Total Drama cast. Worth a watch if you've followed the show, but overall not as good as the first three seasons.moreless

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