Total Drama World Tour

Cartoon Network (ended 2010)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Hawaiian Punch
      Hawaiian Punch
      Episode 26
      In the season finale, Heather, Alejandro and Cody compete for a spot in the final two competition. In the end, only one contestant will make it out on top as the winner of Total Drama World Tour.
    • Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles
      Sierra, Cody, Heather and Alejandro compete in an all-out race to make it to Hawaii in time for the finale.
    • Aftermath: Hawaiian Style
      In the final Aftermath episode of the season, the cast recounts how they all made it to the epic Hawaiian finale.
    • Awww, Drumheller!
      Awww, Drumheller!
      Episode 23
      The final four head to Alberta, Canada to participate in an archeology-themed challenge.
    • Rapa-phooey!
      Episode 22
      The final four contestants are on their way to their next destination on Easter Island to compete in a egg hunt theme challenge.
    • African Lying Safari
      The final five arrive in Tanzania for their next challenge: Hunt down an Ezekiel.
    • Chinese Fake Out
      Chinese Fake Out
      Episode 20
      The top seven go to China for a visit to the Great Wall.
    • Niagra Brawls
      Niagra Brawls
      Episode 19
      The remaining eight contestants are dumped into Niagra Falls for the next challenge. Also, Blaineley debuts in the game.
    • Aftermath: Aftermayhem
      One of five eliminated guests get a chance to rejoin the compition.
    • Sweden Sour
      Sweden Sour
      Episode 17
      The two teams stop in Sweden to compete in a boat race for the red flag.
    • Picnic at Hanging Dork
      The remaining eight contestants travel to Australia, where tension really flares.
    • The Ex-Files
      The Ex-Files
      Episode 15
      The two teams search Area 51 for working alien artifacts.
    • Greece's Pieces
      Greece's Pieces
      Episode 14
      The final nine contestant go to Greece to compete in an Olympics challenge.
    • I See London...
      I See London...
      Episode 13
      With only two remaining teams, Chris takes the contestants to London, England. Their goal is to capture a criminal before he captures them.
    • Aftermath II: Revenge of the Telethon
      The Aftermath Set. Tonight Geoff and Bridgette (and their annoying co-host, Blaineley) have a huge task - they need to raise $500,000 so Chris can refuel the plane and get everyone out of Jamaica! But convincing viewers to donate is no easy task - just ask Eva, Trent, Justin, Katie, Sadie, Beth, and Harold, who are manning the un-ringing phones. Luckily, our hosts have plenty of motivating entertainment planned, including exciting gift give-aways and brand new Duncan and Ezekiel sightings. But nothing seems to work until Geoff introduces a chaos-inducing segment called "DJ's World of Animals" - ouch! They raise nearly half their goal - but since the studio was just destroyed in the chaos, now they need to raise $1,000,000! When Leshawna sings a rousing ditty about what she'll do to Alejandro the next time she sees him, Geoff desperately makes her dance - and won't let her stop her horrific dancing until enough viewers call in with donations. It works, but it'll take a lot more to reach their goal - if they don't, Total Drama is over forever. And time is literally running out!moreless
    • Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon
      The second installment of aftermath includes a fundraiser in order to pay for the plane's fuel.
    • Jamaica Me Sweat
      Jamaica Me Sweat
      Episode 11
      After the plane runs out of gas, the final eleven contestants get stranded in Jamaica.
    • Newf Kids on the Rock
      Chris's hometown is visited as the eleven teens compete in their next challenge.
    • Can't Help Falling in Lourve
      The contestants arrive in Paris, France and everything but love is in the air for these teens.
    • The Am-AH-Zon Race
      The three teams are taken to the Amazon, where an eighteen-hour challenge awaits.
    • Slap Slap Revolution
      Chris takes the remaining thirteen teens to the cold German Alps, where their next challenge awaits.
    • The Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water
      The Aftermath Studio. Geoff co-hosts with Blaineley because Bridgette's in the competition, unlike the Peanut Gallery of disgruntled almost-rans - Trent, Justin, Sadie, Katie, Beth and Eva. Blaineley can't wait to bring Bridgette out since Geoff's girlfriend kissed Alejandro, but Geoff keeps stalling. He and Blaineley tell us about two missing-in-action competitors: Duncan, who vanished after he was eliminated, and Ezekiel, who's been making spooky appearances inside the plane! Geoff also introduces a "That's Gonna Leave A Mark" clip package featuring never-before-seen moments of pain, and a behind-the-scenes fight between Izzy and Chef in Egypt. When eliminated competitor Harold comes out, it becomes a Flavour Boys reunion as Justin and Trent join him on stage and Harold sings a love song to Leshawna. But it turns into a riot as all the girls in the studio go wild! In the end, Beth has to coax mortified Bridgette out - she sings a plaintive apology to Geoff, but he can't get over the humiliation. Especially when Blaineley plays the clip of Bridgette kissing Alejandro over and over. But when Blaineley makes the former couple face off in a boxing ring, they meet in the middle - of their faces anyway, kissing like crazy. All is forgiven! Blaineley goes on a rampage and storms out, demanding her old job back.moreless
    • Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water
      The first aftermath of the season has premiered, with an old host and a new one. (This episode was aired online in the United States.)
    • Broadway, Baby!
      Broadway, Baby!
      Episode 5
      The teams head east to the Big Apple.
    • Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better
      The three teams fly to Yukon in Canada and undertake a number of challenges in the freezing temperatures.
    • Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan
      The contestants travel to Japan and must survive a Japanese game show, then they must shoot a commercial.
    • Walk Like an Egyptian, Part 2
      The three teams, using various rewards, must race across the desert to the Nile River. There, they must cross the deadly river.
    • Walk Like an Egyptian, Part 1
      All 17 contestants see the plane and accommodates. Then, they must navigate a pyramid and get to a finish first.
  • Specials