Total Drama World Tour

Season 1 Episode 26

Hawaiian Punch

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Cruelest episode ever!

    By far the worst episode of the series. It was fine up until the last few minutes, and then went completely downhill from the moment Ezekiel appeared. Ezekiel, who the writers wouldn't stop abusing, just HAD to be abused even more by making him fall into lava! It's a miracle he even survived! I was literally afraid the writers were going to KILL him because they clearly hated Zeke. The only reason the writers threw him in with the money was to have a stupid Lord of the Rings reference. Also, Heather shouldn't have lost her prize money. She worked so hard to win, and was actually semi nice this season. Besides, She already got her major punishment in season one when she lost her hair, and even that was awfully harsh. Destroying the prize money also kinda made the whole season seem pointless if no one really won. In Alejandro's ending, he shouldn't have lost his prize money either. My opinion is if someone wins, the million bucks is rightfully theirs whether they deserved to win or not. Thinking of Alejandro, like every antagonist in the series, his punishment was WAY too harsh. Nobody deserves to get covered in lava and turned into a robot just for being a jerk on some reality show! Also, the robot scene was really lame and was a stupid Star Wars rip-off. That scene is the kind of thing that belongs in futuristic sci-fi cartoons, NOT in Total Drama! If all that's not bad enough, there are tons of continuity errors and other goofs and things that just plain don't make sense! For example, why was Alejandro way more injured than Ezekiel? Zeke was in contact with the lava for longer than Alejandro, plus the lava that covered Alejandro was already flowing down the mountain meaning it had some time to cool off, while Zeke fell in the crater which would be significantly hotter. And don't tell me the reason Alejandro was worse off was because he was also trampled by the contestants, because considering that both Al and Zeke would be dead if Total Drama was even close to realistic, I don't think that additional misfortune would've made SUCH a huge difference. Also, the fact that all those idiots didn't even bother warning their fellow contestant about the eruption or even going around him makes me wonder if they're really any better than Al and Heather. At least Heather went around Alejandro! That scene really made me question the intelligence of the contestants and of humanity as a whole. And one more thing: exactly what chemical components in pineapples cause them to react with lava and make volcanos erupt?