Total Drama World Tour

Season 1 Episode 19

Niagra Brawls

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The sleeping contestants are seen being dragged to the cargo hold area by the interns. Ezekiel is briefly seen taking cheese from a rat, the scene then cuts to a sleeping Owen having a nightmare in which he is floating in the clouds until Alejandro attacks him with candy-canes. When Owen falls in his dream he wakes up and notices that he and other contestants have been dropped out of the plane. Owen wakes up the others and they notice while dropping, two swan paddle boats are also falling with them. They all get in the boats and land in the water, but soon realize they are heading towards a water fall. While praying to live Cody says if they survive the ordeal, he will let Sierra kiss him, believing they are all going to die anyway. Sierra hears this and ties the boat together and paddles the boats to shore, saving their lives. Sierra then kisses Cody as her reward, prompting a horrified Cody to brush his teeth rapidly and throw up in the confessional.

On shore, Chris comes in and tells them they are back in Canada, and more specifically Niagara Falls. They then head to Niagara Falls casino, but have to be in the concert theater because they are all under age. Chris then tells them that a contestant will be back on the show, and both Duncan and Cody want it to be Gwen. However they are shown in the musical number that it's Blaineley, who most of the contestants don't really care about. When Blaineley asks which team she is on, Chris announces that the teams are merged. They guys agree to be close though even though they aren't team mates anymore. Chris then announce that since they are in the honeymoon capital, they will be partner for an 'arranged marriage'. The boys will be placed in a giant casino machine, and the girls will pull the knob to see who will be their partner/husband, and for fun Chris adds a bear in the slot machine too. Sierra pulls first and gets Alejandro, but Sierra closes the door and begs Chris not to have him. Heather takes him instead, greatly upsetting Courtney. Blaineley then pulls and gets Owen. She is okay with this, thinking that Owen will help her image since he is an audience favorite. Courtney then pulls the handle and after getting mauled by the bear, pulls again and gets Duncan, which neither of them are happy about. Sierra is then left with Cody.

In the first part of the challenge, the guy of the duo's must lead the blind folded girl to a wedding dress, while avoiding many obstacles, and if a duo doesn't get a dress, they are out. Duncan messes with Courtney a lot on the challenge, and Cody doesn't try since he really doesn't like being Sierra's 'groom'. Heather reaches the dresses first followed by Blaineley, who ran into and ate a cake. Alejandro then leads Courtney to her dress after Duncan keeps messing with her, to Heather's annoyance. When Chris announces that the challenge is over, Sierra literally runs through the obstacles and somehow gets the last dress.

In the second part of the challenge, the couples must walk over Niagara Falls, over the tight rope, while carrying their partner. Since they were first to get the dress, Alejandro, while carrying Heather, get a head start, and for a dangerous twist, Chris adds sharks to the Falls. Before they start, Alejandro talks to Duncan about Owen's popularity being a threat to them and makes a deal: If Duncan votes off Owen, Alejandro will vote with him next, even if it's Courtney. The challenge starts, and Heather and Alejandro argue over who will be eliminated. To make himself look weaker to the others, Alejandro "accidentally" trips, sending him and Heather falling into Niagara Falls. Sierra and Cody are next, and Sierra carries Cody. In the confessional, Sierra reveals she can legally marry herself and Cody, as long as he says "I do". When they reach Chef to answer the trivia part of the challenge, Sierra keeps trying to get Cody to say the words, but ends up losing them the challenge, and they have to head back. The two then run into Owen and Blaineley on the tight rope. As neither of them wish to move back, they all end up falling into the water and losing the challenge. Courtney and Duncan angrily cross the tight rope without any difficulty and answer all the questions correctly, but end up fighting about how they can't stand each other. Chris then announces that they won invincibility. The losing couples are seen swimming for their lives to get away from the sharks.

While waiting outside the confessional and the bathroom, Sierra says the vows in the bathroom while Cody and Alejandro wait to use the bathroom. Sierra asks Cody if he needs to go, to which Cody responds "I do". Sierra announces the two are now married, and that she doesn't believe in divorce. Cody argues if it was real, while Alejandro congratulates them since he was technically the witness. Sierra agrees to do Alejandro a favor since he was the witness. All she has to do is vote for Owen. When the votes are counted, the votes go: two for Heather, two for Sierra, and four for Owen, meaning he's eliminated. Blaineley is genuinely sad for Owen, but fake-cries in an attempt to gain favor with the audience. Owen gets stuck in the exit and Alejandro kicks him out, but gets farted in the face by Owen. Chris then signs off the episode.