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  • Pretty Good Show

    TDWT was so interesting with going around the world and singing songs. The songs weren't bad, the new characters were cool. It was kinda like an Amazing Race Parody but with singing.
  • Awesome

    This season is also good. A whole season of exotic locales where the contestants would spontaneously break into song while performing the challenges.
  • This is when the Total Drama series went downhill.

    This season is filled with toilet humor and is just not that great to watch. I seriously thought this season would be better.
  • Best season ever!

    In my opinion, this was the best season ever in the Total Drama series! Cody, Tyler, and Noah are my favorite characters in Total Drama.
  • Favorite season

    Normally I abhor musicals. But this one feels like Atlantis Squarepantis from Sponbebob if it was actually good. I also loved the newcomers like Alejandro and Sierra, and they have to be my favorite contestants ever... but Harold will always be #1.
  • Not quite TDI, but a return to form

    Liked: the 'Amazing Race' aspect of the series, and was great to see Cody, Tyler and Noah get some development time. The songs were generally good too. Sierra and Alejandro were good additions - that's the way to introduce new characters I think, not 14 completely new ones to get used to.

    Disliked: Noah getting eliminated when he did - he was getting very interesting and though he and Owen made a great double act. Blaineley - cringe - glad she was only in for a couple of episodes. Didn't much like the ending either, way too nihilistic.
  • Way better than worst, way worse than best

    With the inclusion of new characters, the series showed some great improvement from last season. More development, more jokes and some good songs (way too many songs if you ask me). With Ezekiel as crazy maniac and Cody almost winning, nice season overall. However, it could've gone better.
  • The best season of all 4 by far

    This season of Total Drama was the best in my opinion. The cast got to do a bunch of traveling and instead of staying in one area, they actually got to visit more locations. Plus, the new twists like the 3 teams instead of 2, the 2 new characters and the fact that when competitors get eliminated they get dropped out of the game literally really put the thrill in the show.
  • A subperb show on the Total Drama siries.

    Ok I think that this show is subperb. I actually thing that this show is better than Total Drama island. Now it's shocking that this show is a little better because when I was watching the whole season of Total Drama island on youtube I said to myself I'd be shocked if the sequals beat this, and it did. Now what makes this season so unique is that it's a musical. Now I was a little worried about it being a musical but the songs are awesome. Now there a few songs i don't like that much but for the most part they're awesome.Another unique thing is that almost every episode was in a different location so it made you guess where are they going next. Now the character development has sky rocked. Heather is actually really likeable in this season. Noah is hilarious in this season. Tyler is pretty funny as well. Now Lindsey and LeShawna have lost some charm and they are starting to get old. Now this season there are 3 new characters Alexjandro, Sirerra, and Blainley. Now Alexjandro is a dude version of Heather and he's O.K. Sirerra is a Total Drama super fan and she has a HUGE crush on Cody. She's hilarious and I think it's hilarious when he's obsessed about Cody. Now I really don't like Blainley, she comes in later in the game and she's the co- host of Total Drama Would Tour: Aftermath. Now my favorite character this season would probably be Noah or Sirerra. They both crack my up and make it far into the game. Now what lowered the score is that in the middle of the season they got rid of people like Noah and Tyler, who I like, to make a love story between Gwen and Duncan. Now I hated the fact that they did it now they eliminated great people for that. I just wish Gwen stuck with Trent and Duncan stuck with Courtney. Overall, the best Total Drama series. 9/10.
  • Cant get enought:D:D

    TDWT is amazing! Im a huge fan, but agreed with AmberPicon1, i dont like Gwuncan :P

  • Hilarious and Fantastic.

    'Nuff said.
  • great but one mistake

    i love the show all of them are amazing

    but i honestly dislike the d and g couple thing

    i believe it took to much popularity in the show when in my opinion the situation really isnt much of a big deal

    i honestly think gwen is better with trent

    but the show is hilarious and the characters personalities increased awesomely

  • A great show just like it's first 2 seasons TDI and TDA!

    TDWT is a spoof on reality shows. Season one TDI has 22 contestants all competing to win $100,000. It takes place at a Camp area in Canada. They are split into 2 teams and Heather is introduced as TDI's main antagonist. The Second season,TDA, has 14 returning contestants from TDI. It takes place on an abondoned film lot and has movie based challenges. Justin is the main antagonist until half way through the season Courtney come back and she is the main antoganist. The Third season ,TDWT, has 15 returning contestants from TDI and TDA and 2 new contestants making a total of 17 contestants. They travel the world competeing in challenges in different countries and when they hear the dinging sound they have to sing and if they refuse to sing they are elminated. Instead of 2 teams there are 3 and Alejandro is the main antagonist. The Total Drama series has many unrealalistic challenges (emample: one challenge in TDA is jumping off a diving board high in the air onto a Horse.)The show is filled with laughs and lots of drama! Total Drama Island(TDI) is better than the Total Drama Action(TDA), but the Third ,TDWT, is like a mixture of both! It is great for ages 8 to 16. I highly recomend it!
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