Total Drama World Tour

Season 1 Episode 8

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Team Victory and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot are in economy class at the beginning of the episode. Owen accidentally punches Alejandro in the eye, to which Alejandro says, "Nothing a little ice and revenge won't fix". Owen questions if Alejandro said 'revenge' but Alejandro lied saying he didn't. Lindsay is shown comforting DJ about his "curse". In first class, Team Amazon is shown. Sierra is shown using a pizza box with a drawing of her and Cody on it while using a real mouse as an actual computer mouse. Gwen worriedly asks what she was up to, and Sierra tells her that she is updating her blog. She allows Gwen to check her e-mail, and Gwen accepts, but then notices the pizza box and mouse. She awkwardly refuses after seeing Sierra eat a slice of pizza from "laptop." Heather, now with a missing tooth ever since LeShawna attacked her in the previous episode, tries covering up her bruises. Courtney sarcastically tells Heather that she looks good, while Heather scoffs and shuts her mirror. Chris then announces the next destination; the Amazon. Gwen comments that Team Amazon in the Amazon must be a lucky sign, but Sierra gasps and states that every team who predicts good luck always loses. Gwen tries to hide what she said, and Sierra clamps her hand over her mouth. Chris laughs over the intercom, warning Team Amazon about wishing for good luck.

The three teams exit the plane as Chris welcomes them to Peru; home of the Amazon River. He explains that the challenge is to hike along an ancient Peruvian trail all the way to Machu Picchu. Above the ruins, one team must find the golden treasure. The discoverers will win first-class treatment as they fly to their next location, and that the losers will send someone home. Chris begins to list the dangerous animals in the Amazon, and Cody raises his hand. Chris, already knowing the question of Cody's many allergies in The Amazon, pulls out an epipen. Cody makes a grab for it; however, Chris tells him that it wouldn't make sense to give it to the person with the allergies in case he passed out. Sierra pleads to be given the responsibility, but after Cody begs Gwen to with puppy eyes convinces Gwen holds it instead of Sierra. Devastated, Sierra begins to list Cody's deadly allergies. Chris then warns the teams of the Zing-Zings, a tribe which has never made contact with the humans. Owen asks how far the trip is, and to the teens' dismay, it is an eighteen-hour trip. Chris then gives each team walkie-talkies, in case of an emergency.

The hiking trip begins, and Team Victory chooses the left path. Tyler gets Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot to also choose the left path in order to stay with Lindsay. Gwen suggests to choose the right path, but Sierra thinks that they should choose the left path, as if they were wrong, they would still be with the other teams. Cody agrees with Sierra, who becomes ecstatic in the confessional, stating that she heard wedding bells in her head after Cody agreed with her in front of the whole team. Heather taunts Gwen and tells her to decide, as she had jinxed the team with her talk about good luck. Team Amazon ends up taking the path on the right.

Team Victory reaches the zip-line first, and they get the privilege of using the T-Bar. DJ zip-lines down, while Lindsay rides on his shoulders. Meanwhile, Team Amazon hikes down a trail, Cody thanks Gwen for taking his epipen, but Gwen confesses that she has no idea how to use it. Cody leers at her and explains that if he gets bitten, then she has to jam it into his naked butt cheek, and Gwen, disgusted, tosses the epipen back to him. Suddenly, Cody is grabbed by an enormous mosquito, but Sierra knocks it down with a stone. She catches him as he falls and assures him of her devotion towards his safety. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot reaches the zip-line, and Tyler asks where the T-Bar is (giving it several incorrect names in the process). Alejandro zip-lines down using his belt, and Owen rides using his hands. He sinks into the water as the zip-line hits a low point, and is nibbled on by piranhas.

Team Amazon is stopped in their tracks as they notice two Zing-Zings sitting around a fire. Cody stops the girls and tells him that he has it covered, although a Zing-Zing appears directly beside him. They are held at spear point, and Gwen desperately calls Chris for help. However, there are no batteries in the walkie-talkie since Chef took them to play video games. Meanwhile, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot still needs Tyler, Noah, and Izzy to cross the zip-line to the bottom. Tyler removes his pants and uses it as a makeshift T-Bar. It works for a short while, but it then catches on fire, and he falls into the water. Izzy decides to go next, and puts Noah in her backpack before sliding across the zip-line, knocking over Tyler and Owen as she reaches the shore.

The Zing-Zings have tied up Team Amazon to a tree, and Cody suggests that the batteries in the flashlight in his back right pocket could be used inside the walkie-talkie. However, he cannot reach it. Sierra excitedly tells him that she can get it, but Heather rejects the idea and tells Gwen to, since she's the closest. Gwen tells Cody that he is not allow to enjoy the moment, fully aware of his attraction to her. Gwen removes many items out of Cody's pockets, and finds some X-Ray glasses. Heather mockingly asks her what color Cody's underwear is, and Gwen checks. However, Cody doesn't have any underwear on, and she ends up seeing a lot more. Sierra asks if she can borrow the glasses, while Gwen, aghast, answers that everyone wears underwear in the Amazon. Cody reminisces about how Gwen basically touched his butt, despite him wearing pants. In the jet's lavatory confessional, Sierra vows that when she wins the money, she will buy arm extensions in order to reach Cody's pocket. Gwen continues to search Cody's pocket, but ends up accidentally injecting herself with his epipen. Cody calms her nerves by telling her that she would be fine, and that the injection is basically a large adrenaline rush. Courtney digs in Cody's other pocket and finds the flashlight, and Cody laughs about getting his pockets confused.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot finds a place to set camp, and Owen begins to complain about the lack of food. He asks for nachos, and Noah begins to list the ingredients necessary to make nachos in a sarcastic tone. Izzy tells him to slow down, and she was in the process of making a shopping list. Team Victory runs into Chris, and DJ begs for food. Chris awards them a crate full of bananas for being in first place. Suddenly his walkie-talkie activates, and Gwen is heard speaking. Chris nonchalantly thinks that she is in trouble, then cuts to a commercial break. As the show returns, Gwen is heard panicking through the walkie-talkie again. Tyler suddenly jumps into the conversation after hearing that Gwen "had her hand in Cody's pants". Heather and Courtney add on that they are getting held at spear point by the Zing-Zings and that Gwen epipenned herself and is now going crazy. Lindsay exclaims about Team Victory being in first place, then addresses Tyler. Chris tells Team Amazon to remain calm, but then, the chime for a musical number is heard. Heather is in disbelief, while Owen asks if Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is forced to sing backup. Chris then commands that the song is all Team Amazon, and that it must end with a solo from Heather. Team Amazon then sings Gypsy Rap.

After Heather's solo, the Zing-Zings notice her missing tooth. Heather misconstrues their reaction as an insult, asking Gwen if her missing tooth is that hideous. The Zing-Zings then brush over some large leaves to reveal a tiki of a goddess with a gold tooth that resembles Heather. Cody worries at the fact that since Heather is their alleged goddess, the rest of Team Amazon would be "expendable". With night fallen, Lindsay wakes up to a pattering sound. She shines her flashlight on DJ, and he notices that he had been slapping monkeys who wanted their bananas, not bugs. He sighs at the fact that his curse has still not worn away. At Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's campfire, Owen hears a growling noise. He wonders if it had been the fire, but Noah reminds him that fires don't growl. Owen jokingly mentions that since Alejandro made the fire, it could growl due to being a "Spanish fire". Owen blows on the fire, illuminating their campsite and revealing five strange caterpillar-like creatures. Their fire is extinguished by one of the creatures, and they are ambushed.

Back with Team Amazon, the two Zing-Zings give her a gold tooth in place of her recently lost one, pleasing her. Gwen comments rapidly about the tooth, still undergoing the effects of Cody's epipen shot. DJ had bandaged the monkeys which he had hurt earlier and began to walk down the trail with Lindsay. But, he steps on a twig and awakens the monkeys, causing them to attack him, while Lindsay watches in fright. The next morning, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wakes up. Alejandro quickly refuses to take a head count and gets the team running over to Machu Picchu.

Team Victory reaches Machu Picchu first, and Chris, once again, announces that they are maintaining the first place slot. He worries about DJ's condition, who is bawling over having hurt another animal. Lindsay points out that in that situation, the monkeys hurt him, and DJ focuses on the challenge. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot arrives at Machu Picchu second. But Chris does not allow them to begin searching the ruins until their entire team arrives. Alejandro accuses him of making the rules as he goes along, and Chris dismisses it as old news. Alejandro then goes on a search for Owen.

Team Amazon, still in the same place as the previous day, is wide awake except for Gwen, who is sound asleep due to Cody's epipen. Gwen's snoring begins to irritate Sierra, saying that it's "driving her crazy," but Courtney corrects her, and says that it's driving Sierra "crazier." Courtney then orders Heather to get the Zing-Zings to untie them, but Heather defends them, arguing that they might become angry and make a sacrifice. Cody agrees with Heather in fear. In another part of the dense jungle, Alejandro finds Owen stuck in a large cocoon. He asks what happened, but Owen holds Alejandro accountable of the entire situation that Alejandro was awake while the others were sleeping when a caterpillar took him away. Alejandro lies and says that Izzy, Tyler, and Noah went ahead without Owen purposefully, and that he was Owen's only true friend. Owen comments that he has never been as scared of a friend before as that moment.

Alejandro and Owen run back to their team, and Chris allows them to begin searching. Almost immediately after, Tyler announces that he has found the treasure. Chris walks over to Owen and Tyler, who are struggling to remove a small pillar from the ground. Chris tells them that they have the wrong treasure, and when Lindsay approaches him with a small golden statue, he crowns Team Victory the winners of the challenge. Owen removes the pillar, and as the sun casts upon its ominous blue tip, the ruins begin to shake violently. Chris, Team Victory, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot evacuate quickly.

Chef finds Team Amazon, but is stopped by Heather who orders him to kneel down before the Zing-Zings. Chef disregards her and slices the ropes which tied Team Amazon, and reveals that the Zing-Zings were two local Peruvian teenage actors. Heather is disgusted by the fact that they put a gold tooth in her mouth, and Sierra taunts her. Chef reminds them that they lost the challenge and must vote someone off. Cody is suddenly bitten by a red ant, one of his life-threatening allergies. Sierra goes as far as to try and suck the poison out of his thumb, causing Cody to look away. Heather wonders who to blame for all this, then notices Gwen and addresses her as she wakes up. Gwen asks if they had won the challenge, giving her angry glares from Sierra, Courtney, and Cody.

In the first-class section, DJ and Lindsay relax for the first time. DJ helps himself to a cookie, and Lindsay begins to ask him a question. DJ already knows it, however, and allows her to bring Tyler into the first-class section with her. Meanwhile, Gwen, Courtney, and Sierra are sitting in the dining hall discussing the elimination. Sierra then joins Courtney and Gwen in their plot to vote off Heather, giving that Gwen stops being nice to Cody.

At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Alejandro appears beside Heather. Less than thrilled to see him, he tells her to cheer up, as her departure will help him in the game. Heather lets him know that she knows of his plans which eliminated both LeShawna and Bridgette. Alejandro admits that even she couldn't resist him if he kissed her, but Heather quickly shoots down the thought. Chris begins the elimination ceremony, and makes a joke about Cody's swollen thumb. He then reveals the votes, which show that Gwen, Courtney, and Sierra all voted for Heather, Heather voted for Gwen, and Cody voted for Sierra. Heartbroken, Sierra sobs, in the confessional, she asks why Cody would vote her, after everything she did for him. Chris then reveals that the elimination wasn't real and that Heather wouldn't be taking the Drop of Shame, for now. Everyone gasps at this, while in the confessional, Heather swears revenge on both her team and Alejandro. Chris then signs off the show.