Total Drama World Tour

Season 1 Episode 15

The Ex-Files

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In the first class compartment, there is noticable tension. Courtney and Sierra are ready to eliminate Gwen; Courtney for Gwen's kiss with Duncan in the confessional and her resulting a messy breakup with Duncan and Sierra for Cody's strong attraction to Gwen. The only person having fun is Heather who's just glad that the target's off her back. In economy class, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is planning their own next elimination, with Tyler and Alejandro hoping to eliminate Duncan.

The plane begins mysteriously preparing to crash when an autopilot chef and Ezekiel are sitting in the cockpit. Chris calls the "potential crash victims" to visit the culinary for a "last meal" while their autopilot tests some equipment. Alejandro takes advantage of the turbulence to suggest that Courtney flirt with Tyler to make Duncan jealous, and Courtney rolls with it, mentioning Tyler is "super-cute" which shocks him, but Tyler refuses to betray Lindsay. The plane finally lands and Chris explains they are in Area 52 - just next to the famous Area 51 and explains the challenge - break into Area 51 and bring back an intact alien artifact.

Team Chris and Team Amazon reach their respective sides of Area 51 and form plans to get across, with Gwen accidentally leading Team Amazon to a mine field and Team Chris losing Owen to the Black Ops. Team Chris gets past the lasers first, while Team Amazon is forced to sing. Ignoring the girls' insulting Gwen in their song, Cody throws candy at the mine field, waits for the explosions, then runs over the mines, and both teams enter Area 51's secret warehouse at the same time.

Both teams go off looking for intact relics. Heather is angry to discover Courtney purposely throwing the challenge in hopes of eliminating Gwen, while Tyler forces Team Chris to help him look for Owen, who may be having his memory erased. Alejandro angrily claims that an artifact won't fall from the sky, but Tyler causes a small box to fall into Alejandro's arms, releasing a pair of aliens that electrocute the both of them. Duncan and Gwen run into each other in the warehouse, and Gwen mentions although everyone now hates her, she enjoyed their kiss. However, she points out that Courtney's "ridiculous" flirting seems to be getting to Duncan, and before she can go on, Duncan kisses her, a foot pop from Duncan also added. The two smile and decide to start a relationship and just let things happen. They are interrupted by an alien spaceship, reminding them they are competing against each other. Duncan runs off to capture the alien, and Gwen trips him. She tells him to try not to get eliminated, and Duncan replies with, "Same to you," with a dreamy expression.

Cody is searching alone, however, when he finds an alien pod, an alien Cody is created as a result - Sierra is enthusiastic and hugs both so tight the alien Cody is killed. Duncan finds Team Chris and rescues them, but makes Alejandro promises not to vote him off in return - he fails to free Alejandro, but they both end up unintentionally freeing Owen, who claims to have no memory, despite clearly showing he remembers everyone and the competition. Chris and Chef Hatchet, watching from the plane, thank the Colonel for doing Owen's make-up job and mullet hairdo, while Duncan finally gets the aliens off Tyler and Alejandro and traps one into a cardboard box, confident.

Gwen brings Team Amazon the original box Team Chris had found, to which her teammates, aside from Cody, angrily tell her to "save it for first " as they rush out of the warehouse. Tyler, on the other hand, is too busy gloating to notice that Team Chris is now on a mine field. They are blown up and into the air, landing by Chris with the charred remains of the alien. Team Amazon almost loses their box because Courtney trips Gwen, but Chris catches it and they win the challenge. In first Heather is surprised at Courtney's obsession with eliminating Gwen, noting that Courtney has replaced Izzy in terms of insanity. In the meantime, Gwen disappears to spy on the elimination ceremony, where Chris is explaining how Team Chris failed due to their lack of teamwork. Tyler meanwhile, says that he is ecstatic that Duncan is out, remembering his earlier discussion with Alejandro, only to discover that he's been voted off instead. Courtney protests at first, but when Tyler asks if there can be a re-vote, she angrily knocks Tyler out of the plane. Courtney says she will have her revenge on Duncan and Gwen next. Since she said the key word "Revenge," Owen is hypnotized and stars dancing again. Chris signs off the show while wondering whether or not Courtney will ever get her revenge.

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