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  • Aftermath IV: Aftermath, Hawaiian Style!

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    The Aftermath set - which has been moved to glorious Hawaii! Geoff and the Peanut Gallery are giddy - now this is an Aftermath. Added to the mix are returning losers Duncan, Owen, Courtney and Blaineley, who's wheeled out on a dolly, swaddled in head-to-toe bandages thanks to the most painful elimination landing ever. And finally returning after six long weeks surrounded by Russians and meat is none other than Bridgette! Unfortunately for Geoff, Bruno the bear has come with her! Ever since she fixed his paw Bruno's gotten very attached, and now he won't let anyone within three feet of Bridge - which makes it kinda hard for our hosts to do what they do best - smooch! But this Aftermath is all about taking sides, so the Peanut Gallery pledge allegiance to their favourite members of the Final Three. Of course initially, the on Heather's Team is Blaineley - and only because Duncan is pranking her. Little do they know that one member from each team will have to compete in a surfing challenge to win a prize that will aide their finalist in the finale. Of course, the surfing route goes directly over a lava spray into the awaiting jaws of a vicious animal!moreless
  • Aftermath III: The Second Chance Challenge!

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    The Aftermath studio. Geoff is thrilled to announce Blaineley is gone, doing a world tour of countries where Total Drama is a hit. But where's Bridgette? Blaineley appears and reveals that she tricked Bridgette into leaving the country instead! Turns out Blaineley couldn't get her old job back at 'Celebrity Manhunt', and she's not about to let this gig go. Bridgette calls in from Siberia, shivering, and begs Geoff to appease her host, a pissed off Blaineley 'SuperFan,' by singing a country song about Blaineley. But Geoff can't help insulting Blaineley in the lyrics, which insults her Superfan - and causes a bear attack! Geoff storms out, vowing revenge on the woman who sent his gal to Snowberia. Blaineley grins - guess this makes her a solo act! She happily intros the latest Gallery additions, Gwen, Tyler and Noah, and makes tonight's big announcement: someone from the Peanut Gallery is going to get sent back into the big game to compete for the million! Leshawna, Lindsay, Beth, Noah and Tyler all win the chance to compete on a giant board game full of dangerous or humiliating challenges. But before they can start, Geoff rejoins them to torment Blaineley with footage of Blaineley's most humiliating off-screen moments. When the game begins, Noah, Leshawna, and Tyler are quickly eliminated. It's down to Lindsay and Beth! But Geoff has something else in mind....moreless
  • Celebrity Manhunt

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    Celebrity Manhunt is Total Drama's animated spoof of entertainment magazine shows like E-Talk Canada and TMZ. Our hosts Blainely and Josh will stop at nothing to get the dirt on celebrities, and this week, they are hot on the trail of the Total Drama cast - post elimination! In this episode, they chase all 22 characters down the red carpet of the Gemmie Awards where they're nominated for best reality show cast. Tonight is Owen, Gwen, Beth, Duncan and the gang's only hope of reviving their fading celebrity. The only problem is that sadistic host Chris McLean has found a new batch of characters to rocket to reality stardom and he's lost all interest in our gang. Only after a high-speed bus chase and a death-defying cliff dive, do the Total Drama teens get another shot at fame -and the grand prize Million. DOLLARS!moreless