Total Recall 2070

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  • Typically Canadian, one of the best shows that was on TV.

    Canada has a long (if you can count 20 years long) tradition of making great TV shows that have nothing to do with their original inspiration.
    Friday the 13th the Series...
    Poltergeist the Legacy...

    There are even some shows that had 'something' to do with their inspiration...
    Tales from the Neverending Story...
    Once a Thief...

    Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot... Highlander. But one show that I loved, and personally grouped it in with other great TV shows like The Flash, and Max Headroom was this show... Total Recall 2070.

    Though the show was called Total Recall, it was Blade Runner for the TV. Not as dirty and gritty, but still fantastic. It was a little dry at times, the show never really got to hit it's stride with only 22 episodes in the can.
  • Missing... I really miss the next season, but looks like it's hopeless to wait after 8 years, isn't it?

    A really interesting point of view about the future: There is no sun, and androids stole the work from humans, and a supercomputer has too much control of... everything. Then in this world a new generation android shows up as a partner of a detective who does not trust in any android, not even a little bit. I must repeat the words: the characters were great. I saw this series twice yet, but here (in Hungary) there was in show at 3 times. I think the most of the world do not like it or do not even know it, and that was the cause of the end. I'm sad.
  • A wonderful blend of Blade Runner and Total Recall.

    This show never had a chance. Its rare to have a successful show on a Premium cable channel. How is anyone supposed to know about it? I didn't even see it until it appeared in syndication and by then it had been cancelled. The characters were great, the plotlines were interesting. It should have been on Sci-Fi. It was up there with VR-5 and Max Headroom in my book. Underappreciated and ahead of it's time. Poor Michael Easton can't seem to catch a break. VR-5 got canned, Two was axed, Total Recall tanked, now he's on All My Children.... It's just not right.