Total Security

ABC (ended 1997)


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  • I will never undersan why it got cancleed just after 13 episodes. It had everything I expect form a comedy/drama; amazing actors, great plots and wicked humor. My number one of all times...

    I couldn’t believe after I watched the first episode, I couldn’t believe that I finally found a TV show that seemed to be made just for me. It had everything a great show needs but I think number one, something that really got me hooked, was a bunch of outstanding actors. James Belushi, Bill Brotchtrup, Jason Biggs, James Remar, Tracy Needham… sounds familiar? Even if not, I can assure you, you’ve seen them at least once and you loved them. The other thing that made this so special, was the fact that from the very beginning you knew that the show didn’t try to be too serious and thanks to this, can afford jokes that would never fit anywhere else. I’m trying to imagine people from CSI doing half the crazy thing the characters here (especially Steve) did and I fail.

    What other thing can I say except that I’d prefer to have everything else cancelled just to bring it back again?

    Gone too soon…