Total Security - Season 1

ABC (ended 1997)


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  • A Man for Half a Season
    Frank's father, Michael Miller, asks him a favor: his secretary, Jeanette Hardesty, wants to find out what has happened to her husband Mel, who mysteriously disappeared some years back. With the help of the beautiful Kari, Steve learns that Mel had $100,000 debts with his bookmaker, so he had to take "a bath" in the Atlantic. Jeanette is relieved to know the truth but Michael is not at all sad; at last he can propose to Jeanette, whom he has secretly been in love with for over 20 years. The famous scientist Darryl Mosier has invented a substance, which eliminates all human aggressiveness. It could bring peace to the world. But Mosier is afraid of thieves and assassins and deposits some of the liquid with Total Security. Robbie accidentally spills some of the liquid, and he and George start getting very friendly. Steve is also exposed to it, and while protecting Mosier from assassins at the Seven Palms Hotel, he actually makes friends with Luis. Warren and Faye Liebling (ep. 6) contact Jody and tells her that Karen Diebolt has kidnapped the baby she was going to let them adopt. Faye is nearly hysterical but Jody quickly tracks down Karen. Karen won't give her baby to the Lieblings and accuses Warren of only going along with the adoption because Faye is so keen on the idea. Warren admits and Faye is crushed. With the Lieblings out of the picture, Jody asks their lawyer, Barry Gilroy, if she can adopt the baby. Gilroy explains it's unlikely since she's not married. However, Frank suddenly proposes to Jody and she happily agrees. Everyone at Total Security are surprised when a psychiatrist appears and explains that Mosier is an escaped patient from a mental institution. "The assassin" was another escaped patient. Mosier is brought back but what made everyone so nice if it wasn't Mosier's liquid?moreless
  • Do the Right Schwing
    Steve is working as a bodyguard for the rich, elderly Paul Rondere but he has started an affair with Paul's young wife, Olivia. Worse yet: Steve has fallen in love - for the first time in his life. Steve wants to quit his job and Olivia informs her husband she's leaving him. Holly Morganstern is convinced that her psychiatrist husband is being unfaithful and engages Total Security to confirms her suspicions. Ellie goes to see Dr. Morganstern - masquerading as a depressive patient - and plants a bug. However, Ellie finds Morganstern to be a committed doctor. Paul contacts Steve and admits he wanted Olivia to find a lover since he himself is now impotent. But he begs Steve not to take away his beloved wife. Very reluctantly, Steve gives up his first true love by letting her "catch him" with Ellie. Robbie is not too happy that his sister Robin is going to marry Todd Wexler, whom he thinks is a complete idiot. Robbie heads to The Seven Palms Hotel, where he tries to enlist a sexy prostitute to fool Todd into cheating on Robin. However, the prostitute is an undercover police woman and she arrests Robbie. Frank manages to get him off and Robbie promises to not do something like this again. It turns out Dr. Morganstern IS unfaithful. Holly lapses into depression and calls Frank; informing him she'll take an overdose of pills at the hotel room where she and her husband were on their honeymoon. Frank and Ellie rush to Dr. Morganstern's practice, where they force him to reveal where he spent his honeymoon. They manage to save Holly just in time but she later sues Total Security for invasion of her private life! A crushed Robin goes to Robbie and informs him she's found Todd sleeping with her maid of honor. Having learned his lesson, Robbie is supportive instead of giving her the I-told-you-so routine.moreless
  • The Never Bending Story
    Total Security is assigned a delicate case by the police: Detective Art McClaren has sued for payment of damages after he was seriously hurt while on duty. He is in pain, partly paralyzed and unable to function sexually. In fact, McClaren was once Frank's partner once but Frank suspected him of corruption, but McClaren caused a lot of mess by trying to pin the blame on Frank. Steve is appalled, and with Robbie's help, he sets out to prove that McClaren is faking. Turns out to be difficult, though, as McClaren is very sly. Seji Inegawa, a Japanese security man, asks Frank's help to locate Kimiko Suhara, the runaway daughter of his powerful Japanese friend. Thanks to some credit card calculations, Ellie manages to track down Kimiko. But Ellie is surprised when Kimiko tells her that the man searching for her is not her father; it's her ex-lover, a Japanse mobster, who wants to kill her because she has a list with the names of Japanese politicians connected to the mob. However, before Ellie can get Kimiko to safety, they are both kidnapped by mobsters. Steve forcefully recruits a sexy prostitute, Charlotte, to seduce McClaren and prove that he is not impotent. When Steve and Frank show a tape of McClaren and Charlotte having sex to the police, it's all over for a fuming McClaren, who gets up on his feet and tries to assault Steve. Steve and Frank stop Inegawa at the airport before he can return to Japan. They force him to take them to Ellie and Kimiko. A dramatic rescue ensues but Kimiko and Ellie are rescued at the end.moreless
  • Wet Side Story
    Wet Side Story
    Episode 10
  • Evasion of the Body Snatchers
    Influential multimillionairess Pamela Chapin engages Frank as her bodyguard for a dinner party after he saves her and her maid from a desperate intruder. Pamela seems to be attracted to Frank and the next day her lawyer, Walter Exley, makes an extremely generous bid for Total Security. Pamela explains Frank can still be the boss and keep his staff but despite being in need of cash, Frank rejects the offer as he doesn't want to be under anyones control. Shortly after Luis arrives, saddened to inform Frank that Seven Palms hotel has quit its contract with Total Security due to some foolish reason. Someone has been stealing the urns of famous film stars from Sheltering Pine cemetery. Steve and Ellie are assigned to the case and after going through film history, they discover that all the performers whose ashes have been stolen appeared in the 1954 adventure film "Thunderbolt, Son of the Prairie". In the middle of all this cemetery business, Ellie confronts Steve with having a fear of dying. Frank reluctantly asks Pamela for help with the Seven Palms hotel case. After one phone call from her, Seven Palms hotel is again a client to Frank. However, Frank realizes Pamela was the reason Seven Palms quit the contract in the first place. Pamela admits she did it to get Frank's attention and then tries to blackmail him into selling her Total Security. But Frank strikes back, getting Neville to hack into Pamela's computer. Turns out one of her companies is involved with some illegal business and Frank forces her to back off. Impressed, Pamela decides to remain his client. Steve and Ellie try to stake out the cemetery but the operation goes awry when Robbie arrives to help. But a tip from a film souvenir trader bring them to a hot trace: Stuart Lundy, a die-hard fan of the Thunderbolt movie. He has stolen the urns to honor the actors but Ellie and Steve get him to return them. Steve tries to come to grips with death and writes a will.moreless
  • Das Bootie
    Das Bootie
    Episode 8
    Geneva has trouble with her German bodybuilder friend Helmut, who makes her life hell. Steve confronts Helmut, who doesn't get intimidated at all. Frank is approached by the wealthy Henry O'Brien, whose three-year-old granddaughter has been kidnapped. As Frank and Ellie talk with Henry's daughter Jessica and her husband Troy Larson, the little girl's parents, it becomes clear that there are large conflicts within the family and Frank assumes one of them is responsible. Neville is assigned to install surveillance cameras at a brothel owned by Katherine Guilford but he discovers that there are already placed cameras. The FBI, who have placed the cameras, tell Wendell he'll be investigated for tax fraud since he was paid by Katherine (to install the cameras). Helmut attacks Geneva in her flat but Steve comes to her rescue and, incredibly, gets the better of the huge pile of muscles. He then spends the night on the couch for Geneva's protection. Robbie's father pleads for forgiveness but to no avail until Frank convinces Robbie to go easy on his dad. Steve and Ellie discover the body of the Larson child and Troy gets arrested for being the killer. He confesses but Frank smells a rat. Wendell gets two of Katherine's girls, Tamika and Brittany, to seduce the FBI men on tape. Then he blackmails the FBI guys to back off. Troy is innocent; he's covered for Jessica, who shook their daughter to death. Her violent mood relates back to years of abuse by her dad Henry. Jody reveals to Frank that her husband used to hit her.moreless
  • Look Who's Stalking
    Famous actor Gerry Conlon and his new wife Mehmee get their wedding night at the Seven Palms Hotel ruined thanks to pushy photographer Dean Driscoll. Conlon hires Frank to keep Driscoll away. With Ellie's assistance, Frank sets a trap: Ellie poses as a hooker who'll let Driscoll take photos of her and Conlon having sex and doing drugs. Driscoll is fooled and buys the drugs for Ellie. Neville investigates an insurance fraud; Wanda Robitaille is to collect $6 million from her late husband's life insurance but her husband is alive and well and is to split half the money with her. Neville offers Wanda to kill her husband for $1 million so she can have the remaining $5 millions to herself. The greedy "widow" agrees. Rita Vanderput engages Frank and Jody to find her fiancé, musician Sean Mitchell, whom she has sent lots of money. But it turns out Sean is not engaged to her; Rita has been conned by internet cheat Chris Minor. As Driscoll goes to take the pictures, he finds Ellie dead after taking the drugs he got her. Steve poses as a policeman and takes him in. Then Frank and Ellie confront Driscoll with photos of him buying drugs. Enraged that it was all a set-up, Driscoll is blackmailed into leaving Conlon alone. Instead of killing Robitaille, Neville films the greedy spouses together. Bye, bye insurance money. Though devastated to have been scammed, Rita forgives Chris and decides to marry him. Frank and Steve try to convince her otherwise but Rita claims she has nothing without love and forgiveness. Robbie discovers his dad is a thief; he's been collecting medical bills from dead people. Robbie confronts him and won't forgive him but Steve repeats Rita's speech on love and forgiveness to him.moreless
  • Who's Poppa?
    Who's Poppa?
    Episode 6
  • Citizen Canine
    Citizen Canine
    Episode 5
  • Looking for Mr. Goombah
  • Dental Men Prefer Blondes
  • One Wedding and a Funeral
  • Pilot
    Episode 1