Total Wipeout

Saturday 5:45 PM on BBC Two Premiered Jan 03, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • A bit mediocre

    I prefer the American Version of Wipeout, The Australian one was good as well, but sadly it was cancelled. I find Total Wipeout flat and unfunny compared to the American Version.
  • Excellent.

    Such a funny light hearted show. I love watching this, i always enjoy it and it makes me laugh.
  • Whilst this show does have some amusing moments, it's format is generally tired and uninteresting. While I normally find Richard Hammond extremely funny, he just has nothing to work with here and seems to give the impression he is bored.

    If anyone has watched Takeshi's Castle, Ninja Warrior or any of the multitude of assault course format gameshows, then you will know exactly what this show is all about. Each week contestants battle it out over various assault courses laden with obstacles positioned in pools of mud and water. They are gradually whittled down to just three finalists who compete in the final assault course to claim the trophy and prize money. I'm actually a big Richard Hammond fan, but I'm sorry to say that even his wit and humour can't save what is basically an old and tired format for a show. Unfortunately shows of this type have been done to death, and sadly this adds nothing new. If you never get tired of this format you may enjoy it, I unfortunately tired of it very quickly. the presenters seemed bored, the contestants (bless them) tried to stir up some excitement by shouting the odd statement, but to be honest, they seemed pretty bored themselves. While diehard fans of this kind of show may enjoy it, I'd be surprised if the rest of us took away any long lasting impressions. Not a complete stinker of a show, but nothing original to keep us wanting more.