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  • OK show think of it as a doctor who confidential for kids.

    I love Doctor Who so you think i would totally love this show Totaly doctor who WRONG it is OK but defo not as good as doctor who confidential it is OK with interviews and sneek peeks but the competitions and all the other junk they try to fit in are just stupid it kind of brings down the reputation of Doctor Who if a newbie to the who universe where to watch this they would think it was some ultimate cheese kids show like flipping Phineas and ferb but it's not yeah it can be chessy monsters but the story and characters are good. Alltogther an ish show that doesnt really live up to DW
  • Liz Barker and Barney Harwood host a children's show based on Doctor Who (2005), giving information, episode previews and cool interviews and stuff.

    Totally Doctor Who offers more than any other show based on Doctor Who (2005) - if there is another. But it's for kids. Well, it is on the CBBC Channel. They chat with the Doctor Who cast and crew, give sneak previews of the next episodes and just give information. Personally I have no need to watch this show, As I can get previews from the internet, know all the information already, and if I really wanted to I could find the cast/crews private emails.. but that's another story. But to young viewers (I am young myself, but I hate shows that make every subject kiddyish.. if you know what I mean) I would reccomend it. That's just about it. I gave it a lowish score because it's not really my cup of tea.. that's all. Bye.
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