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  • Season 1
    • Nationals (2)
      Nationals (2)
      Episode 16
      The Hoopstars continue their comeback against the NJB Starz, and even take the lead at one point. The two teams trade baskets, and the score is tied with two minutes to play. The Hoopstars commit a few key turnovers and wind up losing. Although they are disappointed by the setback, they can still make the championship game with a victory that night. They come out very flat, and wind up getting blown out. The lone bright spot comes when Ashley Burtsfield finally gets a chance to play and makes several three-pointers. The Hoopstars are proud of their overall performance, but upset by the fact that they must now go their separate ways. The players look back on the season and talk about the close bond they have formed as teammates.moreless
    • Nationals (1)
      Nationals (1)
      Episode 15
      The Hoopstars continue play at the national tournament, where only eight of the 86 teams remain in contention. They square off against the defending national champions, the Kansas Belles. The Hoopstars trail by as many as nine points, but rally to pull out the victory in an intense contest. After the game, the girls get to relax a bit and hang out at the hotel pool. They also attend a WNBA game and get some autographs. They scout their next opponent, California's NJB Starz, and find them a little bit intimidating. When the two teams meet the following day, the Hoopstars struggle early. They trail by 11 at halftime, but regain their composure in the second half and begin to make a comeback.moreless
    • Here Comes the Sun
      Here Comes the Sun
      Episode 14
      The Hoopstars enjoy their summer vacation. Shelby spends time with her new boyfriend, and a bunch of the girls go to an amusement park and manage to cure Ashley Brown's fear of rollercoasters. The team travels to Florida for the national tournament. The Hoopstars win all three of their games in pool play to advance to the championship round. They pull out to a big lead in their first round game, but the other team catches up and sends the game to overtime. With the Hoopstars trailing by one and fifteen seconds to play, Lindsey gets drilled while attempting a fast break lay-up. She makes both free throws to put them ahead, and they go on to win the game. The team is congratulated by a large group of fans--including members of Cincinnati West, the team the Hoopstars defeated in the state championship game.moreless
    • Enemy of the States
      The Hoopstars head to Columbus for the state tournament. They must win the tourney in order to advance to Nationals. The girls look forward to a rematch with their rival, Cincinnati West, who defeated them in the previous year's title game. After two easy victories, the Hoopstars struggle in the early stages of their semi-final game. However, they end up winning by a comfortable margin. They take on Cincinnati West in an intense championship game. Lauren's grandmother can no longer take the pressure, and elects to go outside until the game is over. Cincinnati West hits a three-pointer as time runs out to send the game to overtime. Maria feels she let the team down with a mental mistake that led to the tying basket, but comes through in the overtime. The Hoopstars pull away to win the title, and celebrate their impending trip to Nationals.moreless
    • The End of the World as We Know It
      Eight of the eleven team members prepare to graduate from the 8th grade. The girls recall memories of junior high and offer their expectations and fears about high school. Tiffany explains that she will have to make an adjustment, as she will attend a large high school after spending most of her school years at a very small, close-knit private school. Kristen and her friends reveal one of their favorite pastimes, running around in a nasty-looking tunnel underneath their school.moreless
    • Underachievers Anonymous
      The Hoopstars travel to Michigan for a tournament. They get off to a terrible start in their first game, trailing 18-2 at one point. They come back to take the lead with a minute remaining, but wind up losing. They lose the second game of the day on a three-pointer at the buzzer, and also drop a third contest. Coach Douglas remains positive after the first loss, but gradually grows more disappointed with their effort. Many of the girls admit to being distracted. A frustrated Maria avoids her teammates at the hotel that night because it doesn't seem they are taking the losses very seriously. The Hoopstars win their final game of the tournament, but still worry about how they will fare at State.moreless
    • Some Like It Hot
      Some Like It Hot
      Episode 10
      Michele must travel several hours to make it to practice each day. She explains that the Hoopstars compete at a higher level than the teams in Columbus. Michele's parents discuss her temper and worry that it will get her into trouble. The Hoopstars travel to Pittsburgh for a tournament. It is Coach Douglas's hometown, so he takes them on a tour of the city. Michele winds up on the bench for allowing her frustration to get the better of her in one game. However, her toughness proves crucial to the team's success in the championship game.moreless
    • Home Sweet Home
      Home Sweet Home
      Episode 9
      The Hoopstars play host to their own tournament. They are excited by the chance to play in front of more fans than usual, including their families and a group of pre-teen girls who idolize them. Alisha earns praise for her consistently strong work ethic. Ashley Burtsfield makes the most of her chance at more playing time. Tiffany's birthday falls on the final day of the tournament, and she has problems with her braids. Assistant Coach Goldsberry singles her out in front of the team for her poor defensive effort. This inspires her to improve, and she has one of her better games as the team wins the championship.moreless
    • I'm Trying to Quit
      Ashley Burtsfield's frustration over her lack of playing time begins to build. She starts to get down on herself, as she feels that all of her effort in practice is for nothing. She seriously considers quitting the Hoopstars and going to play for another AAU team. Ashley Brown encourages her friend to keep working hard and make the most of the minutes she does get. Ashley Burtsfield talks with Coach Douglas, who tries to help her have a more positive attitude. She decides that she likes being on the team, regardless of whether she gets to play very much.moreless
    • West Virginia, Here We Come
      The Hoopstars travel to West Virginia for a tournament. Lauren gains confidence and impresses Coach Douglas and her teammates with her play. Kristen puts too much pressure on herself and continues to struggle at the beginning of the tournament. However, she recovers the next day and improves her performance. The Hoopstars win the championship game on a last-second shot in overtime.moreless
    • No Pain, No Game
      No Pain, No Game
      Episode 6
      Tiffany struggles to step up her game, as she feels that she isn't living up to her potential. She goes to Philadelphia for the weekend to watch her sister, Tamika, play for the University of Connecticut in the Final Four. Tiffany has the thrill of seeing her sister win a national championship, and vows that she will also make a name for herself as a player. Kristen tries to show more aggressiveness during practices so that she can earn more playing time. She enjoys some academic success, as she takes fifth place in a regional writing competition and advances to State.moreless
    • Meet Your Match
      Meet Your Match
      Episode 5
      The Hoopstars seek to avenge their disappointing loss, as they face the West Virginia Tornadoes in the tournament championship just a few hours after the teams' first meeting. With the score tied and one second remaining, Lauren misses two free throws that could have won the game. However, the Hoopstars regroup and wind up winning in double overtime. Lauren travels to Washington, D.C. for her eighth grade class trip. She and a guy friend are the topic of gossip throughout the week, as everyone wonders whether they are going to begin dating.moreless
    • It's How You Play the Game
      The Hoopstars travel to Columbus to take part in their first tournament, in which they will battle teams in the 14-and-under age bracket. Ashley Burtsfield grows frustrated with her lack of playing time. In between games, the entire team (including family members) descends upon Michele's house, where her teammates play video games and look through her yearbook. The girls prevail easily in two very physical contests on the first day of the tournament, but then drop a tough overtime decision to a team from West Virginia.moreless
    • Meet the Hoopstars
      The players gather for their first week of practice as a team. Coach Douglas informs them that they will play in a number of tournaments against older girls--including one less than two weeks after the first practice. The girls offer a glimpse into their personalities and discuss their impressions of their teammates.moreless
    • Making the Cut (2)
      After tryouts conclude, the girls anxiously await Coach Douglas' final decision. The coach contacts the eleven players who will comprise the Hoopstars. One member of the previous year's squad must deal with the disappointment of being assigned to a lesser team; while another makes the "A" team but is told not to expect a lot of playing time.moreless
    • Making the Cut (1)
      Dozens of girls attend tryouts for the Hoopstars, including several who have played on the team in previous years. Some of the returnees worry about holding on to their roster spots, particularly after discovering that Coach Douglas has personally invited a star player from Columbus to join the squad. The girls discuss their outside interests and the reasons behind their passion for basketball.moreless