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Season 5 : Episode 26

Show Summary

Totally Spies is 130 half-hour episodes of fast-paced comedy and high-energy action starring three Beverly Hills teens who unwittingly become international secret agents. The girls learn to combine their schoolgirl priorities (getting homework done on time or finding the right dress for Friday's dance) with their spy duties - battling with outlandish super-villains and saving the world!

Sold in more than 100 countries, the series airs on major channels: Cartoon Network in the US (with 2 million young viewers each day), TeleToon in Canada, TF1 in France (where it is the number one animated program), Channel 4 in the UK (best performing cartoon), PRO 7, Mediaset Rete Italia, Disney Asia, Nickelodeon Australia, Fox Kids Europe, TV Tokyo, Cartoon Network Japon…

Season 2 Outline:
As the girls continue their missions with WOOHP, we are introduced to some new.. and familiar characters from season 1 episodes. The girls are attracted to an awesome new guy in Bev. High. 'David', a very nice, confident artist who enjoys everything. Clover, Sam and Alex have the hots for David, while he doesn't know. And of course, Mandy tries to steal him away from the girls to prove she's the best. We also meet Sam, Alex and Clover's mom's in the mother's day episode, 'Mommies Dearest'. And some villains from season 1 return to get revenge on the spies. A Spy is Born (Part 2), continues as the first ep in Season 2.

Season 3 Outline:
The girls all move into a beautiful Dream house they've always wanted. Jerry gets a personal WOOHP assistant, "G.L.A.D.I.S.". Mandy has the offer to join the WOOHP team. Britney from season 2's "Alex Quits" returns in season 3's "Escape From WOOHP Island", with returning villains. More will be revealed soon.

Season 4 Outline:
The Spies have been promoted to Super Spies! Following the 3-parter "Evil Promotion Much?" with Jerry's twin brother Terry escaping WOOHP custudy and leading the LAMOS against WOOHP. David returns from season 2, unexpected villains from earlier seasons also return to pay a visit to the spies.

The Totally Spies theme "Here We Go" is by Moonbaby


Sam is very logical and has a knack finding solutions to problems. Sam does well in school and gets things done when it comes to fighting crime!

Clover is a total drama-queen! She's obsessed what everyone else is wearing and Average. When it comes to fighting crime, the big guys are no match for Clover!

Alex is the youngest member of the group. She looks up to Sam and Clover and will do anything to keep the team together. Although she's a bit clumsy (and dumb), Alex is no coward. She looks danger right in the eye. But, sometimes she acts too quickly before thinking things through.

Jerry is the Official WOOHP Director. He presses a button, and the girls are off to their missions. He's got an interesting social life!

Mandy is The Spies' Arch-Evil-Nemesis! She's constantly trying to get the spies in trouble and mainly, Make them have a bad appearance!

David is a really nice, nature loving guy who doesn't know Sam, Clover and Alex love him so much. Usually Mandy is always trying to get him away from the spies because she wants him for herself. He appears in season 2 episodes only. Returning in season 4.

Other Characters:

Arnold is the brainy-weird kid who happens to attend Beverly Hills High. He's starred in quite a few episodes, such as 'Queen for A Day' as Clover's 1-2 week' boyfriend, and W.O.W. as a member of a Mandy Fan Club! Clover accidentally joins just to find out what Arnold and his geeky friends are always up to.

Britney is the newest agent of WOOHP. She appeared in one season 2 episode 'Alex Quits', and soon a season 3 episode, 'Escape from WOOHP Island'. She is a combination of Sam, Alex and Clover. Beauty and brains as well as a normal teenager who just happens to be a Spy, but for now a different WOOHP team.

Season 1 started airing in the USA on ABC Family from Nov 2001-Sept 2002, after which the series was acquired by Cartoon Network.

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Fan Reviews (146)

  • Only loved by Nostalgia!! They're spies yet dress in the three brightest colors in the world!!

    I use to like this show when I was younger but now I can't even sit through a minute of it. I hate All the girls. They are the most shallow boy obsessed losers I've ever seen, later in life they would either be single or divorced if this was real life, hilariously they are all single in that episode when they go to the future. Sam is just annoying, Clover is a walking stereotype, and Alex is the stupid Token Minority who is always the third wheel in everything. The show is very repetitive, the villain does something before the opening, the girls have a normal life problem, Jerry calls them, gives them gadgets that will somehow coincidentally save them later, Terrible spying happens (They are the worst pies ever! They're spies yet dress in the three brightest colors in the world!!) They get tied up (because they are the worst spies ever) Jerry's plot device saves them, They beat the bad guy, They solve they normal life problem everyone laughs, repeat.

    I hate all the characters the girls are stuck up and shallow, Mandy and her friends (And later cousin Mindy) are bitches, Arnold's a loser. All the other guys on the show are feminine looking love interest that have no personality and stay for one episode.

    The villains have personally no personality and are complete idiots. They also have the worst motives (a guy getting rejected by a girl, wanting a guy to like her) They are generic and Saturday cartoon similar.

    This show is trash, final score 1/10moreless
  • It is a fun show to watch

    I gotta say, the show was very exciting as it felt like you have your three average girls who try to live a double life. It was one of the shows I liked to watch when I was younger.
  • Totally golden

    Awesome show with three beautiful girls that are just so fab to watch nonstop action package spy fun felt.
  • Loved this show!

    Oh, how I loved this show! IT was definitely one of my favorite shows of all times, besides Ed Edd n Eddy and Spogebob. I loved everything about this show, the girls(Clover being my favorite), the gadgets(they were always so cute and stylish), and the missions. And when I found out that this show came from France, I was like double-YES! I"ve been taking high school French for 3 years now, so I even decided to watch a couple of episodes in French and it was awesome because I was able to understand most of it. *Sniff sniff* I was so sad when this show ended. But, I am still yet to watch the movie! I don't think it has come out in English yet, but I can always try to watch it in French, so no worries!moreless
  • Awesome..

    the amazing spiez is also very awesome and funny think that totally spies is better!!!! :)

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