Totally Spies!

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Jan 05, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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A man is abducting the world's most intelligent people so that he can transfer their abilities into his son's brain. In a b-story, Sam gets a role in a play, which makes Clover jealous.

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  • Bombastic Baguettes! Scientists all over the world are mysteriously disappearing!

    Bonjour folks, it's moi, Roy Stantz, with another episode review. Today, I review Totally Spies episode 9, "Abductions".

    One night, two scientists mysteriously vanish! What could it all mean?...

    The next morning, at Beverly Hills High, Clover is all pumped up to audition for the role of Cosette in the school's reinaction of Les Miserables, but unfortunately blows it completely by stumbling her lines.

    In the dressing room, as Clover cries her eyes out, Sam shows Clover how easy it is to recite the lines perfectly and in the diction of the time, which mesmerizes Mr. Tetley, the play's director so much, he asks Sam to take the role of Cosette. Sam is reluctant at first, but embraces the role, which is pretty much out-of-character if you ask me.

    Later, in class, Sam and Clover are verbally at each other's throats, as Alex tries to calm them down. Mr. Tetley tells the class that they will be doing a quiz on Les Miserables. Just then, a bright boy named Percival shows up and talks about Les Miserables. It is also revealed that Percival is the son of the ambassador of Chewbaccastan, who just arrived in America one week ago.

    After class, Sam and Clover still won't talk to each other, but they and Alex are WOOHP'ed to an airplane flown by Jerry, who briefs them on their mission of the week, which is find out what happened to the missing scientists in Paris, France.

    The spies arrive in Paris, and mingle with the many scientists at a conference. Clover shows off, but not for long, as the mystery villian of the week's foot soldiers capture all the scientists in the room. Sam begins to notices a connection with all these kidnappings: they have specialties deal with subjects of the girls' upcoming quizzes. They get more information from a reluctant Jerry, and head off to save the next scientist.

    Even though they're on this mission, Sam and Clover STILL won't talk to each other, much to Alex's disappointment. The next scientist is about to be abducted, but Alex saves him and gets sucked into a tube aboard a truck driven by ninjas, prompting Sam and Clover to run into the sewers.

    A few minutes later, Jerry finds out where the kidnappers took Alex and all the other scientists: Marmalade Street, where not just Sam, but also the Chewbaccastan Ambassador and his son live.

    At the Ambassador's house, in his high-tech basement, two foot soldiers interrogate Alex by placing her upside down in a tube of liquid, trying to get the location of WOOHP headquarters (oh yeah, as if they never saw the big building with the huge W on top before) out of her. But luckily, Sam and Clover come to the rescue, only to be recaptured. They meet the Chewbaccastan Ambassador, who is behind all the kidnappings, just so he can drain all the scientists' knowledge into his son Percival's brain in order for him to score high grades in all the upcoming quizzes. However, the boy's head grows with each bit of knowledge he absorbs, which is an unpleasant side effect. As for the spies, they're gonna have the intelligence of a hamster drained into their brains.

    The girls yell for help, and Alex activates her Propeller Watch, breaking her free from her cylinder tube. As the spies are nearly cornered by the Ambassador's men, the WOOHP cavalry arrives and arrests the Chewbaccastan Ambassador. Meanwhile, the girls quickly flip the reverse switch to return all the knowledge to the scientists and convert Percival's head back to normal. As Sam and Clover start to argue, the hamster from earlier on bites a liquid tube, spraying the stuff all over Clover. But Sam quickly wrestles with the tube and shuts the machine off. After witnessing that act of bravery, Sam and Clover both apologize to each other, make up, and become best friends once again, but not before it's time for theirs and Alex's quiz on Les Miserables. Sam agrees to help Clover and Alex study on the plane ride home (we never find out what happened to Percival, so I'll assume he went into foster care).

    Later, the next afternoon, back at Beverly High, the girls get good grades thanks to their friendship and teamwork. Alex then asks what Sam and Clover are going to do with Les Miserables, and Sam answers that she's gonna demand that Mr. Tetley put Clover in the play, one way or another.

    The girls arrive in the auditorium, only to dicover that Mandy has now taken the role of Cosette. Sam and Clover are angry with this and chase her all around the stage, while a smiling Alex looks on.

    It's a great episode (despite having AWFUL animation, which was greatly improved when production got moved to Canada for the third season), and the tension between Sam and Clover is played really well, although the ending could've been better, and here's how I would've done it:

    [The girls have just aced the quiz on Les Miserables.]

    Clover: Phew! I'm glad that quiz's over! Hey Sam, I'm sorry about fighting with you.

    Sam: Me too. You know, we're lucky to have a friend like Alex, who was only trying to remind us that we're a team!

    Clover: Yeah! And that any personal differences we've got shouldn't stop us from saving the world and stuff!

    Alex: Hey, have you two decided on what you're gonna do about Les Miserables?

    Sam: Yes, I'm gonna tell Mr. Tetley that Clover is perfect for the role.

    [The girls arrive in the auditorium, as Mr. Tetley has his head bowed in sorrow.]

    Sam: Mr. Tetley? I'm sorry, but I've decided the role of Cosette is not for me. Clover should definately take the part.

    [Mr. Tetley lifts his head up, and he is suddenly awestruck by looking at Alex.]

    Clover: Hello, I'm right over here!

    Mr. Tetley: (to Alex, pushing Clover and Sam out of the way) Alex, you're perfect to play the role of Cosette, and I won't take "No" for an answer!

    Alex: (blushing) I-I am?

    Mr. Tetley: Yes Alex! Just look at you, you've got the makings of a star.

    Alex: Well, I DID read Les Miserables... (smiling) Sweet! I'm so in! (shakes Mr. Tetley's hand) When can we start rehearsals?

    Mr. Tetley: Why, first thing tomorrow!

    [Sam and Clover both get up, their jaws drop. Alex looks at them, and is frightened.]

    Clover: (calmly, wagging her finger) Just come here a minute will you, Alex. (starts walking towards Alex slowly)

    Alex: (slowly backing off) No, I don't want it now, Clover. I don't want it. (runs off onto the stage)

    Clover: (angry, follows Alex onto the stage and chases her around the set, with Sam following behind) Come here a minute. Come here, you thief! Will you just come here, you traitor! I've just about had enough of you, you backstabber. Alex - come here!

    Sam: (over Clover's voice) Hey, leave her alone!

    The End.

    There. Couldn't have written a better ending than that!

    Au revoir.moreless
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