Totally Spies!

Season 2 Episode 18

Alex Quits

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Apr 26, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Alex Quits

    This episode has the first appearence of Britney.
    The spies get WOOHPED and they meet a new spy called Britney. She is only training to be a spy. Her spy suit is Blue and she has blackish hair. Alex then stuffs up a few times in the mission. She starts beliving that Brintey is better then her. They find the bad guy and Alex attacks and she stuffs up. The bad guys name was Willard. They then get WOOHPED and thats where Alex quits. The spies get tears in there eyes especiley Britney and Jerry. A bit later Alex goes back to WOOHP and gets remployed. A bit later Britney and Alex finally become friends.

    I rate this episode: 8/10
    I rate the plot: 7/10