Totally Spies!

Season 4 Episode 10

Arnold The Great

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Apr 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Arnold The Great
As the spies are carrying out a routine mission to stop a bank robbery in progress, they spot something really odd – a person in a homemade superhero outfit is also trying to foil the plot. What’s even more bizarre is that the self-styled “superhero” turns out to be Arnold! In an effort to prevent Arnold from getting seriously hurt, the spies intervene and save him – unfortunately, the bad guy gets away. But, when Arnold sees that the girls are spies, he’s in awe and he wants to join their ranks, but, the girls tell him that it’s not possible. The spies learn the hard way that the whole robbery was a well-elaborate trap by a familiar foe. When Arnold is given powers of a super villain can the spies stop this nerd-turned-super villain before he puts them out of commission? In a b-story, Alex brings home a puppy she found lost in the neighborhood. When Sam and Clover tell her she can’t keep it, instead of trying to find the real owner, she decides to hide it from them!moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The Wizard of Oz (MGM film) references:

        1) Geraldine's "I'll get you, my Jerry, and your little dog, too!" referring to the quote by the Wicked Witch of the West:"I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!"

        2) The spies and Arnold are tied up in a treehouse that is being carried by a tornado as with Dorothy and Toto with their home.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Sam: Arnold, what are you doing here?
        Arnold: I had the same question for you. You guys are... superheroes? (Arnold pictures Clover controlling fire, Sam controlling water, and Alex controlling electricity.)
        Alex: That would be super-spies. You see, we got this promotion, and…
        Sam(interrupting) And, I don't think we ought to say too much.

      • GLADIS: Clover, you'll have the laser nailfile. And let's avoid hitting the mayor's car again...

      • Clover: (To Arnold) Sorry, Arnie. Gotta go, we're on a case.

      • Arnold: Hey! Maybe I can join you guys. Admiral Admirable and the Super Spies! Cool, huh?
        Clover: Cool? Not.
        Arnold: Well, why not? I've got the outfit!
        Alex: Forget it Arnold. There's more to being a super-spy than funny clothes!
        Sam: Look, we gotta trust you not to tell anyone that we're spies, okay. It could put our very lives in danger...
        Arnold: (Arnold puts his head down discouraged.) Fine...

      • Mandy: Get away from me! You are useless!
        Arnold: Aww... I am useless.
        Sam: Oh, hey Arnold. Don't listen to her.
        Clover: Yeah, it's no biggie. Nobody got hurt... except Mandy's pride.
        (Arnold walks away discouraged and pulls out a comic book.)
        Arnold: I wish I could be more like Admiral Admirable. He always saves the day...
        (Arnold clenches the comic book in his fist out of anger.)

      • (Making fun of Arnold)
        Caitlin: Don't worry, I'lll save you.
        Dominique: Not!

      • Arnold: (arriving at the girls' table) Hi guys.
        (Clover's aura turns to black smoke)
        Arnold(with hearts emanating from chest and heart background) Hi Clover. Whatcha doin'?
        Clover: Take a wild guess, Arnold.
        Arnold: Uh, eating lunch? He heh heh heh. (nervously with jack-in-the-boxes of Arnold's head in the background, crying)

      • Clover: Oh, 'quelle surprise'. Look who's student of the week… again!
        Sam: (fuming) Doesn't Mandy ever get tired of buying votes?
        Clover: Does the piranha ever get tired of biting toes? (pictures Mandy heads chomping across the screen and smiles)

      • Clover: Hello! Detention Alert! We're gonna be late for first period if we don't hurry!

      • Sam: This puppy obviously belongs to someone. We gotta return him.
        Clover: (Puts on an enraged face with flames) Thanks for totally killing my fantasy, Sam!

      • Sam: Whatever's going on, it reeks of...
        Clover/Sam: Alex!

      • Clover: (To Sam) Too bad Alex didn't come with. She's not as picky as you are about playing by the rules.

      • Police Officer: This time o' night, there's only one question worth askin'. Glazed or cream-filled.
        (Both poilce officers laugh.)

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