Totally Spies!

Season 4 Episode 7

Attack of The 50 Foot Mandy

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Apr 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Attack of The 50 Foot Mandy
It’s that magical time of year again – time to crown the new Miss Beverly Hills. Among this year’s hopeful contestants are Mandy and Clover. In order to get that extra winning edge, both Mandy and Clover unwittingly decide to get a special full-body makeover that promises to make their hair, smiles, eyes and even their attitudes bigger. But as they are getting their treatment, a shadowy figure sneaks into the spa and puts a microchip into Mandy’s machine. At first, Mandy is pleased with the results of her treatment which seems to have worked better than Clover’s. She doesn’t realize it at first, but as she gets larger and larger, she can’t deny what’s happening to her. As the spies start to investigate a rash of disappearances among Miss Beverly Hills contestants, they find out that Mandy, who has now grown nearly fifty feet tall, is behind the crimes! They also discover that along with becoming bigger physically, Mandy’s meanness has also become magnified. And in an effort to win the competition, she decided to take out the other contestants. Can the spies stop this monolithic Mandy whilst also determining who that shadowy figure was? In a b-story, Clover tries out an entire litany of ridiculous talents to find something she’s good at so she can win the talent part of the Miss Beverly Hills competition.moreless
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  • A fun but bit typical episode with two major stupid mistakes:)

    This is one of the episodes where the title says it all ¡V it¡¦ll be about Mandy, who will be magnified to the size of 50 feet and/or attack an innocent city. The main reason it all happened is a beauty contest ¡¥Ms Beverly Hills¡¦ which both Clover and Mandy wanted to attend. This situation caused a conflict between these two girls and this conflict became the main issue of the episode. Well, like in every typical episode of this sort, it eventually becomes the solution, because Clover used Mandy¡¦s hatred to her (by throwing some girlie jokes about her look, for example the joke about Mandy having mustache as long as Clover¡¦s pizza delivery-guy or something like that ƒº ) to smash the wall of Mandy¡¦s house and escape. This episode is different from the usual ¡¥Totally Spies¡¦ episodes, because the main attention is given for Clover¡¦s and Mandy¡¦s conflict and, eventually, Mandy¡¦s sudden growth, but not for the episodes villain as usual. No one even notices that Smalls escapes from Whoop prison hold until his open attack on Clover and very typical for this show plan revealing. So, this is the first stupid thing in this episode ¡V Smalls¡¦ escape. I see (once again) that it is VERY easy to escape from a prison in Whoop. You just need to have the right stuff which will NOT be confiscated from you as it should be in a NORMAL prison. The prison guard acted very foolishly and carelessly (who the hell came up with an idea to even hire a guy like him?!). He entered Smalls¡¦ cell when he noticed a stuffed bear lying on the bed, leaving the cell door wide open , so the criminal could easily escape (I doubt someone in Whoop would be able to stop him then¡K). He said something about not having toys in the cell and took the bear without even checking if the prisoner is still in the cell. Beside, knowing that Smalls is actually small, he could at least check the bear. But no ¡V he took it and threw it out in the garbage container where all garbage falls outside the building. Well, since Smalls was in the bear, he got out and said something like ¡¥how a small man got out of the big house¡¦. Ridiculous! Another lame thing in this episode was Mandy and Clover¡¦s fight, when Smalls magnified her to Mandy¡¦s size. In some older episodes Clover was fighting so good that she could defeat any villain any size any strength and now she can¡¦t defeat a teenage girl! It is both stupid and illogic! Shish! Even though the episode wasn¡¦t all bad and was pretty fun to watch. Besides, for the first time in this show Mandy looked actually¡K beautiful. I say, I was both shocked and amazed. Although the ending was pretty typical ¡V neither of them won the contest, the winner was a girl named Gloria (as far as I remember), I think Clover is way more beautiful than herƒº Hey, that¡¦s just my opinion.moreless
  • Clover & Mandy compete for the Miss Bev Hills teen pageant. A season 1 returning villain interfears with the wrong girl though...

    This episode was hillarious! Episodes like these are priceless and don't need silly reviews like this. Mandy & Clover have always been arguing over things like this. What makes this episode interesting is how a villain appears and makes Mandy grow in size (getting Clover jealous ofcourse). But then Mandy turns angry the bigger her size and its up tot he girls to stop her before she crushes Bev hills! The volley ball match at Bev Hills High school was great! Mandy vs. Clover. & then the big match in Bev Hills where Clover gets supersized and goes to take Mandy down. THATS HILLARIOUS!. Well Written episode.moreless

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