Totally Spies!

Season 4 Episode 17

Beauty Is Skin Deep

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Jun 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Beauty Is Skin Deep
A hot new line of cosmetics is hitting the shelves at the trendiest boutiques in New York, Paris and Beverly Hills. The makeup line is called “Moody Beauty” and is designed to give the girls wearing it a specific desired look (happy, pouty, mysterious, strange, surprised, etc.). But the makeup comes with one startling side-effect – it permanently contorts the face of the person wearing it. For example, the happy eye shadow makes you look like a clown, the pouty lipstick makes you look sad and so on. As the spies investigate, they find out that the sinister force behind the makeup is an ex-beauty queen, named Miss Vanity. After years of being in the spotlight, Miss Vanity ultimately decided that people are too vain, and so to remedy that, her makeup will make everyone look equally hideous. Can the spies stop Miss Vanity before she turns them and the entire world into a freak show? Can the spies come to terms with discovering that Jerry likes to wear “just a little make up” to add color to his otherwise pasty British skin? In a b-story, Clover thinks she’s rejected by a boy, so she starts to let her appearance slip.moreless

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      • Clover: I did everything that boys can't resist, and I got totally resisted!
        Alex: Don't worry about it. He wasn't that cute anyway.
        Clover: Oh, great. So I got talked down by a not cute guy? That's it. Argh. I'm through with working hard to look good. It's not worth it.

      • Clover: So, Rodney, how do you like Bev High so far?
        Rodney: I know you?
        Clover: I sit right behind you in third period biology class. So, um, did you catch the big game last night?
        Rodney: No. I was too busy. (snow blows in background)
        Clover: Oh! Um, I was wondering um, maybe, I don't know wanna go out with for me a movie sometime, I mean, um, a movie, with me? (giggles nervously)
        Rodney: Thanks, but I don't think so. I'm late for class. Nice talking to you, Carol.
        Clover: Oh! (crying) He didn't even know my name!

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      • Sam: ...carnivorous underground dwellers?

        Sam's comment upon seeing the appearances of the women affected by Miss Vanity's makeup is a reference to the term, "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller", better known as the acronym, C.H.U.D., which was a 1984 B-movie horror flick. The basic plot of the film involves people disappearing from the streets of New York City by being pulled into manholes by deformed humanoid creatures.