Totally Spies!

Season 2 Episode 8

Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Aug 21, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The imposter Mikey was skinny at the beginning and when he walked down the ramp, but he is fat, so he should've been fat for the whole episode, I mean, one second he's fat, then he's skinny, then he's fat again.

    • At the "World Unity Concert", the Russian emperor calls his daughter "Babushka". In Russian, Babushka means "grandmother"!

    • At Mandy's pool party, after everyone left finding out Mandy's tattoo was fake, you see David standing next to the food table with Alex. Look closely and you will see the food table changes at least 3 times in height. The third time its barely even higher than David's knee's.

    • After Sam says 'Curtain call Ladies', you see Alex go down the middle curtain and Clover on the left side... then it shows another veiw where Sam is waiting at the bottom and Alex ends up on the Left side and Clover in the middle curtain.

  • Quotes

    • Alex: (after getting the ginger-haired woman's face) I can't believe T-Bone would do this to me. Look at my face, my skin looks like beef jerky!

    • Alex: Ew, I hate needles!
      Clover: Hate needles? Hello. How do you think tattoos are applied?
      Alex: I thought they ironed on.

    • Jerry: (After WOOHPing the girls from a sauna) Sorry to interrupt your conversation just as things were heating up.
      Clover: Hello, not funny much?

    • Mandy: Only the coolest people are going to be there. You and Sam are coming, right Clover?
      Clover: We are?
      Mandy: You two qualify. I think its cool that you two can walk around with last year's hairstyles and still act secure.

    • Sam: You guys have nothing to fear with us around.
      (Stampeding fans break through the doors and run over them.)
      Alex: That felt like a herd of buffalo.
      Clover: Yeah, a herd of buffalo wearing pumps.

    • Mandy: (when her tattoo washes off in the pool revealing it to be a fake, and everyone leaves the party) Wait! Don't go! I'm just as surprised as you guys! The directions on the box say it was permanent ink!!

    • Yoga Instructor: Hello, I'm Shirley. Welcome to my world of pain.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

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