Totally Spies!

Season 3 Episode 26

Evil Promotion Much? III

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Jul 31, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The spies escape their demise just in the nick of time, to discover that their savior is Jerry in the flesh! Once Jerry explains the situation from the previous episode, the spies all travel to WOOHP's Arctic Base in which they will hope to retain the element of surprise on Dean and Terence. But the spies still don't know much about Terence's mysterious plot or about the mysterious Spy Droid project. When they drop in and begin fighting, the fight draws to a quick close when the spies are caught against the wall. While on the wall, the girls learn a major secret - Terence is Jerry's twin brother!!! It turns out the microchip that Jerry carried was crucial to the "Spy Droid Project" and now Terence has it. He plans to create an army of robotic Jerry's in order to take over WOOHP and the world. When Terence leaves with Jerry, Dean is left behind to guard the girls. Dean then tells the girls he was a Double-Double agent (basically, he double-crossed Terence). So, now the girls must hurry to stop Terence before he rules the world and destroys WOOHP! They enter WOOHP and fight the robotic Jerry's in order to find Terence and the REAL Jerry. But, Terence has initiated a self-destruct program capable of destroying WOOHP! Fortunately, Dean and the girls arrive just in time when Jerry enters encryption codes swiftly in order to cancel the self-destruct program. He succeeds with seconds to spare and Terence is arrested outside of the WOOHP building. Later that same day, the girls are all finally promoted to the rank of Super Spies. But, what they don't know is whilst the ceremony is occurring, Terence makes his escape from WOOHP prison. The episode is then left with a cliffhanger with Terence wanting revenge. Is this the series finale?!