Totally Spies!

Season 3 Episode 6

Forward To The Past

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Nov 21, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Why is Alex driving the car after the spies get into their disguises when we learn in the first two seasons that she can't drive?

    • Why does Clover say that cellphones weren't around in the 1970's when the first cell phone was invented in 1973?

    • Goof: When Alex said "Somehow he looks really familiar", her sunglasses were missing. But then when Sam yelled out "Jerry!", her sunglasses were back.

    • ok this is really confusing me since WOOHP never existed how do the girls remember their spies cause if they couldn't find WOOHP in the LAPD database then that means it was never created so that means that the girls would have never been recruited also the xpowders would stop working as well since it would have never been invented and sam said that the gadget Pat jerry used looked like their wind tunnel gadget then their gadgets would have changed

    • How is it that it took Jerry 20 years to realize the mini-nuke mood ring disappeared?

    • If Jerry looks 30 in 1975, how come in ca.2000 he looks 75 years old?

    • When they look up WOOHP on the X-Powder, it's spelt WHOOP not WOOHP.

    • I suppose you could make a case that Sam, Alex & Clover's time traveling back in "Stuck In The Middle Ages With You" somehow immunized them from time paradoxes so they aren't affected when history changes but why would the LAPD's database list WOOHP as missing when as far as the cops know it never existed in the first place? For that matter if the whole thing never happened and 70s Jerry never time traveled or even met BG why does he remember the canceled timeline?

  • Quotes

    • Sam: WOOHP is gone! The building is gutted.
      Clover: Do you think Jer could have moved WOOHP without telling us?
      Alex: That would mean we were fired?
      Clover: So instead of firing us in person, he just stops calling? Uh! He is such a boy.

    • Clover: Eww! We're going to be killed by an ugly carpet?
      Sam: Would you feel better if we were killed with one of Jerry's own gadgets!?

    • Jerry: Hey, who are these foxy ladies and how'd they know my name, eh?
      Boogie Gus: Dig it, they're evil spies from the future!

    • Clover: Styles may come and go, but I look fabulous in just about anything.

    • Sam: So, how did the dates go?
      Clover: Great! Boys number 3, 9 and 14 all get second dates. I'm gonna to date all of them for an entire minute to get to know them better.
      Alex: So you can get have a new boyfriend by lunch.
      Sam: And break up with him by dinner time.
      Clover: And make up with him before the mall closes. Isn't this the best?
      (Sam and Alex look at each other)

  • Notes

    • GLADIS does not appear in this episode

    • The first episode of the season not to have "Much?" at the end of the title.

    • The X-Powder can also change the look of automobiles.

    • The one other gadget used was the hair clip tracking device (placed on the car antenna).

    • In the ending animation, Clover is interviewed.

    • First Aired October 17th on Teletoon.

    • Jerry's not just the boss of WOOHP, he's its founder and original gadget designer. He came up with the idea in 1974 and had designed his first gadgets by 1975. Also like Sam, Alex and Clover it seems Mandy looks like a clone of her mother, Phoebe

    • There were no gadgets assigned in this episode but the ones that turned up were: Jerry's mini-nuke mood ring, the deep shag rug, time travel machine and roller skates. The girls also had the bungee belts on but I don't think they used them at all.

    • Mandy got her name from when Clover, Sam, and Alex travelled back in time, mistook Mandy's mother Phoebe for Mandy, and Phoebe liked the name enough to name her daughter Mandy.

  • Allusions

    • Girls in their 70's outfits have much resemblance to the original 1970 Charlie's Angels, especially with those lightly waved hair, or white stripes on their trousers, etc.

    • The title is a spoof on the movie "Back to the Future"

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