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Totally Spies!

Season 4 Episode 11

Mani-Maniac Much?

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Apr 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mani-Maniac Much?
When teenaged girls start to disappear from the greater Beverly Hills area, Jerry sends Sam, Clover and Alex in to investigate. What they uncover is that a malicious manicurist, by implanting tiny, mind-controlling jewels in all of his fabulous nail creations is creating an evil army of manicured teens to take out the most popular mani-pedi boutique in the area. Can the spies save their fellow BH girls – and the world – before it’s too late… or will they too become crazed mani-maniacs?! In a b-story, Clover and Mandy compete for a dream job as a hand model.moreless

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  • Girls in the Bev. Hills area start disapearing, and the girls are sent to investigate. They find that they are being controlled by a crazed manicurist who wants to destroy Mega mani mania. Can the girls stop them or will they become Mega Mani minions?moreless

    This is a good episode, and my 3rd or 4th favorite episode. This is one of the many episodes where either sam or clover gets controlled. I think it would be better if Alex got controlled for once. I liked the action and they had a good idea with the mind- controlling nails. The abilities the mega mani minions, in Sam's terms, had with the nails was also very creative.It was an irionic episode because the girls were talking about manis in the episode start. They also got jealos of Mandi because she got a mega mani mania mani, and they couldn't for 6 more months.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: In this episode, Sam takes the gum and comments that it's hot and she starts to sweat. But in the season 3 episode, Power Yoga Much, it is said that Sam is used to hot and spicy things, therefore the gum doesn't work on her

    • Goof: While Clover attempts to catch the gum in her mouth, it misses her and when it hits the floor, the camera shows that Clover's left hand is bare. In the next shot, her right hand is bare.

    • When Jerry first tells the girls about the abductions, a transparent screen is brought in. Jerry says "This is Clara Hughes, Jessica Walker, and three other unidentified teenage girls", but the screen pops up six profiles. The next time we fully see the screen, there are only five people on it with headshots and information.

    • Who was the person who used the nails to control the girls and clover?
      -His name is Manny Wong.

    • What is the name of the guy who kidnapped the girls and turned them into slaves?
      -His name is Manny Wong.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Clover: That's it. I've got to get into the Mega Mani Mania modeling contest. Mega Mani Mania mani or not!
      Alex: Whoa, that's one monstrous Mega Mani Mania mouthful!

    • Alex: After all this, I'll never take manicures for granted ever again!

    • (Clover trips and falls.)
      Clover: Ohh… (removes glove and shrieks) Ah!
      (Sam and Alex quickly appear next to her.)
      Clover: Great. I broke a nail!
      Sam and Alex: Hmm.
      Clover: (while Alex pats her back) Now I need that Mega Mani Mania mani more than ever!
      Sam: Uh, we're in the middle of a major kidnapping crisis here. Think you might wanna re-prioritize, Clover.
      Clover(scoffs) Looking good is a priority. You know I always work better fully polished.

    • Alex: This is the most beautiful fake nail I have ever seen!

  • NOTES (4)