Totally Spies!

Season 2 Episode 10

Mommies Dearest

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Aug 25, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Cool moms

    I understand this is the first appearances made by the spies' moms. I saw the Totally Busted episodes first though, as the episodes are aired in random order here in my country (through Disney Channel Asia). In those episodes, the moms look exactly like their daughters, only older. Here in Mommie Dearest, Alex and Sam's moms sport hair colors that are different from their respective daughters. Though of course, the color change could be explained by a hair dye job.

    Our beloved spies celebrate Mothers' Day with their moms. Clover gets a mud bath with her mom Stella; Alex and Carmen get a massage; while Sam and Gaby go biking. The girls soon notice their moms acting strangely and dangerously.
  • nice plot

    I think this is quite a good episode as it is related to mothers day. And this is a very important day dedicated to all mums. This is an interesting episode as i didnt expect Tim Scam to be behind the Spa Brochure. But of course the plot is good as he made used of the spies mums to take revenge on their very own daughters :( And it was cool that we got ot see Jerry\'s mum. i liked the quote,\" Sit up when u eat\" and she hits him on the head with him replying,\" Yes mother\" lol...