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  • Totally Spies! is the best show ever! My fave character is SAM!

    Totally Spies! is the best show ever! My fave character is SAM! She is very smart and of course very pretty! Totally Spies is so addicting! When I watch an episode of it, I wanna watch another episode! It is very likeable. When I first watched it, I can't keep my eyes off of the TV. I was craving for more. I really dont know why some people hate it. I mean, it is so cool. Who wouldn't resist watching it? It is just the most awesome thing man ever created! It is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I hope you guys watch it!
  • Awesome anime-like show

    I was shocked,surprised and flabbergasted by the negativity I heard on the Internet; I've watched this show, and frankly I find it AWESOME! to me it's like the live action series Charlie Angels (another favorite show); only the girls are teenage espionage spies, and they could actually see their boss Jerry. It is very hard to choose which of the three of the spies is my favorite; so I would have to said, it would be Alex (she is so cute and adorable! she is gullible and the type of next door girl person). I also love the anime-like animation (I love anime); So overall this show is AWESOME!
  • Three girls, Sam, Alex, and Clover become Spies working for a secret agency calle WOOHP (which stands for World Organization Of Human Protection) They deal with bad guys on a daily bases and face the evil 'Mandy' at school.

    I found this show to be very interesting. I love the plot and whole idea of three girls who are spies and that they have the genes of a spy in their DNA. I also noticed on how most series they have the main characters wearing the same outfit all the time. But Totally Spies is different. I love Sam's outfits and the same with Alex and Clover. The people who come up with them are just brilliant. I've been watching this show for a while now and really hope it continues. It is one of the few that are about spies and going on missions. Very intriguing...
  • It's one of my favorite Cartoon Network cartoons.

    It's one of my favorite shows Cartoon Network had. (I wish they still had cartoons like this on Cartoon Network.) Despite the 3 main characters being spoiled girl that live in Beverly Hills, it was a really good show. (That fact didn't bother me all the time. It was usually only when Clover started acting superficial.) The characters were so unique and had such cool personalities. (Well, most of them. Not Mandy. :P) I was upset when Jerry and Alex got new voice actors. There was a significant change and it was very evident. The other changes season 3 came with made me like Totally Spies a little less, but it was still a good show. I hope Totally Spies airs in the US again soon.
  • This show is great! Totally Spies! Totally!

    Totally Spies is a girl power show, three different types of girls out to save the world. Alex, the tomboy, Sam, the smart girl, and Clover, the girly girl. This show shows that different types of girls can get along and become the best of friends. Proving that girls can do anything they set their mind to. I don't know why people don't like this show, in my opinion, it great. It gets better every season. I've been with this show since the begining on ABC Family. It's cool, funny, a little wacky, and can relate to all girls. If you hate it, don't watch it, but if you want something that represents girls, and everyday lives with a little twist, I say you should watch it.
  • Humor + girl power

    I'm much older than this show's target demographic, but I like it for its strong humor and display of girl power. It's a fun way of spending 30 minutes with my nephews & nieces (who belong to the show's target audience, as they range from three to twelve years of age).
    The girls rely on team work and high-tech gadgets to solve most of their missions. It's good to see girls as intelligent as Sam, as athletic as Alex, and as capable as Clover; yet making time to do "girly" and teenage stuff.
    The voice acting is very good, generally. Jennifer Hale and Andrea Baker are perfectly cast as Sam and Clover respectively. Jennifer's Mandy laugh sounds a bit unnatural to me, but I do applaud Jennifer for portraying two completely different people.
    Katie Griffin's Alex can sound whiny at times. But Katie Griffin, and her predecessor Katie Leigh, do show that Alex has the least strong personality among the three girls. I understand that some fans prefer the old voices for Alex and Jerry. I think the new voice actors do a good job, as had the old ones. It's unfortunate that economics apparently forced changes in the voice-over cast.
    The animation improved much starting from the third season; although there are occasional continuity errors. I'm deducting points for some repetitive themes, like Sam getting mind-controlled, and Clover's appearance getting transformed.

  • This show does a great job at satarizing a sterotypical preppy girl, and with it's so many double entenders, it adds a great wit into the story line that may sometimes be not perceived by many.

    I'm one of those people who have a great dislike to those who overuse phrases such as "like" and "totally", specially those kind of women who specialize principally on outer looks rather than the growth of the mind. This show is somewhat like that. What makes this show more likable in my taste is that they satarize these kind of people with such ease and sharpness that makes it actually funny. This is certainly not a mindless, talentless, and unoriginal shows like Bratz or Zoey 101, and would certainly put a smirk or laugh to anybody who catches its wit.

    The only reason people may dislike this show it's because they've never actually seen it...or never caught up with the wit of the lines. There are so many double entenders and ironic twists of fait that makes this show formidabble. In addition, the voice acting is actually incredible. Nobody would ever suspect that this show is actually dubbed.

    Another great characteristic of this show is its artwork. It can be put into the words "fantastic" and "clean". It's certainly pleasing to the eye with not many flaws whatsoever. The downpoint may be it's anime-ish artwork style, as for its a downsite for anybody who dislikes the artwork or who get too carried away on describing whats anime or not (seriously people, who cares if it's not anime, it's still a great artwork), but this also reflects some comedy styles that may be hard to put into standard American artwork.

    Finally, it's certainly ignorant to call this show "kim possible's rip-off". This show was about a year before Kim Possible debuted, and the only thing that these two shows actually share is that the main characters are spies (in this show, they keep this fact hidden while in Kim Possible, a fair ammount of people know about her). This is a great and funny show, and it should be more appreciated by more. I tell you, even those who dislike this kind of girls (well, they are just annoying), will enjoy this show.
  • The show gets nicer and nicer.

    Especialcally with the 3 teens Sam , Clover and Alex and of course, founder of WOOHP,Jerry Lewis,makes the show more exciting.

    Watch as they fight evil villans such as Tim Scam and Jerry's evil twin brother,Terrance Lewis.

    In Totally Spies the code to enter WOOHP is 136.

    The favoured helicopter of the villains of Totally Spies seems to be the Mi-24 Russian attack helicopter, as it is featured in most episodes involving a bad guy using a copter transport.

    In the episode "Super Agent Much?" people somewhat like Martin, Marvin, and Diana from the animated cartoon "Martin Mystery" appear as cameos.

    Disney Channel Asia : Monday to Friday : 3.00pm 7.00pm and 10.00pm

    Saturday and Sunday: 9.00am, 9.30am, 3.00pm, 3.30pm

    Hope you will watch it PS.: Hope you like it!
  • rocks!

    three Beverley Hills teens who unwittingly become international secret agents. The girls must manage to combine their schoolgirl priorities (getting homework done on time or finding the right dress for Friday's dance) with their spy duties - battling with outlandish super-villains and saving the world!

    Sam is very logical and has a knack finding solutions to problems. Sam does well in school and gets things done when it comes to fighting crime! Clover is a total drama-queen! She's obsessed what everyone else is wearing and Average. When it comes to fighting crime, the big guys are no match for Clover! Alex is the youngest member of the group. She looks up to Sam and Clover and will do anything to keep the team together. Although she's a bit clumsy (and dumb), Alex is no coward. She looks danger right in the eye. But, sometimes she acts too quickly before thinking things through. Jerry is the Official WOOHP Director. He presses a button, and the girls are off to their missions. He's got an interesting social life! Mandy is The Spies' Arch-Evil-Nemesis! She's constantly trying to get the spies in trouble and mainly, Make them have a bad appearance!
  • this show is great

    i did not really know i would like this show but i do but it barley shows on tv anymore they showed one of the undercover ones on cartoon network a few days ago but saying it is a movie not a episode so....if you want to check out episodes now while it is still in the no more reruns or reruns thing
    go to well thats my review but i need to type more words for this review to get done cuz of the 100 words rule here on so i am getting it done ok im done
  • This is not my favourite type of shows, but I like it:)

    Totaly Spies is an American-Anime style show created in Kanada. The idea of the show is very untypical and interesting but some episodes are pretty childish. When I first saw this show, I thought it would be stupid, typical and boring, especialy since I didn't realy like anime style back then, but when I started watching it more regulary, I started liking it. What I like in the show are the spies themselves. I like their interesting personalities, which remind me a bit of Charlies Angels:) I also like jokes and adventurous plot:) What I don't like is the lack of logic in almost every episode and sometimes childish behaviour of Clover. Oh, and I also don't like Mandy:) but she's nececery to make the show funny:) Although the show has some small disadvantages, I realy enjoy watching it.
  • Totally Spies is Totally Cool!

    I toally love this show! It's the coolest spy show on TV. All of the characters are so pretty. It's very funny how they always get sucked into WOOP on such unexpected ocasions. I love how they are always trying to get back at Mandy. I love how in almost every episode, Clover has a new crush. All the girls are so cool. I can never get enough of this show! I really hope they make a new season. I watched this show every single time it went on. I am really hoping they bring back this show. I Love This Show!
  • Love @ first watch

    I absoloutely j'adore this show!!! This show, Totally Spies is about three hot teenage spies who go undercover at about a million different missions and some greay and kooky situations. From the first few seconds of the show, you know that its gonna be great!! This is because of its absoloutley great and catchy theme tune. Each episode is really exciting and well-thought out. There are these spies;
    Clover - a bit of a ditzy blonde, who is image-obssesed and absoloutely LOVES shopping
    Sam - brainy but fun as well
    Alex - a bit of a mix of sam and clover with a bit of tomboyness
    Very Good show.
  • This is a show about three teenagers, Sam, Clover and Alex. They are high schoolers at day but secret agents at night. They fight super weirdos and destroy their doings. But at least they have time to get their school work and important stuff done.

    I like this show. I must say,I made another character. Her name is Falon McCoy or Alex's cousin. She just moved in to Beverly Hills the following month after their house burned. Alex and Falon don't get along at all. She is also a spy in her city of ATLANTA all by herself! Alex and Falon always fight during missions like when they flew to New York City to defeat Dr. Flame with all his machine guns. The two were fighting about gadgets. Ever since, Jerry met Falon, Jerry said that Falon is also part of WHOOP in Atlanta. Alex was so mad. She knew she is up to something but Falon isn't. Then more is worse, they go to the same school, live in the same house, on the same sports team. But Clover and Falon have the best qualities of a friend. They go shopping together, have the same taste, hates Mandy, loves fashion and loves the boys of course. And Sam and Falon are alike. They talk at speeches, have the same high I.Q, very very smart and other stuff. All Alex needs to do is just get along. Name: Falon Maria McCoy Age: 16 B-Day: February 2nd Color of Uniform: Blue Likes: Milk Dislikes: Alex (cousin) Quotes: I try to getta long which cha Alex, but you just nag nag and last but not least nag! Be seen, Be loud, be heard or you'll get hurt.
  • Totally Spies is a French animated television series produced by the French company Marathon Production. Production began in 2001 for four seasons with a fifth currently under production. Totally Spies is said in the works and set to premiere in 2008.

    Totally Spies stars three teenaged superspies from Beverly Hills: Sam, Clover, and Alex. They secretly fight international crime with special gadgets supplied by their boss, Jerry, who is the founder and leader of the secret World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP) agency. They must balance their missions with their day-to-day lives, worrying about tests, boys, and their school rival, Mandy - something of a prima donna.

    Totally Spies is sometimes described as "American" (despite being produced in Europe) due to its use of well-known visual gags and cues, as well as its Southern California setting. It also has a strong shōjo influence. Thematically, it is reminiscent of the 1970s TV show Charlie's Angels, with Jerry serving as a kind of amalgamation of "Bosley" and "Charlie." Unlike Charlie, however, Jerry is not afraid to reveal himself to his agents. The spies are usually forcibly transported to his office, which is a phenomenon known amongst the spies as "WOOHPing". In Jerry's office, the spies are briefed on their missions and occasionally are informed on relatively minor personal issues. The show displays a retro aesthetic look that pays homage to 60s design/fashion, such as "flower power", and as well as the 1980s anime/manga Dirty Pair. For example, the suits and jetpacks used by the Dirty Pair in episode 8 of the original television series resemble the spies catsuits and jetpacks. They also change clothes whereas most animated characters do not. This is often critical to their missions for disguise purposes.

    The series also features Japanese animation style. The characters are drawn with big, dramatic eyes and the same basic body template. Anime gags are used such as the sweat drop, crossed vein, and extreme facial expressions. While Totally Spies appear to resemble anime, it is not accepted as anime.
    Its a great show, anime-influenced^^
  • Svampert

    I think that Totally Spies has much action and it is funny.
    I think that the animatoin is good and the caracters are great.It is very cool that high school students are secret agents woking for Jerry who is the chef of WHOOP.
    But I think that it is a bit strange that thy are finished with the missions in one day or a couple of hours.
    But I think that the gadgets that Jerry makes are super cool.I think that they should have some more episodes with Jerry as the hero.
    I think that this show is great so I am giving it 8,4 points because it is funny and amuzing.
  • The Adventure of Three Best Friends Fighting Evil Around the World...

    A Really Decent and Unexpected Cartoon. Very Creative Graphics and Ideas, way Better than lots of Other Cartoons.
    I Enjoy the Fact that Almost in Each Episode the Spies wear Different Clothes/Outfits, that makes me Like the show Even More. Another thing I like is that Many of the Villians Decide to get Revenge, and not just Leave like Nothing Ever Happened. One last thing that Makes this Show not like Others is that they Go/Travel to Missions all Around the World, one Time it's a Tropical Island, the Other it's a Popular City like New York! My main Message is that Everyone Should try Watching this Awesome Show!
  • This show is about three teen girls: Clover, Sam and Alex, their boss Jerry and the WOOHP organization. The girls must combining their normal life situations and their spies missions without revealing it to anyone.

    I first saw this show by accident after sweeping throught channels. But then I'm totally addicted to it. It has great action / adventure, comedy parts and great voice actors. The storyline is also good. I like every characters in it. They always find the right way to solve the problem whenever they're captured by the bad guys on a mission. Sam is very interlligent. Clover is very trendy and fashionable. Alex is a vegetarian and she has some good martial art skills. Although how they become spies is unknown. Overall, this is a great show. I give it 10 out of 10!
  • I love this show!

    I saw a lots of shows, basically male oriented like: Transformers, Knight Rider, Megas XLR, A-team, G.I. Joe, Robocop and others that I can´t remember very well (or simply, I don´t want to remember), but none like Totally Spies!. The first episode I watched of this show was "Super agent much" and I liked it. The serie is very funny: take three cute girls from Beverly Hills, give then the last tecnology of spionage and add the old touch of the action and fights. The girls are also cute (I personally Love Clover) and very good draw (better than some of the new cartoons appeared CN or jetix) with a very good music band. As I say, is one of my favourites!
  • Take three girls and stick with a few gagets and what do you get? totally spies.

    Three girls and a world full of adventure. What could be more fun, why not make them spies. Fun packed and very funny Totally Spies is fun for all girls both old and young, though more pointed at the younger generation it has much in it for all ages. My little brother watches it every sunday morning, and he enjoys it. But then again he is a little strang but that proberly comes from liveing with two girls. Painful. It's all about saving the world with a handful of gagets and a whole lots of detemination and individuality. wow fun!
  • Cool show! WOOHP rocks!

    Totally Spies! is an animated TV series produced by Marathon Productions. The story's about Sam, Clover & Alex, three teenage superspy girls. They live a normal teenage life in Beverly Hills but they're doing cool things being spies of WOOHP, World Organization of Human Protection, headed by Jerry. They have cool gadgets & outfits. They save the world, fight crime, and prove that everything's possible.
    Sam is the smart one, Alex is the sporty one, while Clover is the fashion girl. In their school, they have a rival named Mandy. She's such a brat!
    One of the villains is Terence, Jerry's evil twin brother. He formed the LAMOS, League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow the Spies. It's a group of villains including Tim Scam, Helga, Myrna, & Boogie Gus.
  • The Eraser

    This is my review on the episode of Totally Spies called "The Eraser":

    The spies are at school and Sam saves Mandy's hair and then Mandy think of Sam as her best friend. Mandy then always wants to hang out with Sam. Sam wants to hang out with Clover and Alex but Mandy keeps taking Sam away.

    They get WOOHP and Jerry tells them there mission. There to find out who sent out blobs to erase scientists minds so they have stupid.

    They go to a beach where the scientist got erased. Alex there finds some blob goo. Sam sends a sample to Jerry. He replys a bit late with a video of the blobs. He then shows the video of the blobs, first there cute and pink and they turn a dark color and jump on your head and erase your mind.

    They fly to a big rock with a suit case and they leave it on the sand and hide behind the rock. Then two guys come flying and get the suit case. The spies jump on there motor bike and chase them. The two flying guys then drop the suit case in a taxi and then taxi driver drives away. The spies follow him into the city full of cars and and taxi's, Clover says they'll never find him. Sam then drives her motorbike into a ute. She jumps on some cars and has a good look she then sees the guy and then the guy see's her. He shoots a blob at her and she falls into a fountain. Clover and Alex quickly ride to her on there motor bikes. Her mind was erased. Then Mandy comes driving past in a car. She says what are you doing in the fountain. Clover says we are playing who are you. Sam then says who are you? Clover said Sam is really good at. Mandy says I wanna play. Alex says she can play the next level on jetski's.

    The spies then fly there motorbikes to some place on the ocean. Mandy comes on the jetski and then the head bad guy walks out and catchs them. They get tied up and some blobs in front of them. One of the spies quickly get out a laser and brake the rope. Then they see the bad guy flying away. Alex quickly gets out a heart rop catch connected to her belt and it sticks to the ship. Clover grabs onto Alex's legs and then Sam grabs onto Clovers legs. Mandy says whats happening and there was some left over rope which was on the ground and it got tied around Mandys legs. Mandy then goes up with spies.

    The spies climb into the fly jet. There were some henchmen and the spies defeat them. Then Mandy climbs in. They then walk into the room where the main bad guy is flying the jet. They kick him and then Sam says I know your busy defeating the bad guy and but whos fly the plane?

    Then then jump out of the plane with the bad guy and there parashoots come out. Alex jumped out with Mandy. They land on the ground. Clover asks for the thingy that gives people there minds back. He gives it to her and then Clover gives Sam her memory back. Mandy then find out there spies and then Clover saw a blob shoot so shoots a blob at Mandy so she doesn't remember there spies.

    There back at school getting there school photos done. Mandy was sitting behind. The second the camera man presses the button the spies stand up so you can't see Mandy in the photo.

    The end.

    I rate this episode 8/10.
  • sassy!

    This show is very trendy! All the outfits they wear are totally cool! I want their outfits! Clover is really cool! She's my favourite character cause i think she's the prettiest among the three spies. Her moves are really stylish too! just like her outfits.
    Sam is sooooo smart! She's Brains and bronze! I mean,she always knows what to do in any situation. I love her!
    Alex is not really my favourite, cause she's a little too rough. Alex is weird too. It's like sometimes, she's the tomboy type and sometimes she's that sweety,sweety type of girl.But, overall, the three girls are nothing without each other.
  • I totally love this show!

    Totally Spies is a wonderful show! Three female teen spies saving the world is actually very entertaining to watch! Out of Sam, Clover, and Alex, I would have to say that Sam is my favorite. She is pretty and smart and she acts as the leader of the three. Clover is hilarious and Alex is also a joy to watch. Jerry, their boss, is a good leader, but he doesn't appeal to me as much. I love how the gadgets are all based on things an average teen girl would carry around. They have hair accessories, make-up kits, purses, shoes, backpacks, and tons of other cool gadgets. I probably would want one if it were geared toward teen boys. The plotlines are at times, ridiculous. They have to do with someone failing as, let's say a hairstylist, so they want everyone in the world to have ugly hair, or something along those lines. They can be fun to watch though. Totally Spies is a great show for anyone of any age to watch, even if you're a guy! 10 out of 10!
  • Good

    Yes at first I didn't think I would like this show because it seemed like a total girl show but I watched it and liked it sure their is girl stuff in it but besides that it is a good show it has good parts in the show it is a very good show with action/adventure parts and good characters Sam,Clover,Alex,Jerry and even the witch Mandy are good charecters the voice actors are great to the creators and storyline creators are very good at knowing what to make for the characters act like great voice overs great storylines great animation this show gets a 10
  • The show centers on Alex, Sam, Clover, Jerry, Gladis, and the entire WOOHP organization. The episodes are mainly about the adventures the girls have and experiencing high school life as a side-story. These girls are ready and rearing to go save the world.

    The show is aimed toward a younger audience, and Cartoon Network is the perfect place for this show, right? Anyway, the show is worth watching and will be enjoyed for many a time. The show focuses on Sam, Clover, and Alex. How they came to be Totally spies is still yet not determined. The show centers around all the adventures these three Beverly High girls have with Jerry, Gladis, and the entire WOOHP organization. Their adventures numerous and their friendship can be a bit shaky every once in a while, but if you need something to watch, this is the show.
  • What is this about people saying this show was copied from other shows? I've never heard of another show involving three FEMALE not Male teenage spies who work for an organization called "WOOHP"! I happen to think it's totally original.

    An awesome action-filled world of wonderment, with a feminine twist. It's up to three teenage girls with the strength and skills to beat anyone, to save the world!
    "A Super-Spy Extravaganza!"

    So, tv_lover what do you have against the show? The three girls are NOT stupid! Sam happens to be really smart. Clover is the only one that's ditzy, but give her a break. She's a blonde. The show is entertaining and most of the time, they rely on THEMSELVES to complete a mission, not just their gadgets.
    And about this thing you have against American cartoons..
    You just have serious issues about the U.S.
    If you don't like America, than go move and stop complaining about it. Every other country has flaws too.
    American cartoons are some of the smartest, most well written cartoons.

    ~"These girls make the X's look bad!"~ *laughs hysterically*
    This is one of my favorites on CN. Very awesome idea: three teenage female spies! This was one of my very first favorite shows! The minute I saw five minutes of it, I was hooked! The missions are always different, as are the moves and weapons used to complete them. I recommend this show to any girl who's into action and adventure (like me!) .
    I adore the person who came up with this brilliant idea for a show!

    And with all my experience with this show, I award it with a 9.5! (not just being generous this time! *shocked expressions*) :)
  • Very interesting

    I enjoy watching this show. Its one of those whows that when its on if you have time you just can't help but sit down and watching it.

    I love how the girls talk and act. It reminds me of clueless.

    Even though all of the girls are into fashion and beauty they still have time to kick butt and save the world.

    Each episode has a new missionand sometimes it involves people they meet.

    I love how almost every episode Clover is going after a different guy andis usually fighting for him with mandy.

    Each episode is differnt and it makes the show a lot of fun to watch.
  • Three girls living their ordinary lives in Beverly Hills and having double agent status. Very James Bondish with a kick of girl power.

    Totally Spies really reminded me of two shows I used to watch when I was younger. The shows are Sailor Moon and Charlie’s Angels. It pretty much both shows combined and shown in modern times. I think the three are really funny. Clover is so much like Serena on Sailor Moon and Jill Monroe on Charlie’s Angel. They were all blondes and pretty girls who were a tad on the ditzy side but the guys liked them. Alex, the smart one, reminds me of Amy from Sailor Moon and Sabrina on Charlie’s Angels. They were studios types and though of technical strategies to get out messes. Lastly, Sam is so like Mina and Lita on Sailor Moon and Kelly on Charlie’s Angels. They were very much the strongest piece of the group yet not exactly the leader. It’s got 4 seasons and that’s pretty good for show like Totally Spies.
  • More stupid rich girls!

    This show is just about spoiled rich girly girls, who don't know what the heck they are doing! All they really want to do is shop and make out with boys! No one who really does like anime would be caught dead watching this crap. If you would stop watching this show, you will thank me. So come, do something better in your free time!
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