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  • This has got to be the funniest cartoon I have ever seen. It's spice and spunk makes the show very energetic! A great one to see!

    'Totally Spies' is a personal favourite of mine. It's a hilarious comedy about some teen spies, saving the world from sinister plots and homicidally insane maniacs. The show has a stamp on it that says 'girly'. Sure, it does have lots of references to girls' lives, and despite the spice and 'girl power' factor of the show, I still think it is funny. The messes they get themselves in are just plain hilarious sometimes, and sometimes the show takes a more serious face, but you can't really help but stifle a laugh or two at some of the ridiculousness of the situations presented.

    Overall, I love this cartoon - I can safely say it is the best cartoon there is. 'Totally Spies' wins my award for comedy in the cartoon category.

    Great show! Must watch!
  • This show is terrible for girls!

    This show trains young girls to be snobby,preppy,and anoying. Hate cats and love dogs, Geesh! lets worry about our hair! Makes me think of atomic betty! are better then this!

    Note for all you young girls out there:
    Do not watch this show!
    If you wanna watch girly shows, watch good ones like, Sailor moon, Wedding peach, winx, the old Power puff girls, ok, my job here is done. *leaves*
  • Those poor, poor children of the new millenium.

    I feel sorry for the girls of today. When I was little I had She-Ra and the girls from G.I. Joe, but today's girls are stuck with vain, materialistic, air-heads like the Bratz and saddly, Totally Spies is no better. While the teen\child secret agent genre isn't a bad idea (other than being done to death), show's biggest problem is that it comes off as a dumbed-down version of Charlie's Angels. First of all, the villian are just plain pathetic. You want to flood the world with coffee because some Starbucks-like place rejected your job application? Ohhhh, I'm so scared. A hero is only as good as their villians and if the villians suck, what does make the hero? Not like Clover, Alex, and Sam are all that great. There's very little separating the girls personality-wise other than Clover is more shallow and boy-crazy and Sam is the "smart one." Maybe if the writing was better, the girls wouldn't come off as so annouying and sterotypical. And why does every gadget have to be make-up\fashion based and\or have hearts on it? It's a shame that Masters of the Universe only lasted two seasons when this can go on.
  • 3 teenagers working as WOOHPs top secret spies...

    Well, I must say that this show is one of my favourites! I like the plot; three teen girls 9one wacky, one smart and one...well, narcissist)become a WOOHPs top secret spies! And that's when the show begins! My fave character is Sam, she is so smart and clever and cool! I ca't wait for new episodes!!!
  • its a good time waster

    every morning I watch it and its not that bad of a show! it really is relateable to the school aspect though the spy aspect is something that im not 100% into... it makes a good story but it is too imature for my taste...I still like to watch it every day(cause its the only watchable show that's on in the morning when i wake up) and it is something that almost always has an intresting story line. also the titles of the episodes all seem to have the words "like" or "much" in them and that really annoysme. it is the way that teens talk (I do) but for titles it just isn't appealing... overall i would still always watch this show cause it is midly intresting
  • like,OMG!!!

    this is like the greatest show to like ever be shown...NOT!!!

    ugh. I can't friggin stand this show!!! it is like watching every stupid preppy girl to ever be on tv all mashed together into one big prepfest. even the girl who is supposed to be sporty acts like a prep!!!I'm giving this show a 1 because the comp won't let me give it a lower score. if i could go back in time and prevent myself form watching it I would and not regret it. it amazes me how shows like this are still going strong while good shows like Xiaolin Showdown are done. the sooner this show ends, the better.
  • I would'nt say this is for babies but it is not too bright.

    Totally Spies is about these girls who save the darn world it's superheroes filled with girly content. Whoever came up with this show is a romance show freak these are the kinda shows which get on your nerves and whenever i sometimes turn on the TV this kinda crap is on.I hate this show and Winx Club it makes action shows very girly you are either a ''cool teenage girl'' as they call it or just a weird gay boy(if you are a boy and love this show) if you do love this show don't even report my review cause this is my opinion and thanks to my reviews getting deleted it's like i'm not allowed to write anything bad about a show i hate but this needs to be cancelled and never been shown on TV again unless if it is TEENick cause these shows have almost taken over TV stick to the real cartoons and not this crap.
  • A like the idea of women kicking villains ass, but...

    For starters, some stuff in this show isn`t real, like teleportation, funny, powerful,small gadgets doing such damage.
    Also 3 teenagers can throw so strong punches, its quite funny, but later it is starting to get anoying :/

    But the good part of Totally spies is that, the animation is very good and the human drawings ar attractive :D
  • The show is about three high school girls (Clover, Alex, Sam) who are secretly spies for an organization called WHOOP.

    The show may not be Charlie's Angels but take it for what it is, a fun show for a twelve year old girl. It's a show about boy crazy girls who are students at Beverly Hills High and secretly spies for an organization called WHOOP. They work under a man named Jerry and a machine called GLADYS. The pros: I personally love the story lines and I love the idea of being a student by day and a spy by night (or by afternoon as they are often called to duty while walking through their high school halls). The cons: I find the fact that the girls result triumphantly by getting out of their predicament using a hairbrush and lipstick.
  • it is not a rip-off of kims possible, that is physically impossible, this came out in '01, KP came out in '02 so might as well as say kim posssible ripped off this show if you're gonna say _ ripped off _ be sure to check it came AFTER. it's basic

    whoever calls this a kimpossible rip off is stupid cause that is 100% IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    This show is full of stupidity and it's totally unrealistic and it's so unfunny.

    And their lingo is not "cool" it's pretty much whether or not you can tolerate yourself listening to high-pitched pre-teeens talking and whining about their stupid problems which aren't even such big problems. the 3 main girls are so ditzy and so stupid i don't know how they are spies which is the most unrealistic part of all. but that's what the whole show is based on so it falls flat on its face if you're gonna talk abt plot or being somewhat intelligent.

    the animation is ugly, really simple, please don't compare to this to anime. how offending.

    If you can't stand stupid pre-teens aka tweens who are boy-crazy, steroetypical and extremely stupid and high=pithced (voices) avoid, cause I can't stand the stupidity.

    It's another horriblly idiotic show for kids in america by america. honestly you wonder why americans are the dumbest out of all countries (word-wide math competition, guess which country is dead last, us! of course there are plenty of examples)
  • I hate this show. Ugh!

    This a very bad show. The plots are bad. The show is unbelievable. The plots are bad. The ideas are terrible and its an americian show that looks japeneise. I mean we have enough of those shows all ready. The show is a rip off and they are just wasting hundreds of dollars on something a lot of people are not going watch. It should've been cancelled long ago. I don't get it. THis show is incredibly stupid and is just plian weird and unbelievable. Just trust me the show is not entertaining not funny and is a waste of time. How did it get accepted into Cartoon Network?
  • best spies animated show ever

    the show is totally amazing and it's really interesting. the three main characters sam, alex, and clover are so much like real humans. everybody could relate to the girls. i would love to be a spy or i just want to save the world from danger. it sure would be lots of fun. everybody would meet new people and make new friends. having a secret base or commannd center is kind of cool. going under cover and posing as another person. it will be lots and lots of fun. you could make a frienemies and maybe you'll make her life miserable instead of her making yours worst. I hope who ever reads this review thinks this show is great.
  • I love this show! this show is way up there along with Cardcaptors!

    This show is my favourite because i like shows with cool gadgets and the way girls scream and complain about their hair and makeup. this show is hilarious and i will watch it for the rest of my life! my favourite episode is Stark Raving Mad, and my favourite part was when they were at the mall, and then Mandy said "Heey!" lol that was hilarious, especially when Clover said "Now If Only They Would Work On Their Guest List" and then David said "Heey!" and then clover said "Or Not" lol i watched it a milion times, loved it soo much i even uploaded it on the computer to watch!!
  • Awesome show, my fave

    Totally Spies is my favorite show. I love it for many reasons. I love Totally Spies because it is funny, especially my favorite character Clover. She makes things funny with her obsession of beating Mandy and is boy-crazed. Totally Spies has tons of awesome action and cool gadgets. They have very awesome gadgets and their super-spy moves make for best action scenes. Also, the show has very funny and interesting villains. Terrence wears weird clothes, and his reason to destroy Jerry is lame. So - Totally Spies is full of interesting and weird villains, awesome action, high-tech gadgets, and funny characters

    I recommend Totally Spies all the way!! It is an awesome show
  • They've overplayed this type of cartoon

    I don't like this show. The basic plot to it is that there are three girls working at WHOOP agency trying to save the world. When have we seen THAT before? Kim Possible? Atomic Betty? and the fact that they are agents does not make it any more original. Sam, Alex and Clover play as three girlish stereotypes, especially Clover who is totally obsessed with boys too much. Not all girls are like that!

    Their voices kind of get to me too,"that is SO..." and "whatever!" just makes me cringe thinking how some teenagers think those stupid sayings are actually "cool" but they are just phrases which come out from teenage wannabes.

    Mandy is annoying as well. Jerry is okay. I don't mind him but I still don't recommend this show.
  • Totally spies is just "So" Wonderful.

    I have been watching this show for 4 years now, and I still like it. It's about three normal teenage girls Alex, Sam and Clover who work for WHOOP (Jerry) to save the world, but no one knows about their secret life. For some reason, it's a bit like Charlie's angels, lol.

    Most of the episodes were interesting, but others would sometimes drag a bit. The Seasons are as good as the last one, and maybe even better.

    Some people think this is a rip off from Kim Possible, but's not, in fact, if anything, Kim Possible is a rip off of the show because Totally Spies aired about 4 months before it did, howver, I still like the other show, anyway.

    Overall Rating: 7.6
  • 3 teenage girls are souper spys!

    I loved this show! I love sam the best! Only because she was the smartest! The only thing that I couldn't agree with was the fact that everyone was shop aholics! I mean they were like wild beasts with it! But I loved all the cool gagets they were givin! I didn't see how they could et sucked into all thoes trash cans and lockers to go to woop though. It didn't make any scense, but hey it is a good cartoon! I also like how the idea for it is frendship! everything is always nice and even, just how i like it!
  • It used to be good, then it all went downhill.

    The old episodes were classics, so original and even a b it funny, but ever since \"Dream Teens\" it all got more and more boring by the new episodes. Most of them were rip offs of the other episodes and even some shows, and, they don\'t even SHOW the old episodes anymore.

    A bunch of the episodes are turning into the same thing, something bad happens, and one of the spies gets kidnapped in every episode, or more likely, something always happens to Alex. They really need to be more original to win me back, otherwise, the show is stupid.
  • Mediocre at best.

    While no one can say that Totally Spies! is unoriginal in the fact that it copied Kim Possible, I, personally find Kim Possible a lot better then this waste.

    The main characters play on every teenage stereotype out there, save of course, the fact that their WHOOP! agents. The stereotypes, however, don’t aggravate me as much as they should, because they’re to be expected on such a show like this. What bothers me more then anything is the voice acting. The voices of the three main characters (especially Clover) are high-pitched and annoy me to no avail. What’s even worse is that this seems to be intentional.
    The worst voice of them all, however, is that of Mandy, whose voice in itself makes me feel like throwing something at my TV.

    The only thing tolerable about the show for me is Sam because I don’t mind her character. Sure, she’s just as annoying as the other two at times, but her voice is less high-pitched and she actually seems to posses intelligence (in my opinion anyway.)

    My verdict: Don’t waste your time on this one unless you enjoy watching boy-crazed high-school stereotypes go on unrealistic missions to save the world.
  • Why is Cartoon Network allowing rip offs like this on their channel????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is just a ripoff of Kim Possible with three obnoxious and big-mouthed teens who are spies and go out on missions that hardly help anyone else but them, and all they care about is their looks and cheat on boys. This show is pathetic and is a cheap spinoff of real anime! I can't believe CN is allowing this stuff to air on their channel because this is just downright sorry, I wish they would let Toonami air on the weekdays again.
  • It's a trend setter but a negative one

    It really put way to much pressure on girls to go into things like dating, crash diets and things like that the whole thing seems way to superficial. The fact that thier rich, go shopping all the time and live in beverly hills dosn't help at all. Thier are a few laughs here and thier but they where chuckes at most. The whole thing was also way to unbelivable. I mean 3 teenagers becoming spies, i mean honestly, it's the kind of spies that a 5 year old pretends to be that don't really exist. I think they should really only play it like once a day insead of the 3 or 4 that they do now.
  • I love the spies.........THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched this she ever since i was a little girl in grade school (obviously im not that old) This show is pack with action that we all love and some humor here and there.

    I love the spies.........THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I watched this she ever since i was a little girl in grade school (obviously im not that old) This show is pack with action that we all love and some humor here and there. This show deserves a 9.5 I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW 100 words are alot.

    blah blah blah

    Copy and paste lol

    I love the spies.........THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I watched this she ever since i was a little girl in grade school (obviously im not that old) This show is pack with action that we all love and some humor here and there. This show deserves a 9.5 I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's wierd, you like it for a bit, then you don't, then you like it again, and you don't. It's a rollercoaster for this show, see why by reading full review.

    Totally Spies is made by the same people who brought you Martin Mystery and stuff, and te animation is based off of Japanese Anime. There is a good style and cleaness of animation and style, but then there is just something, that does not seem right in the show, an I can't really explain it. Maybe it's the shallowness of the three main girl characters how all they do is base their lives off material possesions, or the old style sound effects they use over and over. It's a great show with many wacky plots and strange villians, but soemthing just does not click and it will have you liking it, then not. So pick up the remote and find out for yourself. :)
  • Not too original but not too shabby either.

    At first I didn't want to watch this show but soon I did and I found it pretty good. Although there are other shows like this and this show can be quite repetitive it still has its own flair, and I like it for that (this is the truth). It sometimes has a feel of the '70's mixed into it but the show really does keep it quite modern and won't throw you off. Out of all the Spies, I like Sam the best because she's the most productive (and Jennifer Hale's a pretty good VA). Clover can be pretty funny and Alex is all right. The fact that they're high schoolers also makes the show at least pretty decent.
    Each adventure is different with an especially different method behind the crime even though the villains are usually busted in somewhat of the same pattern in each episode (you'll see what I mean when the Spies are caught, escape, and prevail for example). It may need some more work this season but give this show a chance.
  • Show- super spies- \\\"TOTALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD\\\"

    These girls kick ..... well u know wat. though the bad guys could be a little more nastier still .... awesome show. And totally spies actually totally exciting more like. I jus like how they manage to get out of those dangerous situations not to mention tolerate with M A N D Y . And the gadgets are soo cute, kicking and did i mention narly. Hope they get sweeter gadgets next time. Can\\\'t wait to c the other shows in store for us totally spies fans. It will be like adding the finishing touches of a superb yet scandalise sundae.
  • This show is exciting...

    (my cousin wrote this)

    This show is exciting because it lets kids like me think being a spy is not dangerous but fun, exciting, and you can be silly and crazy while you do it. My favorite character is Alex because she's a little crazy in the head. The only bad thing is they changed Alex voice at the 3rd season. I like Sam because she smart like me. I like Clover because she loves to shop and so do I, but she's to concerned about what she looks like and she always has to beat Mandy. All together this show is fabulous!
  • Because in my words , an absoulate mess.

    Totally Spies is the story of 3 girls saving the world as they work for a boss that leads a spy company and yet the episodes all have the action and adventure but this review is pushed down by all the teenage stuff that are c*** in my opinion which television should stop this ASAP which gives big thanks to Clueless and all the other stuff that worthless becasue of that reason that I already explained.

    Anyways , I overall really don\'t like this show but it sometimes can keep me cool but it dosen\'t go higher then this people so you might as well get over it and just get out of this...
  • They are such cool spies and I like their creative gadgets that come with the package. I also like their interesting fashion choices. And their moves are so rad.

    They are such cool spies and I like their creative gadgets that come with the package. I also like their interesting fashion choices. And their moves are so rad. They are such cool spies and I like their creative gadgets that come with the package. I also like their interesting fashion choices. And their moves are so rad. They are such cool spies and I like their creative gadgets that come with the package. I also like their interesting fashion choices. And their moves are so rad. They are such cool spies and I like their creative gadgets that come with the package. I also like their interesting fashion choices. And their moves are so rad.
  • 3 high school girls save the world and fight villans for WHOOP. Sam, Clover, and Alex are their names.

    Totally Spies is a O.K. show, but it's kinda wierd. 3 high school girls fight crime and the villans doing whatever to the world. I've only seen it like... 20 times, but it is clear that they are to good. They get out of everything no problem. They need to have funny and embarrassing things happen to them, like their running and Alex's shirt gets snagged on a hook or something and pulls her back. Or their by a fish tank, and Clover finds a clue, so bends down to pick it up, and a fish bites her in the butt. Or Sam's talking to that David guy, and Clover is jealous so she undoes Sam's belt and her pants fall down. Then it would be better. They're TOOO perfect!
  • I really like this show, Althoght sometimes there kinda snobby like. But it\'s pretty funny.

    About 3 girls who go undercover for woop are spies, That solve problems. Meanwhile sometimes they have prblems with this girl named Mandy. Who i think is is is is is is a wantbe. Now she\'s really snobby. 100 is so hard to type to. I like that show. Balh blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blah Balh Balh blah nlah blah blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blBalh blah nlah blah ah Balh blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blah Balh blah nlah blah
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