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    I like this show so much, and it is soooooooo funny!! They talk in annoying squeaky voices and they have these visual expressions, such as the one giant drop of sweat, the giant hearts in their eyes, that circle thingy that appears when they are mad, and all those other things that appear in anime cartoons. I saw those same things on Hamtaro. And some other things that are very funny is when someone cries, the tears go everywhere, and when they get mad, one time one of them caught fire, and they had to use water to put it out!!!! (Grrrrrr!!!! Splash.... ) That is soooooooo funny!!!! And one time when they all wanted to go out with this guy from Brazil, and when one of them heard about the study date, her eyes got really big......and their enemy (not a villian, she's another student) her head gor REALLY big when she said "WHAT?!" in a high pitched voice...I like this showand I do think that it is a lot like The Power Puff Girls...they even have an adult that reminds me of Professor Utonium....
  • Awesome show

    This show like Totally rocks! After watching 13 season 4 episodes, i feel that Totally SPies is getting better and better though season 3 was a great disapointment to all TS fans. T_T But still , i think this is a great show :D

    I especially love the character Sam XD not because shes smart but also she is the most beautiful character

    If i were to rate Totally Spies, most probabaly i'll give it a 9.7 as season 3 disappointed me in some ways. But 9.7 is still a good rating right...?? hm....or maybe i'll give Totally Spies a definite 9.8
  • Totally amazing!

    I did not like this show when it first aired,I tough it was boggus.But soon,with the new seasons,I start to love this amazing show.Many people may desagree,but that is my option,and that what cares.My fave charater is Sam,and my least favorite charater is Alex.Most of episodes are amazing,funny,and full of action.The gadgets are also cool,and this is a great Miguzi show.If you want to contact me go to my profile.
  • Don't we already have enough shows like this?

    Okay so, you have your trendy teen superficial girls . . . only there's a twist - they are spies. So they must save the day, woo, while always looking perfect and the first thing on their minds is their boyfriends. Yes . . . I would love for my children (hypothetical children) to watch this show and start to imitate the girls, they are just such good role models. No, saving the world should never come first, you just keep worrying about how good your hair is or whatever Jason-whats-his-face said to you . . . .

    Yup, sucky, typical show featuring teenage girls at their worst, stay away
  • ...i find it allright it's just that.. i think it's rather cliche.. hmmm... but it's definitely something i'd watch if i were bored

    Sam, Clover and Alex are spies for a secret agency called WOOHP. Jerry, their boss, gives them missions. They must keep their identities secret and they have to balance their studies with their other 'lives??' as spies.. i think that the drawings are really vivid, colorful, and well drawn. but i think the story is too typical.. don't get me wrong.. it is interesting but.. i think the show needs something more to keep me glued to the tv.. oh well.. but i do give a thumbs up for this show.. but.. aaaaahhhhhh.. i dunno.

    (clap clap clap)... but honestly.. no one knows i watch this.. O.o
  • Lovely...

    I love this cartoon!! It one of my favorites, only they always broadcast episodes I already saw (in Holland) but I cant wait till we get new episodes because it funny and just brilliant :)
    I like that Alex always makes mistakes. I just think it a great serie and nice to watch.
  • Yes, it has flaws, or does it? This Review sides with both sides, people who like the show and people who hate it. 1303 words, yeah, it may rock. Read or die.

    Yes, this show, can be considered the worst possible show in the history of history, or is it? Totally Spies is about 3 teens, Sam Alex and Clover the protagonists, who work for WOOHP...I guess...And save the world from stuff. Now the show has a Batman-ish formula. If you ever care to study the show for yourself, you will notice this formula every time.

    Show starts - Duh

    The Problem/plot is risen - The villain usually appears, or a situation is shown, and is directly related to the problem at hand. It gives a hint of what is to come.

    Unrelated Real Time Situation - The Girls/Spies are shown in an almost stereotypic "real life" situation. Usually it has to do with shopping, boys. vice versa. I personally do not know why the creators added this, but it's there...

    Going into the mission place - An inanimate object will then "bring" the girls into WOOHP. For example: I'm next to a locker, the locker opens, sucking me in. I'm then thrown into a tube or something.

    The Mission briefing - The people are then in woohp, where Jerry, will brief the mission and junk...

    Gadgets - During the briefing, Jerry will show the spies gadgets, which are always resembling make up / Beauty products. The girls are then launched to the location where the problem is.

    Investigation - Using gadgets and stuff, the spies will investigate, and then... either...

    Problem to the spies - In some occasions, the spies will mutate, change, or be brainwashed. By Mutate, I do not mean as in Sci-Fi movies. I mean to change in a major way, transform. This happens in some episodes, for example, in one of the only episodes I've watched, Passion Patties, Clover will become addicted to eating the cookies, and become fat. In most cases, Clover is the one who mutates or transforms, Sam is brainwashed, and Alex varies. In fact, they all vary.

    Or It just skips on to the...

    Capture/Kidnapped - The Villains will then capture one or all of the spies, and here is the typical villain scenario. The Villain will tell the entire plot to their...thing. Yes, and this will always happen, always always always.

    Escape - Now here is the part I hate. The spies will always escape. Now how? In a Deus ex machina, or "God from the Machine." Now Deus ex machina is when a device, unexpected event, or improbable event occurs to aide the protagonist. The War of the Worlds, Bat Man, Hamlet, and Mars Attacks are examples of shows and books that have Deus ex machina. Now because of that, the spies will somehow use their gadgets, or some event that will happen, and will help them. If deprived of Deus ex machina, the spies will possibly fail, and all will be lost.

    Capturing the villain - With another Deus ex machina, the spies will then capture the villain, and happy times will happy. Also, if any problem happened to the spies or any other people, it will be "magically" be cure with either "science" or - you guessed it - Deus ex machina.

    Ending of the Irrelevant Real Life Event - It just speaks for itself.

    Credits Roll - Speaks for...yeah.

    You may start screaming or complaining - Wtf is this S**T

    Yeah, but before the fans of the show start saying I'm one of the bashers, I will finish my review. You may reconsider.

    Now, a big problem people say is that it very stereotypic. Well in a sense, it is. The phrases "Whatever," "Totally," or etc. are constantly repeated in a pop feminism sense. But actually, it's not exactly. I have once watched the French version before. Yes, the show is made by Marathon in France. The voices are different, and even better than the American. The Phrases and Dialogue tone of the spies is not there, and most of the Stereotypic stuff are actually added by us. And even some of the dialogue is replaced by phrases, real phrases, like "Deja Vu." Things like btw and omg are added personally added in the American version too. And so in this case, the French version is a lot better; and although the plot is the same, still same old Deus ex machina.

    Another thing - and this is what I hate about the bashing: Many of you thing it's ripping of anime. Who The Freak Cares!?!? It's A Cartoon For God's Sake! I bet the people who say that are nothing more than japanophiles who would rather Cosplay Inuyasha and go to conventions (not bashing conventions), and calling Inuyasha "bishie". Yeah, it looks a little like Japanese animation, people have a right to draw people how they want! As long as it's not offending anyone religiously or culture like, it's fine. Oh and another thing:

    Anime = the Japanese word for animation. When you say it looks like anime, you're saying it looks like animation, so basically you are saying it's a cartoon, not bashing anything at all. Even the word Anime is French.

    Totally Spies can be considered a rip off of Kim Possible, well I don't know if Kim possible is aired in France, but can't things be Similar? I mean there is no animal like Rufus. Although I will comment in a almost negative way: This show is a LOT like Charlie's Angels. There was once a commercial on Cartoon Network that used the logo for Charlie's Angels and replaced it with Sam Alex and Clover.

    "So yeah," you may think, "I'm going to go get a group of people who hate this show and ban it off the network!" Wrong. You can try, but it probably won't work. If you thought this show aired only in America and France, nope. I'm going to list all of the networks that air this show:

    Canal Sur , Spain / BB TV7 , Thailand /Alter Channel , Greece / ABS CBN , Philippines / Abc Family , USA /, Cyprus Broadcasting , Cyprus / Channel 4 , United Kingdom / Channel 1 , Romania /CFI , Divers , Cartoon Network Japan , Japon / Kanal D , Turkey / Globo TV , Brazil / Fox Latin America , Latin America / Fox Kids Europe , Belgium, Netherlands, Israel / Disney Asia , China, India , Taiwan /Prava i Provodi, , Bosnia / PT Indonesia , Indonesia, Sri Lanka / Nickelodeon , Australia / MTV 3 , Finland / Koko Enterprise , South Korea / RTL TVI , Luxembourg / RTB , Brunei / Romanian TV , Romania / Rete Italia , Italia / Pro 7 , Germany & Austria , Solimac , Malaysia / SABC , South Africa / RUV , Iceland / RTP , Portugal / RTE , Ireland /TV Catalunya, TV Madrid, TV Valenciana, TV de Galicia, TV Vasca, Canarias TV , Spain / TSR , Switzerland / Televisa , Mexico / Teletoon , Canada / TBL , Hong Kong / TV Panama , Panama / TV12 , Singapore / TV3 , New Zealand / TV2 Norway , Norway / TV2 Denmark , Denmark / VT 4 , Belgium Venevision , Venezuela / TV Tokyo , Japan /

    Now that's a lot, huh? Well, it looks like that we may just have to stick with the show. Impossible to you, and as unlikely as it may seem, Totally Spies is popular and cool to some people, and is popular enough to air almost around the world, even in Japan, where you may think it's a lot like Japanese style animation. It's been around since 2001, yeah, we will be stuck with it. I don't really like Totally Spies, but I don't HATE it. It's just not my style. Not my Interest, see? Now you can comment on this review, bash or like this show / review all you want, I'm sticking to what I though first.

    And for an unrelated fact, did you know you can't open your eyes while you sneeze?
  • I don\'t even know why I watched this in the first place. But now that I have...

    Totally Spies - What\'s to say? I know it is aiming for those tomboy/snobbish girls who are looking for a break from those evil fantasy-girl shows like Winx and Mew Mew Power, but how I have come to watch this is pretty beyond me. It\'s really fun for the most part, but the characters are too feminine and the only male characters are the villians and that butler who serves for the trio. Charlie\'s Angels Wannabes, perhaps? The jokes are kind of lowbrow, too. Lots of cliches and repeated gags.

    This show is targeted at girls and girls only. Males beware, this show is not for you.
  • It's OK, but the characters are kinda of snobbish and girly.

    This was the first American Anime I've seen. When I saw it, I kinda of liked it. But later on it got a bit annoying.
    That blonde haired spy name Clover really ticks me off with that constent bragging. It's not only irritating and reptitative, but just darn right stupid.
    The show itself is OK. It has some stupid villians sometimes, and some events are usually linked to daily High School Teen Crisis things.
    Some of it is just plain funny. And some just too preppy. They should dim down a bit on that.
    Over all, it's an OK show. Not breathtaking though.
  • This show is cool!

    I don't get why people hate this show! This show is not that unoriginial! I wish I was a spy too! The people in this show are cool! I kind of love the anime look! I think the characters all usually get to go on cool missions and the plots are usually good even though some are boring like "A Thing for Musicians". My favorite character would have to be Alex. I wish she wasn't replaced with Katie Griffin. I liked Katie Leigh better! This show makes Kim Possible look weak!
  • Not too bad! Was my after-school show for quite awhile until Cartoon Network changed its time!

    There's a certain charm to Totally Spies that I can't resist. The plot line only varies as far as villans and their plots (other than that, there's not much variaton), and yet I haven't tired of it for the years I've watched it. Overall, pretty good. Maybe it's the likeable charecters. Sam is my favorite and Clover is such a ditz it's funny. Alex is the only one I'm not too crazy about. Oh well. My grade: B+
    UPDATE: New episodes? Hm... I don't know how long they'll be able to keep it going.
  • Show Betterness!

    I think this show is getting better and better each season!I like Sam, Alex, Clover, Jerry, Brittany, Arnold, and David. I hate Tim Scam. The show is Totally aswome and should have a movie come out in theaters! My favorite episode is when Jerry Turns Evil in season 1 or 2.
  • I used to love this show...

    But after a couple of episodes I noticed that it was the same plot line just with different people and in different placed. A couple of episodes later, I was already bored. Might be a better show if there was a different plot for each episode. I wonder if anyone else noticed this?
  • it sucks

    ok, i'm gonna make this simple; TOTALLY SPIES SUCKS!!! it is the worst thing ever to appear on television, i'm only writing it this long because my damn summary has to be at least 50 words long.... but anyways don't watch it! it'll just rip your brain out and make you run away...very far, far away....
  • I hesitate to articulate in fear that I might deviate from an accurate course of action

    I hesitate to articulate in fear that I might deviate from an accurate course of action.
    I hesitate to articulate in fear that I might deviate from an accurate course of action
    I hesitate to articulate in fear that I might deviate from an accurate course of action
    I hesitate to articulate in fear that I might deviate from an accurate course of action
  • A little bit of a Charlie's Angels rip, yes, but I still enjoy the show nonetheless.

    I've heard bad things about Totally Spies, and at first I didn't want to watch it, and because I was pressured by the public, I wanted to hate it, I really did. But instead, I wound up falling in love with it...not as much as I love other shows, but you get my drift. I like it. Okay?

    Anyway, the show focuses on three teenage girls--kind of like a "Charlie's Angels" scenario (which I'm sure this idea originated from). They attend an upper-class high school and live together in Beverly Hills--nearly everything a girl could dream for. There's Sam, the brainy beauty, who always believes in logic before leaping; Clover, the resident fashion prep who falls in love with every boy she meets (I admit, I find her kind of annoying sometimes) and last but not least, Alex--probably my favorite character in the show. She represents the inner child in all of us--sweet and kind, still loves stuffed animals, candy, and tacky children's clothes. Because they are so different, the girls often fight among one-another, but things are resolved sooner or later, and in a nice way, too.

    Of course, this show wouldn't exist without an exciting catch--Sam, Alex and Clover may look like normal teenage girls, but the truth is that they are actually undercover CIA agents who work for an organization called WOOHP (World Organization Of Human Protection). Whenever duty calls, they are "WOOHPed" away in a strange manner--falling through a trapdoor, getting sucked into a garbage can, and so forth, which really annoys them. Their aid, leader, and father-figure is an elderly man named Jerry, an intellectual who could easily pass for a clone of "M" from the James Bond movies. He remains calm and collected no matter what the case--and possesses some excellent kung-fu moves. On every mission it's his job to make sure that they are equipped with the right gadgets and that they know what their mission is, and what they are to do. The rest the girls need to figure out by themselves--sometimes things don't turn out so well, but sometimes things turn out great. The Spies have been put in danger many times, but have managed to escape through teamwork and recognition--although they do stumble sometimes, unlike that Kim Possible brat...ahem, sorry. Going off-topic there.

    Some of the missions are very exciting, some aren't, and some are just plain weird, leaving me saying in the back of my head "Why the hell would this guy want to do something like THAT?!", but in the end, it's pretty good overall.

    A pretty good treat for those who enjoy both Charlie's Angels and James Bond--the perfect combination, with all the action, adventure, and techno-spy gadgets you could ask for.
  • Yet another copy. When will it end?????

    Its the same thing over and over again. three girls who go around saving the world. Its been done before! Look around you, people. Catscratch=Eds Coconut Fred, My Gym Partners a Monkey=Spongebob Juniper Lee= American Dragon. They need to stop. totally spies is just like the powerpuff girls, and kim possible and some of the missions are stupid. A neglected kid is that desperate to try and do that? It's shows like this that is giving Cartoon Network a bad name
  • why did i watch it.... well its the best show in the world thats why besides american dragon and kim possible. i love anything with crime fighting its the best very entertaining and to every one who never watched watch it if you liked adjl or kp you'll lo

    why did i watch it.... well its the best show in the world thats why besides american dragon and kim possible. i love anything with crime fighting its the best very entertaining and to every one who never watched watch it if you liked adjl or kp you'll love it. also its a great mix with the brains, fashion and uhhhh youngness ok so alex is small ohh yeh shes the friendliest so what i love the theme: here we go again till we stop and then we shop so 123 now baby here we go go go here we go on a mission undercover and we in control here we go here we go well im close and ive only been watching it for 3 weeks
  • This show is pretty good. Give it a try.

    I enjoy this show, however the girls are too styeriotypical. Clover, popular and fashion diva. Sam, the smart one, and Alex, the clutsy good ball. Jerry is a good character and Mandy is just annoying. The plots are pretty good and I like how every few episodes they change outfits. It bothers me when character wear the same clothes all the time. Last year my frinds and I were in Washington DC and we turned on the tv to this show. It surprised me how they all knew what it was and admitted they watched it even though we are about 5 years to old for it. We watched a totally spies marathon and did out nails. It was great. A good show for frieds and mothers and daughters to watch togather
  • Stupid show

    Ok. I have had it with the dumb shows for a lifetime. Every week or so a stupid show is released on t.v. and im always stuck watching it. This show bothers me in several ways. First of all its too girly. Second of all its soooooooo annoying. Third of all the whole plot is stupid. 3 Spies save the world. BORING!!!
    And all they care about is shopping and how they look. I mean, theres no plot, and no point to the show. 3 girls help save the world blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. POINTLESS!
  • As a human being I find this show completely and utterly appauling

    Even for a cartoon this show has a huge lack of perspective and is unrealistic. I think this show is just a cheap rip off of Kim Possible. This show is about three anorexic teens that are spies. This show is so bad I don’t see how any body likes it, it isn’t funny, interesting or suspenseful. The plots are boring and unoriginal. I just don’t understand how three walking skeletons can pack such a punch, they also reinforce a bad “ohh I broke a nail stereotype” The one good thing about the show is that the animation is alright.
  • This programme, totally spies is totally awsum dudes, these are the next powerpuff girls based cartoon.

    this programme is so cool. It has some really good special effects, cool music, action, great cast of characters and good plots to go with. It's also quite funny as well, especially when they scream and act to girly some of the time. this is a cartoon with manga crossed over with american comic strip art and it work extremly well in this show. my favourite character is cover because of her grumpy and sometimes care free attitude. she's also the funniest character because of her obsesion of wanting to lash out at mandy whenever mandy cheeses her off some of the time. well all I came say is that it's a great cartoon to watch if you like action and sometimes girly talk(but its funny), if not then your a hobofobe. 1 question, did anyone notice that alex looks like betty rubble from the flintstones? just thought you ought to know.
  • Another stupid cartoon network show. Im tired of the same crap everyday.

    Ok. I have had it with the dumb shows for a lifetime. Every week or so a stupid show is released on t.v. and im always stuck watching it. This show bothers me in several ways. First of all its too girly. Second of all its soooooooo annoying. Third of all the whole plot is stupid. 3 Spies save the world. BORING!!!
  • Sam, Clover. and Alex are spies! Jerry, the head of Whoop gives these 3 girls missions to stop evil people from taking over the world, or seeking revenge. While trying to keep up with school, they are bullied by Mandy, but they manage to keep a social lif

    I give Sam a 9 out of 10 for hottness. The missions are different everytime, but also gives us some humor along the way. I give Clover a 7 out of 10. But I have to give Alex a 5 out of 10. But you'll like this butt kicking show!
  • I think Totally Spies is a funny, entertaining show!

    Totally Spies is about three avrage teens Sam,Clover, and ALex. They all hold one secret. They are international spies! Stressing to catch the bad guy, study for next weeks algebra test and find the perfect dress for the Dance next month!!! Talk about multi-tasking! As if living in Beverly Hills isn't enough!
  • The wrost show ever

    This show sucks 3 girls are fighting super
    lame villans. All 3 girls are rich spoiled
    brats. there is hardly any action. All that
    want to do is go shoping. I feel sorry for
    anyone that has seen this show, and if you
    have not don't watch it and you'll thank
    me trust me.
  • This show may be nice at times and not nice at times.

    Totally Spies is quite another overrated show, but it is not as bad as "The SUite Life of Zack and Cody"

    The only problems with this show is the fact the villians lack the character that shows like Kim Possible have. Even Mandy, if she is supposedly irritating, is way too freaky and I dislike the new voices for Alex and Jerry.

    The show is only decent in the fact in the way some stories are at least realistic and "A Spy is Born" or "Evil Promotion Much?" are both excellent episodes as they don't really focus much on gthe school.

    I do hope the fourth season of the show improves as I believe this show can do much better.
  • Not just for girls!

    It is a good spy show. People think it is just for girls but the is simply not the case. I like the show because i am a fan of spy comedies. So this is a good show. It is about three high school girls who are WOOHP spies. If you watch it and enjoy it let me know.
  • this show is awsome

    this show is awsome because it's not one of those girly girl shows and this sort of has the same story of saving the world but the spies do it way different than winx club and that's what i like about this show the may be girly but no that much like winx club ~_~
  • somewhat okay, but it's been done before

    we've all seen this sort of show before, 3 girls who are secret agents trying to balance their spy lives with their social lives, blah blah blah. Totally Spies is just the new "today" version of that genre, but it doesn't really provide anything new.

    The storylines are downright lame most of the time, a supermodel trying to cook the world just because they fired her for wrinkles, a delegate trying to make his son smart so kids won't pick on him, it's rather stupid. The spies themselves are typical teenage girl steerotypes, which grates on the nerves after awhile. Maybe it's just that I'm a male, but I don't really enjoy this show, I feel it's more directed towards female audiences who can actually relate to the characters. The situations they go through in every episode are very unoriginal I might add, you've seen them in one place or another.

    It could also be noted that Totally Spies was one of America's first "Pseudoanime" created by the owners of Fox/ABC-Family, then later transferred to Cartoon Network, where it was apparently more popular. Point is, it's a real failure in terms of trying to imitate anime, which is made clear simply by watching it.

    I'm not biased towards gender, but I really feel this show is for girls.
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