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Saturday 6:00 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Nov 03, 2001 Between Seasons





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  • Yet another copy. When will it end?????

    Its the same thing over and over again. three girls who go around saving the world. Its been done before! Look around you, people. Catscratch=Eds Coconut Fred, My Gym Partners a Monkey=Spongebob Juniper Lee= American Dragon. They need to stop. totally spies is just like the powerpuff girls, and kim possible and some of the missions are stupid. A neglected kid is that desperate to try and do that? It's shows like this that is giving Cartoon Network a bad name
  • Stupid show

    Ok. I have had it with the dumb shows for a lifetime. Every week or so a stupid show is released on t.v. and im always stuck watching it. This show bothers me in several ways. First of all its too girly. Second of all its soooooooo annoying. Third of all the whole plot is stupid. 3 Spies save the world. BORING!!!
    And all they care about is shopping and how they look. I mean, theres no plot, and no point to the show. 3 girls help save the world blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. POINTLESS!
  • Halfway decent.

    This show features 3 Beverly Hills teenagers named Sam, Alex, and Clover on their adventures for WHOOP, a secret agency, while trying to save the world and score boys. While its action is lacking, it make up for it in the animation department. The animation is smooth, and the voice actors do well. This show is too anime-like, and needs some fine-tuning in order to become one of Televison's greats.
  • Terrible terrible terrible!

    wow, 3 teenagers fixs the problems of the world! wow, mist teenagers can\\\'t even talk about world problems, they always find some lameo chessey way to win, and get the guy. LAME! How pathicyt can you get! don\\\'t watch it! teenagers svaing the wrold, yeah, real orgianle! they just do some lameo kratie(p) and win, all the time, everytime, tis terrible!
  • So, this is hell.

    This is the worst cartoon ever made. This is exactly why Americans shouldn't try to copy Japanese anime. We have a bunch of girls talking in forced valley-girl accents attempting to thwart bad guys. Whoopdidoo! Now we have their boss, who is a Charlie rip-off with a British accent that isn't actually British! Now throw in their everyday problems: 1.) I hate Mandy the school bully, 2.) Do I have a boyfriend? What do you have? A show that should have been cancelled, but Cartoon Network still shows it without fail. Now if you don't mind, I'll be mourning my loss of Rurouni Kenshin.
  • I use to like this show, then a week later i hated it.

    this show is the average spys go save the world and beat up the villan show that gets boring within a week. but theres a catch, there high school girls, wow. the guys don't bleed when they should, and everyone knows that people in middle school in high school cus a lot, and i heard besides the technolagy and stuff they tried to make it as realistic as they could, well not much of a great job!
  • Another stupid cartoon network show. Im tired of the same crap everyday.

    Ok. I have had it with the dumb shows for a lifetime. Every week or so a stupid show is released on t.v. and im always stuck watching it. This show bothers me in several ways. First of all its too girly. Second of all its soooooooo annoying. Third of all the whole plot is stupid. 3 Spies save the world. BORING!!!
  • As a human being I find this show completely and utterly appauling

    Even for a cartoon this show has a huge lack of perspective and is unrealistic. I think this show is just a cheap rip off of Kim Possible. This show is about three anorexic teens that are spies. This show is so bad I don’t see how any body likes it, it isn’t funny, interesting or suspenseful. The plots are boring and unoriginal. I just don’t understand how three walking skeletons can pack such a punch, they also reinforce a bad “ohh I broke a nail stereotype” The one good thing about the show is that the animation is alright.
  • The wrost show ever

    This show sucks 3 girls are fighting super
    lame villans. All 3 girls are rich spoiled
    brats. there is hardly any action. All that
    want to do is go shoping. I feel sorry for
    anyone that has seen this show, and if you
    have not don't watch it and you'll thank
    me trust me.
  • Three teen girl agents live in beverly Hill must coop with tennage problems and being special agents for WOOHP. The teens must handle missions School work School and friends.

    My review on this show is that it needs a new edge. It is kinda lame. Almost all animated shows feature people being secret agents finding magical powers or cooping with teenage problems. This show is just one in a bundle. You could flip through ten channels and find at least four shows that have the same themes, secret agents and human/teenage problems. This show needs a new edge or a hook. It needs something that is so different that it makes you wants to tune in tomorrow or next week for the next episode. Right now this show could be cast aside for a lame knock off of about 20-30 different shows. The whole teenage secret agent thing is kinda getting lame. Clover is interested in Boys, so are about 20-30 other teenage secret agent girls. Sam likes to study and get good grades. That personality is shown a lot in tv shows with wild and traditional girls. Alex of course is the traditional one. All in all this show is ok but needs some major work before I will be wanting to watch next week’s episode.
  • Only loved by Nostalgia!! They're spies yet dress in the three brightest colors in the world!!

    I use to like this show when I was younger but now I can't even sit through a minute of it. I hate All the girls. They are the most shallow boy obsessed losers I've ever seen, later in life they would either be single or divorced if this was real life, hilariously they are all single in that episode when they go to the future. Sam is just annoying, Clover is a walking stereotype, and Alex is the stupid Token Minority who is always the third wheel in everything. The show is very repetitive, the villain does something before the opening, the girls have a normal life problem, Jerry calls them, gives them gadgets that will somehow coincidentally save them later, Terrible spying happens (They are the worst pies ever! They're spies yet dress in the three brightest colors in the world!!) They get tied up (because they are the worst spies ever) Jerry's plot device saves them, They beat the bad guy, They solve they normal life problem everyone laughs, repeat.

    I hate all the characters the girls are stuck up and shallow, Mandy and her friends (And later cousin Mindy) are bitches, Arnold's a loser. All the other guys on the show are feminine looking love interest that have no personality and stay for one episode.

    The villains have personally no personality and are complete idiots. They also have the worst motives (a guy getting rejected by a girl, wanting a guy to like her) They are generic and Saturday cartoon similar.

    This show is trash, final score 1/10
  • More stupid rich girls!

    This show is just about spoiled rich girly girls, who don't know what the heck they are doing! All they really want to do is shop and make out with boys! No one who really does like anime would be caught dead watching this crap. If you would stop watching this show, you will thank me. So come, do something better in your free time!
  • like,OMG!!!

    this is like the greatest show to like ever be shown...NOT!!!

    ugh. I can't friggin stand this show!!! it is like watching every stupid preppy girl to ever be on tv all mashed together into one big prepfest. even the girl who is supposed to be sporty acts like a prep!!!I'm giving this show a 1 because the comp won't let me give it a lower score. if i could go back in time and prevent myself form watching it I would and not regret it. it amazes me how shows like this are still going strong while good shows like Xiaolin Showdown are done. the sooner this show ends, the better.
  • I hate this show. Ugh!

    This a very bad show. The plots are bad. The show is unbelievable. The plots are bad. The ideas are terrible and its an americian show that looks japeneise. I mean we have enough of those shows all ready. The show is a rip off and they are just wasting hundreds of dollars on something a lot of people are not going watch. It should've been cancelled long ago. I don't get it. THis show is incredibly stupid and is just plian weird and unbelievable. Just trust me the show is not entertaining not funny and is a waste of time. How did it get accepted into Cartoon Network?
  • It used to be good, then it all went downhill.

    The old episodes were classics, so original and even a b it funny, but ever since \"Dream Teens\" it all got more and more boring by the new episodes. Most of them were rip offs of the other episodes and even some shows, and, they don\'t even SHOW the old episodes anymore.

    A bunch of the episodes are turning into the same thing, something bad happens, and one of the spies gets kidnapped in every episode, or more likely, something always happens to Alex. They really need to be more original to win me back, otherwise, the show is stupid.
  • Why is Cartoon Network allowing rip offs like this on their channel????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is just a ripoff of Kim Possible with three obnoxious and big-mouthed teens who are spies and go out on missions that hardly help anyone else but them, and all they care about is their looks and cheat on boys. This show is pathetic and is a cheap spinoff of real anime! I can't believe CN is allowing this stuff to air on their channel because this is just downright sorry, I wish they would let Toonami air on the weekdays again.
  • it sucks

    ok, i'm gonna make this simple; TOTALLY SPIES SUCKS!!! it is the worst thing ever to appear on television, i'm only writing it this long because my damn summary has to be at least 50 words long.... but anyways don't watch it! it'll just rip your brain out and make you run away...very far, far away....
  • Apparently this show was the unfortunate product of two groups asking for more air time: The Annoying Actors Guild and the Center for Extremely Superficial People.

    This is one of the most annoying shows I have ever seen in my life. The characters are all rotten, the plots are ridiculous, and the animation stinks like a fish left out in the sun.

    Apparently this show was the unfortunate product of two groups asking for more air time: The Annoying Actors Guild and the Center for Extremely Superficial People and I have never seen a worse combination of the two. The girl’s main concerns tend to be: Am I popular, and do I have a boyfriend? That’s it. That’s all they ever complain about. Even while being spies and saving the world, that’s all they ever complain about. These girls apparently think saving the world is secondary to their own personal gains. No, I’m sorry. I don’t buy this. I don’t buy that the world’s safety was entrusted to three shallow whining idiots.

    Shallow Whining Idiots with terrible voices. Apparently the Annoying Actors Guild, put their best actors in this show…and by “best” I mean “worst.” Every time they open their mouths I think somebody stepped on a cat. You get the feeling they sandpaper their vocal cords every morning and evening. Combine this with the Valley Girl dialect, and you get the sensation that machetes are being hammered into your skull.

    And these are just the spies! Imagine what the villains are like, because they are required to sound worse then the spies to make you “dislike” them. Their high school rival alone makes sounds like people are electrocuting cats. Believe you me, it adds salt to those machetes in your brain.

    The plots of this exercise in irritation are the classic spy type crazy-moron-wants-to-take-over-the-world-by-destroying-it kind of deal. Now I know that’s pretty standard for this kind of spy show, but those kinds of things grate on my nerves. The problem: It’s too unrealistic and I don’t buy it. And while I realize that on some level it’s supposed to unrealistic, having it happen 104 times is a little ridiculous. They’d have to be saving the world every single day to do it through one grade. Heck, even James Bond has only had to save the world 21 different times!

    And now the animation. Now, before anyone starts, ordinarily I have no problem with anime. It’s not my first choice for animation, but I do watch it and enjoy it. So I don’t understand how you could make anime as annoying and stupid as this show does. Now, I know it’s not uncommon for shows to combine anime techniques with western animation, but this is just unfair. It’s unfair in the fact that it tries too hard to be anime, it tries really, really hard, and the result is a show that can’t decide what it wants to be; anime or western? Western or anime? The bottom line: many shows can pull off anime techniques and have it look natural. This poor mess can’t.

    So there you have it; idiocy, annoyance, implausibility, and bad animation all in one convenient package. It’s like the package deal from Hell so if you don’t like getting vivid glimpses of Hell, you might as well skip out on Totally Spies.
  • crap crap crap why is it still on the air

    what the hell is this crap!? every single episode has a side plot with mandy screwing with the girls some boy clover or sam has a crush on and some retarded villian they beat in like two seconds without even trying. overall this show is crap the only reason i give it a 1 is because of a little of the animation
  • Don't we already have enough shows like this?

    Okay so, you have your trendy teen superficial girls . . . only there's a twist - they are spies. So they must save the day, woo, while always looking perfect and the first thing on their minds is their boyfriends. Yes . . . I would love for my children (hypothetical children) to watch this show and start to imitate the girls, they are just such good role models. No, saving the world should never come first, you just keep worrying about how good your hair is or whatever Jason-whats-his-face said to you . . . .

    Yup, sucky, typical show featuring teenage girls at their worst, stay away
  • Remember when girl power shows used to be good?

    I know I am a man, but when a TV shows has girls as the main stars it should be fair that women should be just as awesome as men main stars on TV shows. Look at Wonder Woman in comic books, and the girls of G.I. Joe they were excellent. Today's girl power shows though seem to have forgotten about real girl power, and instead make the main girls as shallow, and stereotypical as possible, and this show is no different from the rest. Totally Spies is about 3 girls named Sam, Clover, and Alex. They seem like ordinary school girls living in Beverly Hills, but they are actually spies and work for WOOHP. Together they all face numerous villains and save the world. The show is another premise that has been done to death, but most of those shows that use it add new features in, and make the characters really good. So this show did that right? Wrong, very wrong. Every character on this show is generic and very stereotypical with no defining personalities. All the girls, including Sam, Alex, and Clover, are all boy obsessed, obnoxious, snobbish, and completely shallow. Also the girls love to use the words "whatever", and "totally". It gets irritating very fast. Every other character is a little better than the girls, but that's not saying much. Jocks are stereotypical, and nerds are portrayed as geeky individuals who do weird stuff. Let me admit right here that I am a nerd, and that not all nerds are weird and shut ins. I know many other nerds, and like me we have lives, a job, and some like me have a girlfriend/boyfriend. The villains are completely awful, and not in the least bit threatening. One villain is obsessed with cleaning, another is about flooding the world with coffee all because he got fired, and another was a man who's heart was broken on Valentine's Day, and disguised himself as a variety of different boys to break other girls' hearts. These are villains? They make Swipper the Fox from Dora the Explorer look almost good. Jerry, the main leader of WOOHP has some background to him, and is the only tolerable character on this show. The episodes are the same 98% of the time. A problem occurs in a part of the world, the girls are summoned to deal with the situation, investigate the area, the girls are captured, they escape through a very convenient plot device, fight bad guy, win, go home, and repeat. So if you have seen one episode you have pretty much seen them all. One thing that always struck me as odd was the fact that WOOHP always knows where the girls are, and everything around the girls is a teleporter to WOOHP. A trashcan in school, a couch, a locker, and so much more. Is all of Beverly Hills above one big hole, and underneath it is a giant base? The humor this show uses is not that good at all, most of it is gags, and some get weak chuckles out of me, and nothing more. The girls are also given gadgets by Jerry, and to be fair they aren't too bad. It's a pretty good reference to James Bond, and some of the gadgets are pretty good. The artwork is decent in this show, but uninspired to say the least, and the animation feels a little stiff and choppy sometimes. Whatever happened to girl power shows like Sailor Moon, or Kim Possible? Those were excellent shows, but Totally Spies is just awful even for both boys and girls. In the end Totally Spies is totally forgettable, totally stupid, and a total waste of time, and is best left avoided.
  • it is not a rip-off of kims possible, that is physically impossible, this came out in '01, KP came out in '02 so might as well as say kim posssible ripped off this show if you're gonna say _ ripped off _ be sure to check it came AFTER. it's basic

    whoever calls this a kimpossible rip off is stupid cause that is 100% IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    This show is full of stupidity and it's totally unrealistic and it's so unfunny.

    And their lingo is not "cool" it's pretty much whether or not you can tolerate yourself listening to high-pitched pre-teeens talking and whining about their stupid problems which aren't even such big problems. the 3 main girls are so ditzy and so stupid i don't know how they are spies which is the most unrealistic part of all. but that's what the whole show is based on so it falls flat on its face if you're gonna talk abt plot or being somewhat intelligent.

    the animation is ugly, really simple, please don't compare to this to anime. how offending.

    If you can't stand stupid pre-teens aka tweens who are boy-crazy, steroetypical and extremely stupid and high=pithced (voices) avoid, cause I can't stand the stupidity.

    It's another horriblly idiotic show for kids in america by america. honestly you wonder why americans are the dumbest out of all countries (word-wide math competition, guess which country is dead last, us! of course there are plenty of examples)
  • Not very good to me.

    What is really bad about this show is that it's not even good with the spy thing.It's doing it very not good with Atomic Betty and Kim Possible.Why does every animation show has girls have the main spies.These shows have girls as the main spies.I would very much say that this show is very terrible.The animation has got to be not that very good animation than how it made Martin Mystery.Both of those shows look not pretty good and this one is very much a very terrible show.Well,I'm now glad that this show is pretty much cancelled on Cartoon Network.
  • Now I feel guilty that I ever watch that show. I hate how it was created. The main Female characters are so snoblish. The plot is so stupid. And a matter of fact, the main Female characters have hardly any personality. I have ideas to make the show better

    The show was not done very well at all. Why in the world did I waste my time watching this. The main female character agents are really snoblish and heartless. They main characters have about no real persoanality in them. And the plot and theme are bad. But enough of the negative talk, I may have ideas to make it better.

    I think there maybe a chance for a much better remake of it. The girls should not leve in Beveray Hills and be snoblish and live in some other major city. I would hope the girls would be kinder but still with flaws. Maybe have each story take up more then one episode to make it more like a James Bond feel. Maybe one of the girls should be a Tom boy. It would make more interesting and see would be really good with guns and Martial Arts, better then the 2 others. This hopefully will be a better idea.
  • Ok it’s alright show but not my favorite. Too me the villains lack character development. Also girls do not act that way, it’s very annoying to know there's a show out there that thinks girls do act like that. Kim Possible was first so this was just a cop

    Ok it’s alright show but not my favorite. Too me the villains lack character development. Also girls do not act that way, it’s very annoying to know there's a show out there that thinks girls do act like that. Kim Possible was first so this was just a copy. Ok..
  • This show is terrible for girls!

    This show trains young girls to be snobby,preppy,and anoying. Hate cats and love dogs, Geesh! lets worry about our hair! Makes me think of atomic betty! are better then this!

    Note for all you young girls out there:
    Do not watch this show!
    If you wanna watch girly shows, watch good ones like, Sailor moon, Wedding peach, winx, the old Power puff girls, ok, my job here is done. *leaves*
  • Three teenage spies go around solving the world's problems.

    I think I've seen this show before. She Spies? Yeah... I think so. It's bad, really bad. I don't even know where to start. The writing? The animation? Oh my god, it is bad. Why is it still on the air? Why am I even writing this review? I'm wasting my time.
  • Totally Spies? Eh, nostalgic as a kid but now not so great.

    Totally Spies is a show about three girls: Sam, Clover and Alex. Basically they are high school/college girls who were hired by WOOHP to fight crime and they also have to deal with the challenges their daily lives throw at them.

    I do admit that I used to enjoy this show as a kid but I have recently watched a few episodes and now I think this show is actually generic and stereotypical. I think that this show should

    improve in certain areas and I will explain more in detail. Also, I have decided to add a new topic in the reviews I post in the future: Animation.


    Samantha 'Sam' Simpson, Clover Enwing and Alex Vasquez are three high school/college girls who are the best of friends. They are also spies for WOOHP, an organisation led by Jerry which is dedicated to fighting crime. As well as dealing with crime, these girls also have to deal with the challenges and chaos in school, especially when their arch-enemy Mandy is around!

    OK, so the plot seems like it makes sense but it is quite generic because we've already had other shows where the main characters were spies such as Kim Possible for example and it's also becoming repetitive in every episode. So now I will continue the review by talking about the main characters:


    The characters are stereotypical (as usual) and they pretty much have little personality. In my opinion, the characters should've had more development but I will explain in detail:

    Samantha 'Sam' Simpson: She is the stereotypical girl who is the smartest out of the gang. She's also the leader in the spy missions due to the fact that she has the brains but sometimes she's kind of bossy and rude (but not as rude as Clover or Mandy). Overall, she's pretty much the cookie-cutter good girl and I've had enough of cookie-cutter 'good girl' characters on TV already.

    Clover Enwing: She is basically the girl who's obsessed with fashion, boys and taking down Mandy in a fight. She annoys me sometimes due to the fact that she's a bit narcissistic but she is somehow there for her friends when it counts. Sometimes her catchphrases like 'whatever' and 'totally' annoy me aswell and I think she would be a better character if she wasn't a narcissistic boy-crazed freak.

    Alex Vasquez: Alex is the tomboy of the group. She is 50% boy-crazy but she's also the type of person that enjoys sports and all those kinds of stuff. Sometimes she doesn't really seem like she's friends with Sam and Clover and she's basically the third wheel of the group so that's all I have to say about her.

    Jerry: He is the leader of WOOHP and he is the one who explains the missions to the spies and stuff. I can't say much about him either other than the fact that he's a bit bossy sometimes.

    GLADIS: She's the robotic gadget distribution device and that's all I can say.

    Mandy: I hate this bitch so much. She is more of a narcissist than Clover. She's basically the queen bee and she always tries to take down Clover in their petty fights. Mandy also has her friends (Caitlin and Dominique) following her around and when they didn't show up anymore, Mandy's southern cousin Mindy became part of her little 'followers' group aswell. Mandy also treats people like shit and she looks down on them as if they're beneath her. Sometimes I don't understand why Clover doesn't put this little shit in her place. Also, Mandy is a cross between Molly Garfunkel from Nickelodeon's 'How to Rock' and Lexi Reed from Disney's 'ANT Farm'.

    Arnold: He is the stereotypical nerd and he serves as a punching bag for everyone just because he interferes with the missions.

    Villains: Most of the villains in the show are pretty stupid. They often have some of the worst reasons to eliminate the spies and they don't even put up a fight. They always lose and it just gets boring and sometimes I root for them to win because I'm fed up of seeing Alex, Clover and Sam win.


    The animation isn't so bad in my opinion but one of the things I must ask is: Why do the main characters wear brightly coloured spy suits? If they're spies then obviously they should wear darker suits so they can blend in with their surroundings. If an actual spy in real life wore either Sam's green suit, Clover's red suit or Alex's yellow suit then they would easily be caught and then they would be defeated in battle.


    I have nothing to say in this area.

    Moral values:

    Nothing to say here either.


    Overall, I was planning to give this show a 5 but I've decided to narrow it down to a 3 because of the stereotypes and generic plots the creators added in the show.

  • Because in my words , an absoulate mess.

    Totally Spies is the story of 3 girls saving the world as they work for a boss that leads a spy company and yet the episodes all have the action and adventure but this review is pushed down by all the teenage stuff that are c*** in my opinion which television should stop this ASAP which gives big thanks to Clueless and all the other stuff that worthless becasue of that reason that I already explained.

    Anyways , I overall really don\'t like this show but it sometimes can keep me cool but it dosen\'t go higher then this people so you might as well get over it and just get out of this...
  • Those poor, poor children of the new millenium.

    I feel sorry for the girls of today. When I was little I had She-Ra and the girls from G.I. Joe, but today's girls are stuck with vain, materialistic, air-heads like the Bratz and saddly, Totally Spies is no better. While the teen\child secret agent genre isn't a bad idea (other than being done to death), show's biggest problem is that it comes off as a dumbed-down version of Charlie's Angels. First of all, the villian are just plain pathetic. You want to flood the world with coffee because some Starbucks-like place rejected your job application? Ohhhh, I'm so scared. A hero is only as good as their villians and if the villians suck, what does make the hero? Not like Clover, Alex, and Sam are all that great. There's very little separating the girls personality-wise other than Clover is more shallow and boy-crazy and Sam is the "smart one." Maybe if the writing was better, the girls wouldn't come off as so annouying and sterotypical. And why does every gadget have to be make-up\fashion based and\or have hearts on it? It's a shame that Masters of the Universe only lasted two seasons when this can go on.
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