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  • Three teenage spies go around solving the world's problems.

    I think I've seen this show before. She Spies? Yeah... I think so. It's bad, really bad. I don't even know where to start. The writing? The animation? Oh my god, it is bad. Why is it still on the air? Why am I even writing this review? I'm wasting my time.
  • I love this show... Seriously. I just have a few problems with it.

    I love this show. I would watch it every day if I could even though I'm "too old for it" I love Alex the most. She is exactly like me. My friend says I even look like her. But sadly, all they show is reruns. When they do come out with new episodes, I always miss it (because I'm doing homework) and they never show the new ones again! I mean what is up with that?

    I do love this show. Teenage girls who can kick a villan's butt from here to Pluto, and manage to get a date? Teenage girls who have cool gadgets and can easily fix their hair? Call me stupid, and dumb, (even though they are the same thing) but those girls are my heroes.

    Plus, their outfits are hot, and they are the best of friends. Hot outfits, cute guys, best friends, cool cars, good at sports, good at kicking butt, and cool gadgets! *sigh* What more could a girl ask for?
  • a very good show absoutly brill

    this show is really good it shows about three teenage girl who do regular things but are secretly spies in a secret organistation called whoop. it also shows teennage girls regular problems like: their worst enemy: mandy and boy problems teenage girls have and other problems.

    my fav episode has to be where the old spies show up when they dissapered on a mission and they got sam alex and clover sent somewere else and they went to track the girls down and that is where the trouble starts that was ace really good

    overall this show is brill
  • Sam, Alex and Clover are three high school girls who fight crime on an international scale as undercover spies for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP).

    Stressful? Sure. Exciting? Totally!

    Totally Spies was first broadcasted on fox/ABC Family channel in November of 2001. Quickly it became the next Charlies Angels with comedy and even more fast paced fun/action. After removed from the ABC Family lineup in september of 2002, Totally Spies was still appreciated wildly by its fans waiting for its return. Soon, Cartoon Network picked up the Spies in July of 2003, with a 5 day a week lineup, it quickly became more influental than it ever was on ABC Family. Cartoon Network increased its ratings from over summmer '02 by 20% or more!
    As the seasons go by quicker, each character's life is revealed more and more to please the audience. Awesome episodes with non-stop action and suspence: The New Jerry, A Spy is Born I & II, and S.P.I. Absolutely heartwarming episodes: Evil Boyfriend, Alex Quits, and Evil Valentine's Day. Be sure to check out "Evil Promotion Much?" the great 3-parter finale of season 3, coming to CN in fall of 2005. Totally Spies is Totally Cool!
  • three girls who work for WOOHP

    totally cool! and it gets better like, every time i watch it. i dunno y but i love it!!!!!!!
    to all those who dont watch it: youre missing out! catch it! i would not miss it for the world. the only thing that can force me away is school. sometimes i think school exists just to pull us away from the tv....
  • This Show is about 3 girls called Sam,Alex and Clover and they work for Jerry the boss of whoop. they travel Around the world fighting Baddies and using really cool Gadets. The girls have a rival called Mandy who really hates the girls and trys the stop t

    I really enjoy watching Totally spies because it's Main stars Really Kick Butt and they use Really Cool Gadgets like Sticky Nails and Laser Pens.I also like it How they always try to outdo their Rival Mandy. And they I Like it how they Fly all over the world. to fight the baddies.
  • Three spies who try to save the world, their friendships and their school from harm.

    Totally Spies (TS) is a wonderful show about three girls who journey to save various countries and glamourous places and people from harm. Clover is all about fashion, Sam is very intellctual (in other words, she's the BRAINS of the bunch ;)) and Alex is all about fun! Together, they're three spies that fight anything that comes their way, with the assistance of their boss and supervisor, Jerry. I recommend this show to all and watching the last few season finales will really impress upon you how good the show is! Watch it!
  • Ok it’s alright show but not my favorite. Too me the villains lack character development. Also girls do not act that way, it’s very annoying to know there's a show out there that thinks girls do act like that. Kim Possible was first so this was just a cop

    Ok it’s alright show but not my favorite. Too me the villains lack character development. Also girls do not act that way, it’s very annoying to know there's a show out there that thinks girls do act like that. Kim Possible was first so this was just a copy. Ok..
  • Totally Lame

    Totally Spies is a ripoff of Charle's Angels, but it is far, far worse. The characters are cliched and annoying, while the series has a "bad guy of the week" plot. There are a lot of lesbian innoundos in the series between the three spies and they rely too much on over-the-top gadgets to stop the over-the-top villian of the week. Sure this is a series about stong-willed girls, but even the Powerpuff Girls is better than this. The artwork and locals are the redeeming qualities, since it makes everything and everyone appear great. If you like spy shows with obvious plots and psudo lesbians, this is a series for you.
  • This show has its moments.

    The show has its good points and its bad points. Its almost an even tie. Sadly some girls do act like that, I've seen it in my school. And this came on shortly before Kim possible did.

    The show tried to mimic anime style in the faces and how they react. Even incorperating Chibi style art. Its cute, but not worth it. I like it, but its over done in some episodes.

    The characters are very interesting. The main characters do seem very outthere at times. hey can get annoying at some points.

    I still haven't figured out why I keep watching the show, I just I just like it. It is very decent.
  • Three teen girl agents live in beverly Hill must coop with tennage problems and being special agents for WOOHP. The teens must handle missions School work School and friends.

    My review on this show is that it needs a new edge. It is kinda lame. Almost all animated shows feature people being secret agents finding magical powers or cooping with teenage problems. This show is just one in a bundle. You could flip through ten channels and find at least four shows that have the same themes, secret agents and human/teenage problems. This show needs a new edge or a hook. It needs something that is so different that it makes you wants to tune in tomorrow or next week for the next episode. Right now this show could be cast aside for a lame knock off of about 20-30 different shows. The whole teenage secret agent thing is kinda getting lame. Clover is interested in Boys, so are about 20-30 other teenage secret agent girls. Sam likes to study and get good grades. That personality is shown a lot in tv shows with wild and traditional girls. Alex of course is the traditional one. All in all this show is ok but needs some major work before I will be wanting to watch next week’s episode.
  • crap crap crap why is it still on the air

    what the hell is this crap!? every single episode has a side plot with mandy screwing with the girls some boy clover or sam has a crush on and some retarded villian they beat in like two seconds without even trying. overall this show is crap the only reason i give it a 1 is because of a little of the animation
  • I use to like this show, then a week later i hated it.

    this show is the average spys go save the world and beat up the villan show that gets boring within a week. but theres a catch, there high school girls, wow. the guys don't bleed when they should, and everyone knows that people in middle school in high school cus a lot, and i heard besides the technolagy and stuff they tried to make it as realistic as they could, well not much of a great job!
  • Of course guys won't like it....

    It's definetely Charlie's Angels gone animated. Of course there is room for improvement, but overall it's a decent show. I love it. Especially Clover she reminds me of me! This is like evry girl's best friend and every guy should like it to. It's like going a little in a girl's head
  • Apparently this show was the unfortunate product of two groups asking for more air time: The Annoying Actors Guild and the Center for Extremely Superficial People.

    This is one of the most annoying shows I have ever seen in my life. The characters are all rotten, the plots are ridiculous, and the animation stinks like a fish left out in the sun.

    Apparently this show was the unfortunate product of two groups asking for more air time: The Annoying Actors Guild and the Center for Extremely Superficial People and I have never seen a worse combination of the two. The girl’s main concerns tend to be: Am I popular, and do I have a boyfriend? That’s it. That’s all they ever complain about. Even while being spies and saving the world, that’s all they ever complain about. These girls apparently think saving the world is secondary to their own personal gains. No, I’m sorry. I don’t buy this. I don’t buy that the world’s safety was entrusted to three shallow whining idiots.

    Shallow Whining Idiots with terrible voices. Apparently the Annoying Actors Guild, put their best actors in this show…and by “best” I mean “worst.” Every time they open their mouths I think somebody stepped on a cat. You get the feeling they sandpaper their vocal cords every morning and evening. Combine this with the Valley Girl dialect, and you get the sensation that machetes are being hammered into your skull.

    And these are just the spies! Imagine what the villains are like, because they are required to sound worse then the spies to make you “dislike” them. Their high school rival alone makes sounds like people are electrocuting cats. Believe you me, it adds salt to those machetes in your brain.

    The plots of this exercise in irritation are the classic spy type crazy-moron-wants-to-take-over-the-world-by-destroying-it kind of deal. Now I know that’s pretty standard for this kind of spy show, but those kinds of things grate on my nerves. The problem: It’s too unrealistic and I don’t buy it. And while I realize that on some level it’s supposed to unrealistic, having it happen 104 times is a little ridiculous. They’d have to be saving the world every single day to do it through one grade. Heck, even James Bond has only had to save the world 21 different times!

    And now the animation. Now, before anyone starts, ordinarily I have no problem with anime. It’s not my first choice for animation, but I do watch it and enjoy it. So I don’t understand how you could make anime as annoying and stupid as this show does. Now, I know it’s not uncommon for shows to combine anime techniques with western animation, but this is just unfair. It’s unfair in the fact that it tries too hard to be anime, it tries really, really hard, and the result is a show that can’t decide what it wants to be; anime or western? Western or anime? The bottom line: many shows can pull off anime techniques and have it look natural. This poor mess can’t.

    So there you have it; idiocy, annoyance, implausibility, and bad animation all in one convenient package. It’s like the package deal from Hell so if you don’t like getting vivid glimpses of Hell, you might as well skip out on Totally Spies.
  • The show is 50% action 50% dumb teenage girls.

    The concept of teenagers being spies is cool. I have to admit though the show has to much dumb blonde to it. I am glad that there is one smart girl or else I would not watch it. I wish they would have just left out the dumb blonde part than it would be a much better show!
  • Totally Spies is a fun lighthearted show that pokes fun at the James-Bond-like world of spies and detective shows like Charlie's Angles. The humor and action means it isn't just for girls.

    Totally Spies is a fun lighthearted show that pokes fun at the James-Bond-like world of spies and detective shows like Charlie's Angles.

    Sam, Cover and Alex may talk about fashion and shopping, but the show isn't just for girls because it is funny and it has cool fight scenes. Quality animation and anime style make the show look great.

    The girls are usually brought to WOOHP headquarters in some impossible way. Jerry briefs them on their mission details. Like Q from James Bond, Jerry tells the spies about the crazy gadgets they will use.

    Totally Spies can be formulaic sometimes, but the same is true for James Bond and Charlie's Angles (the TV show).

    Don't let the somewhat girly theme scare you away.
  • this and teen titans are the only good shows cartoonnetwork it's about teenage girls who go to high school have boyfriends and hang out together they also work for a spy organization called WHOOP.

    this show and teen titans are the only good shows cartoonnetwork it is about 3 teenage girls who go to high school have boyfriends and hang out together like all teenagers. they also work for a spy organization called WHOOP they get cool spy gadgets and go undercoved for each mission. then fight the bad guys and save the world. this is a very good show!
  • Actually this show isn't half bad! When it was first shown, I thought it was just another lame cartoon, but after the first episode, I found myself sitting in front of the tv everyday watching this show.

    Actually this show isn't half bad! When it was first shown, I thought it was just another lame cartoon, but after the first episode, I found myself sitting in front of the tv everyday watching this show. I admit, at times the story line defy the natural laws of physics as we know it, but what the hack! It\'s just cartoon. At least it\'s better then bugs bunny and that lot. If you haven\'t watch it, give it a try.
  • So, this is hell.

    This is the worst cartoon ever made. This is exactly why Americans shouldn't try to copy Japanese anime. We have a bunch of girls talking in forced valley-girl accents attempting to thwart bad guys. Whoopdidoo! Now we have their boss, who is a Charlie rip-off with a British accent that isn't actually British! Now throw in their everyday problems: 1.) I hate Mandy the school bully, 2.) Do I have a boyfriend? What do you have? A show that should have been cancelled, but Cartoon Network still shows it without fail. Now if you don't mind, I'll be mourning my loss of Rurouni Kenshin.
  • Totally fabulous!!!

    I love this show. This my new bestfriend. It is sooo sooo soooo funny to me!! I come home every day to watch this show at uhh is it 5:30pm every week day.The action, the comedy, the romance is soo totally fabulous!!! Im gonna watch it today too. You know!!!
  • Now I feel guilty that I ever watch that show. I hate how it was created. The main Female characters are so snoblish. The plot is so stupid. And a matter of fact, the main Female characters have hardly any personality. I have ideas to make the show better

    The show was not done very well at all. Why in the world did I waste my time watching this. The main female character agents are really snoblish and heartless. They main characters have about no real persoanality in them. And the plot and theme are bad. But enough of the negative talk, I may have ideas to make it better.

    I think there maybe a chance for a much better remake of it. The girls should not leve in Beveray Hills and be snoblish and live in some other major city. I would hope the girls would be kinder but still with flaws. Maybe have each story take up more then one episode to make it more like a James Bond feel. Maybe one of the girls should be a Tom boy. It would make more interesting and see would be really good with guns and Martial Arts, better then the 2 others. This hopefully will be a better idea.
  • Three teens who work undercover as gov't spies.

    I was introduced to this show by my stepbrother who thinks they are hot. Yes, he is sick. But as I watched it, I slowly became addicted. I think its pretty funny. I havent watched it for a while, but every one in a while I think about it. A habit I wish I could get rid of.
  • Terrible terrible terrible!

    wow, 3 teenagers fixs the problems of the world! wow, mist teenagers can\\\'t even talk about world problems, they always find some lameo chessey way to win, and get the guy. LAME! How pathicyt can you get! don\\\'t watch it! teenagers svaing the wrold, yeah, real orgianle! they just do some lameo kratie(p) and win, all the time, everytime, tis terrible!
  • This show is so funny! Sam Clover and Alex. When you thought being a teenage girl was hard already, lets throw in being a super secret agent!

    I didnt even know about this show until two years ago just flipping channels. I saw it and I was like "Uh?". I kept it on the channel and I'm like this is okay, I guess. But everytime I watched it, it was so hilarious,cute, and funny. It's cute watching teenage girls having to deal with being normal and bullies(i.e. Mandy), but they also have to deal with beating up ninjas, androids, plus evil genuises. Then they have their boss,Jerry, who couldnt come up with any lamer jokes. Just good television. Sam, Clover, Alex are what teenage girls should try to be like, you know besides the spy part.
  • Unoriginal? Yeah. Bad? No.

    Many people claim this show is unoriginal, and I'd have to agree with them, but this show still has it's own good points. When I first saw this show I wasn't show sure, the entire idea of three snobby girls saving the world didn't seem too interesting, but when I kept watching the girls each had their own unique personality. Their unique personalities and strengths is what helps them through all the tough challenges they face. Sure the villains might not be the best characters, and sure the girls may save the world a bit too much, but I still say this is a decent show.
  • Thank you Sam, Clover, and Alex, you've just set your gender back another 1,000 years

    Typically generic poser anime James Bond wannabe that makes blondes look like superficial, self-centred shopacholic ditzies that treat males like objects, Alex supposedly makes girls look clueless, vien, bumblers, and makes redheads look like the most competent females on the planet, none of which is always true. To watch this proves beyond all measure females have no self-respect, and male viewers can't go outside.
  • Cool i wish i was a spie :D not a shallow spie of course. :D

    this show has dome thing new alll of the time! its great the advenures they have are unpredictable. Their wild advertures make up 4 the girly predictable suff they have at school. ok i addmit it i watch it! what u gonna do? this show is worth the time and fun to watch.
  • The girls are top secret spies.

    The show has good humor. What i like most about the show is Clover. She's hot. Me & my friend sometimes argue over who's hotter Clover or Sam. But it doesn't matter. We like who we like & there should be no competition. The show has a whole lot of ups & hardly any downs. It's another one of CN's best shows.
  • What a great show

    Totally spies is an awsome show. Really hot and hey, they live in Beverly Hills. They are dang rich. I just love watching cartoons that look hot and plenty of action. and this explains everything. Clover is the hottest of the 3. she's kewl. And also when the 3 faces mandy at school is heck of funny. This show's awsome.
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