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  • Another fabulous cartoon Network show where it is quite unfortunate they decided to give it the ax.

    I have not heard about this show or seen it in a long time, so it is very likely it got Canceled. Dang it, but at least it was an awesome action-packed animated show which was great while it lasted. Totally Spies had some good plots and storylines too, since they are nice and cool High School girls that try to do their best in their normal lives since they have a big secret that is dangerous to leak out, and that secret is that they are secret agents who work under WHOOP Headquarters with their Boss Jerry. It is so entertaining to watch them take on all of these criminal masterminds from ruling the world by stopping them with great tactics and their awesome spy skills that they have been trained for. So there is usually two themes, a spy theme and a school and/or home theme where Clover, Sam, and Alex are usually shown where some sort of action takes place. I found it always interesting to see them in a wide variety of episodes discovering particular baddies and their cunning plans as of how to stop them so WHOOP can throw them in Jail. But not just a Jail, probably also a High Security Prison for them too. So the ending towards my review here are these last words: Good job Totally Spies, you're another great show that i miss because you're also canceled. No one can probably find much better spy-themed superb action-packed shows like you.
  • Three teenage spies go around solving the world's problems.

    I think I've seen this show before. She Spies? Yeah... I think so. It's bad, really bad. I don't even know where to start. The writing? The animation? Oh my god, it is bad. Why is it still on the air? Why am I even writing this review? I'm wasting my time.
  • Apparently this show was the unfortunate product of two groups asking for more air time: The Annoying Actors Guild and the Center for Extremely Superficial People.

    This is one of the most annoying shows I have ever seen in my life. The characters are all rotten, the plots are ridiculous, and the animation stinks like a fish left out in the sun.

    Apparently this show was the unfortunate product of two groups asking for more air time: The Annoying Actors Guild and the Center for Extremely Superficial People and I have never seen a worse combination of the two. The girl’s main concerns tend to be: Am I popular, and do I have a boyfriend? That’s it. That’s all they ever complain about. Even while being spies and saving the world, that’s all they ever complain about. These girls apparently think saving the world is secondary to their own personal gains. No, I’m sorry. I don’t buy this. I don’t buy that the world’s safety was entrusted to three shallow whining idiots.

    Shallow Whining Idiots with terrible voices. Apparently the Annoying Actors Guild, put their best actors in this show…and by “best” I mean “worst.” Every time they open their mouths I think somebody stepped on a cat. You get the feeling they sandpaper their vocal cords every morning and evening. Combine this with the Valley Girl dialect, and you get the sensation that machetes are being hammered into your skull.

    And these are just the spies! Imagine what the villains are like, because they are required to sound worse then the spies to make you “dislike” them. Their high school rival alone makes sounds like people are electrocuting cats. Believe you me, it adds salt to those machetes in your brain.

    The plots of this exercise in irritation are the classic spy type crazy-moron-wants-to-take-over-the-world-by-destroying-it kind of deal. Now I know that’s pretty standard for this kind of spy show, but those kinds of things grate on my nerves. The problem: It’s too unrealistic and I don’t buy it. And while I realize that on some level it’s supposed to unrealistic, having it happen 104 times is a little ridiculous. They’d have to be saving the world every single day to do it through one grade. Heck, even James Bond has only had to save the world 21 different times!

    And now the animation. Now, before anyone starts, ordinarily I have no problem with anime. It’s not my first choice for animation, but I do watch it and enjoy it. So I don’t understand how you could make anime as annoying and stupid as this show does. Now, I know it’s not uncommon for shows to combine anime techniques with western animation, but this is just unfair. It’s unfair in the fact that it tries too hard to be anime, it tries really, really hard, and the result is a show that can’t decide what it wants to be; anime or western? Western or anime? The bottom line: many shows can pull off anime techniques and have it look natural. This poor mess can’t.

    So there you have it; idiocy, annoyance, implausibility, and bad animation all in one convenient package. It’s like the package deal from Hell so if you don’t like getting vivid glimpses of Hell, you might as well skip out on Totally Spies.
  • As a human being I find this show completely and utterly appauling

    Even for a cartoon this show has a huge lack of perspective and is unrealistic. I think this show is just a cheap rip off of Kim Possible. This show is about three anorexic teens that are spies. This show is so bad I don’t see how any body likes it, it isn’t funny, interesting or suspenseful. The plots are boring and unoriginal. I just don’t understand how three walking skeletons can pack such a punch, they also reinforce a bad “ohh I broke a nail stereotype” The one good thing about the show is that the animation is alright.
  • why Stuart snyder

    even though Ima boy and I aint gay this was maahh... show i loved this show so much with the detectives and the mision a signing butler or what ever it's just been a long time
  • Good

    Yes at first I didn't think I would like this show because it seemed like a total girl show but I watched it and liked it sure their is girl stuff in it but besides that it is a good show it has good parts in the show it is a very good show with action/adventure parts and good characters Sam,Clover,Alex,Jerry and even the witch Mandy are good charecters the voice actors are great to the creators and storyline creators are very good at knowing what to make for the characters act like great voice overs great storylines great animation this show gets a 10
  • The Adventure of Three Best Friends Fighting Evil Around the World...

    A Really Decent and Unexpected Cartoon. Very Creative Graphics and Ideas, way Better than lots of Other Cartoons.
    I Enjoy the Fact that Almost in Each Episode the Spies wear Different Clothes/Outfits, that makes me Like the show Even More. Another thing I like is that Many of the Villians Decide to get Revenge, and not just Leave like Nothing Ever Happened. One last thing that Makes this Show not like Others is that they Go/Travel to Missions all Around the World, one Time it's a Tropical Island, the Other it's a Popular City like New York! My main Message is that Everyone Should try Watching this Awesome Show!
  • Loved this show!

    Oh, how I loved this show! IT was definitely one of my favorite shows of all times, besides Ed Edd n Eddy and Spogebob. I loved everything about this show, the girls(Clover being my favorite), the gadgets(they were always so cute and stylish), and the missions. And when I found out that this show came from France, I was like double-YES! I"ve been taking high school French for 3 years now, so I even decided to watch a couple of episodes in French and it was awesome because I was able to understand most of it. *Sniff sniff* I was so sad when this show ended. But, I am still yet to watch the movie! I don't think it has come out in English yet, but I can always try to watch it in French, so no worries!
  • Look at all the pretty colors!

    Totally Spies is one of those shows that's very obviously made for kids. The high-pitched voices, lack of actual violence despite situations that would call for it in reality, and all of the pretty colors make it kid-friendly.

    The animation itself is fun, too. Much of it is realistic, and what isn't still manages to be funny and entertaining. I would rate the show as a 10 for its plots (even though some were sort of lame) but I have to give it a 9 simply because many of the situations the spies ended up in were, if the show was geared towards adults, ones that would seriously imply forced sexual situations. But, more than that, this show portrays all three girls as incredibly superficial. While they do pull their act together in time to save the world, you can bet they'll be back to pretentious "deepness" while we wait for the expected shallow-ness to kick in. As a girl, I found myself cringing even as a preteen at many of the ways these girls behaved. If boys take their cue from this show, they'll have no idea how to talk to a real one. I don't know of any real-life girls who act like the spies do, but it *is* a cartoon. Do any of you really expect people to try and take over the world using nail polish, shoes, pizza, or chocolate? If so, maybe TS is *too* mature for you.

    All that said, Totally Spies is still awesome. The animation, personalities (the real ones, when they show through) unique plots, and the frequency at which these girls "fall in love" upon spotting a cute guy round out the show in a more positive than negative way. The romance stuff squicks me out a bit even as an adult now, considering it's so appearance-based, but overall, this show is greatly entertaining and fun to watch. :)
  • Not just for girls!

    It is a good spy show. People think it is just for girls but the is simply not the case. I like the show because i am a fan of spy comedies. So this is a good show. It is about three high school girls who are WOOHP spies. If you watch it and enjoy it let me know.
  • Now I feel guilty that I ever watch that show. I hate how it was created. The main Female characters are so snoblish. The plot is so stupid. And a matter of fact, the main Female characters have hardly any personality. I have ideas to make the show better

    The show was not done very well at all. Why in the world did I waste my time watching this. The main female character agents are really snoblish and heartless. They main characters have about no real persoanality in them. And the plot and theme are bad. But enough of the negative talk, I may have ideas to make it better.

    I think there maybe a chance for a much better remake of it. The girls should not leve in Beveray Hills and be snoblish and live in some other major city. I would hope the girls would be kinder but still with flaws. Maybe have each story take up more then one episode to make it more like a James Bond feel. Maybe one of the girls should be a Tom boy. It would make more interesting and see would be really good with guns and Martial Arts, better then the 2 others. This hopefully will be a better idea.
  • Totally golden

    Awesome show with three beautiful girls that are just so fab to watch nonstop action package spy fun felt.
  • Like, hello! This is the greatest cartoon series of its kind, ever!

    A really cool show if you ask me. Not only it combines the american animation with japanese animation in a cool way. The colours used in it reflect a very pink and fuzzy philosophy. The characters are very different from each others. We got Sam who's the brains of the team. Then, we got Clover who's the leader of the team, and is constantly obsessed with fashion and with her looks, and then, we got Alex, the clumsy and funny one, who's always trying to behave like a professional, but ends up doing all wrong. And of course, let's not forget Jerry, the Spies boss, who's quite sarcastic when it comes to sarcastic jokes and Mandy, the girls nemesis and rival. All of them are great characters, because they're so different from each others. The series itself revolves around the busy life of Sam, Alex and Clover. Not only they have to go to school every day, and try to have a normal teenage life, but they have to save the world every week from the freakiest villains that ever appeared in a cartoon series, while dealing with their own problems, like shopping and getting dates for Friday night. A great show indeed, which tells us that the life of teenagers is never easy, even if they're not spies.

    A wonderful series, and it deserves a very big 11 in a scale from 1 to 10!
  • It is a fun show to watch

    I gotta say, the show was very exciting as it felt like you have your three average girls who try to live a double life. It was one of the shows I liked to watch when I was younger.
  • Just any show to tune in whenever theirs nothing else on

    what I like about this show is that the main characters do always change clothes unlike other shows. Other shows mostly have the same character wearing the same clothes everytime they show up and its kind of funny when they open their wardrobe or closet and its filled with the same outfits. This totally spies show is really good I watch this show when I get a chance to. Although it hasnt been airing lately...hopefully it will come back because this show is good(atleast I like it better than spongebob which I barely watch now)this show is cool because it shows that girls are really strong and they can be in action just like superhero guys it shows that girls can fight! and that they got skills too.
  • Sam, Alex, and Clover are spies for WOOHP.

    Totally Spies has been my favorate show ever since it was first aired on Fox Family (which is now called abc family). I was very happy when I heard it was going to be on Cartoon Network. I can't believe they didn't show season five, because I saw some of those episodes on the web and they were totally great! Especially that one crossover episode; Totally Mystery Much? I thought Alex and Martin would make a perfect couple. It's just too bed they only did one MM and TS crossover. I wonder if they have that episode on dvd. It would be so cool of there was a scene where instead of Sam, Alex, and Martin going to WOOHP, they would go to the Center. I want to see how Sam and Alex would react if they saw it, especially if they met Billy or Java.
  • Over the past few years, i've been on and off Totally Spies, but it is immense!!

    I'm now 18 years old, and I still love to tune into Jetix and watch Totally Spies, especially now that the new series is being aired.

    A good show for me has good characters, and Alex is my favourite of the girls, always has been, always will be. Now that they are all at university, I think it just adds to their personalities and adventures.

    The storylines are always good, with great action scenes, and this is a reason to watch.

    One thing I don't particularly like is the fact that Sam, Alex and Clover are the stereotypical image of American girls, but then again, you can't imagine them all being obese tomboys etc etc.

    Overall, I've been a fan of this show for around 4 years, and I still love it :D
  • The show gets nicer and nicer.

    Especialcally with the 3 teens Sam , Clover and Alex and of course, founder of WOOHP,Jerry Lewis,makes the show more exciting.

    Watch as they fight evil villans such as Tim Scam and Jerry's evil twin brother,Terrance Lewis.

    In Totally Spies the code to enter WOOHP is 136.

    The favoured helicopter of the villains of Totally Spies seems to be the Mi-24 Russian attack helicopter, as it is featured in most episodes involving a bad guy using a copter transport.

    In the episode "Super Agent Much?" people somewhat like Martin, Marvin, and Diana from the animated cartoon "Martin Mystery" appear as cameos.

    Disney Channel Asia : Monday to Friday : 3.00pm 7.00pm and 10.00pm

    Saturday and Sunday: 9.00am, 9.30am, 3.00pm, 3.30pm

    Hope you will watch it PS.: Hope you like it!
  • why did i watch it.... well its the best show in the world thats why besides american dragon and kim possible. i love anything with crime fighting its the best very entertaining and to every one who never watched watch it if you liked adjl or kp you'll lo

    why did i watch it.... well its the best show in the world thats why besides american dragon and kim possible. i love anything with crime fighting its the best very entertaining and to every one who never watched watch it if you liked adjl or kp you'll love it. also its a great mix with the brains, fashion and uhhhh youngness ok so alex is small ohh yeh shes the friendliest so what i love the theme: here we go again till we stop and then we shop so 123 now baby here we go go go here we go on a mission undercover and we in control here we go here we go well im close and ive only been watching it for 3 weeks
  • I think Totally Spies is a funny, entertaining show!

    Totally Spies is about three avrage teens Sam,Clover, and ALex. They all hold one secret. They are international spies! Stressing to catch the bad guy, study for next weeks algebra test and find the perfect dress for the Dance next month!!! Talk about multi-tasking! As if living in Beverly Hills isn't enough!
  • The girls are top secret spies.

    The show has good humor. What i like most about the show is Clover. She's hot. Me & my friend sometimes argue over who's hotter Clover or Sam. But it doesn't matter. We like who we like & there should be no competition. The show has a whole lot of ups & hardly any downs. It's another one of CN's best shows.
  • Sam, Alex and Clover are three high school girls who fight crime on an international scale as undercover spies for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP).

    Stressful? Sure. Exciting? Totally!

    Totally Spies was first broadcasted on fox/ABC Family channel in November of 2001. Quickly it became the next Charlies Angels with comedy and even more fast paced fun/action. After removed from the ABC Family lineup in september of 2002, Totally Spies was still appreciated wildly by its fans waiting for its return. Soon, Cartoon Network picked up the Spies in July of 2003, with a 5 day a week lineup, it quickly became more influental than it ever was on ABC Family. Cartoon Network increased its ratings from over summmer '02 by 20% or more!
    As the seasons go by quicker, each character's life is revealed more and more to please the audience. Awesome episodes with non-stop action and suspence: The New Jerry, A Spy is Born I & II, and S.P.I. Absolutely heartwarming episodes: Evil Boyfriend, Alex Quits, and Evil Valentine's Day. Be sure to check out "Evil Promotion Much?" the great 3-parter finale of season 3, coming to CN in fall of 2005. Totally Spies is Totally Cool!
  • Not too original but not too shabby either.

    At first I didn't want to watch this show but soon I did and I found it pretty good. Although there are other shows like this and this show can be quite repetitive it still has its own flair, and I like it for that (this is the truth). It sometimes has a feel of the '70's mixed into it but the show really does keep it quite modern and won't throw you off. Out of all the Spies, I like Sam the best because she's the most productive (and Jennifer Hale's a pretty good VA). Clover can be pretty funny and Alex is all right. The fact that they're high schoolers also makes the show at least pretty decent.
    Each adventure is different with an especially different method behind the crime even though the villains are usually busted in somewhat of the same pattern in each episode (you'll see what I mean when the Spies are caught, escape, and prevail for example). It may need some more work this season but give this show a chance.
  • Totally Lame

    Totally Spies is a ripoff of Charle's Angels, but it is far, far worse. The characters are cliched and annoying, while the series has a "bad guy of the week" plot. There are a lot of lesbian innoundos in the series between the three spies and they rely too much on over-the-top gadgets to stop the over-the-top villian of the week. Sure this is a series about stong-willed girls, but even the Powerpuff Girls is better than this. The artwork and locals are the redeeming qualities, since it makes everything and everyone appear great. If you like spy shows with obvious plots and psudo lesbians, this is a series for you.
  • Mediocre at best.

    While no one can say that Totally Spies! is unoriginal in the fact that it copied Kim Possible, I, personally find Kim Possible a lot better then this waste.

    The main characters play on every teenage stereotype out there, save of course, the fact that their WHOOP! agents. The stereotypes, however, don’t aggravate me as much as they should, because they’re to be expected on such a show like this. What bothers me more then anything is the voice acting. The voices of the three main characters (especially Clover) are high-pitched and annoy me to no avail. What’s even worse is that this seems to be intentional.
    The worst voice of them all, however, is that of Mandy, whose voice in itself makes me feel like throwing something at my TV.

    The only thing tolerable about the show for me is Sam because I don’t mind her character. Sure, she’s just as annoying as the other two at times, but her voice is less high-pitched and she actually seems to posses intelligence (in my opinion anyway.)

    My verdict: Don’t waste your time on this one unless you enjoy watching boy-crazed high-school stereotypes go on unrealistic missions to save the world.
  • Totally amazing!

    I did not like this show when it first aired,I tough it was boggus.But soon,with the new seasons,I start to love this amazing show.Many people may desagree,but that is my option,and that what cares.My fave charater is Sam,and my least favorite charater is Alex.Most of episodes are amazing,funny,and full of action.The gadgets are also cool,and this is a great Miguzi show.If you want to contact me go to my profile.
  • Three spies who try to save the world, their friendships and their school from harm.

    Totally Spies (TS) is a wonderful show about three girls who journey to save various countries and glamourous places and people from harm. Clover is all about fashion, Sam is very intellctual (in other words, she's the BRAINS of the bunch ;)) and Alex is all about fun! Together, they're three spies that fight anything that comes their way, with the assistance of their boss and supervisor, Jerry. I recommend this show to all and watching the last few season finales will really impress upon you how good the show is! Watch it!
  • This show is so funny! Sam Clover and Alex. When you thought being a teenage girl was hard already, lets throw in being a super secret agent!

    I didnt even know about this show until two years ago just flipping channels. I saw it and I was like "Uh?". I kept it on the channel and I'm like this is okay, I guess. But everytime I watched it, it was so hilarious,cute, and funny. It's cute watching teenage girls having to deal with being normal and bullies(i.e. Mandy), but they also have to deal with beating up ninjas, androids, plus evil genuises. Then they have their boss,Jerry, who couldnt come up with any lamer jokes. Just good television. Sam, Clover, Alex are what teenage girls should try to be like, you know besides the spy part.
  • The show centers on Alex, Sam, Clover, Jerry, Gladis, and the entire WOOHP organization. The episodes are mainly about the adventures the girls have and experiencing high school life as a side-story. These girls are ready and rearing to go save the world.

    The show is aimed toward a younger audience, and Cartoon Network is the perfect place for this show, right? Anyway, the show is worth watching and will be enjoyed for many a time. The show focuses on Sam, Clover, and Alex. How they came to be Totally spies is still yet not determined. The show centers around all the adventures these three Beverly High girls have with Jerry, Gladis, and the entire WOOHP organization. Their adventures numerous and their friendship can be a bit shaky every once in a while, but if you need something to watch, this is the show.
  • Awesome show

    This show like Totally rocks! After watching 13 season 4 episodes, i feel that Totally SPies is getting better and better though season 3 was a great disapointment to all TS fans. T_T But still , i think this is a great show :D

    I especially love the character Sam XD not because shes smart but also she is the most beautiful character

    If i were to rate Totally Spies, most probabaly i'll give it a 9.7 as season 3 disappointed me in some ways. But 9.7 is still a good rating right...?? hm....or maybe i'll give Totally Spies a definite 9.8
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