Totally Spies!

Saturday 6:00 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Nov 03, 2001 Between Seasons





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  • Another fabulous cartoon Network show where it is quite unfortunate they decided to give it the ax.

    I have not heard about this show or seen it in a long time, so it is very likely it got Canceled. Dang it, but at least it was an awesome action-packed animated show which was great while it lasted. Totally Spies had some good plots and storylines too, since they are nice and cool High School girls that try to do their best in their normal lives since they have a big secret that is dangerous to leak out, and that secret is that they are secret agents who work under WHOOP Headquarters with their Boss Jerry. It is so entertaining to watch them take on all of these criminal masterminds from ruling the world by stopping them with great tactics and their awesome spy skills that they have been trained for. So there is usually two themes, a spy theme and a school and/or home theme where Clover, Sam, and Alex are usually shown where some sort of action takes place. I found it always interesting to see them in a wide variety of episodes discovering particular baddies and their cunning plans as of how to stop them so WHOOP can throw them in Jail. But not just a Jail, probably also a High Security Prison for them too. So the ending towards my review here are these last words: Good job Totally Spies, you're another great show that i miss because you're also canceled. No one can probably find much better spy-themed superb action-packed shows like you.