Totally Spies! - Season 1

Saturday 6:00 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Nov 03, 2001 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Man or Machine
    Episode 26
    A disgruntled scientist is kidnapping world leaders and replacing them with animatronic robots who then ruin national landmarks by turning them into amusement park rides.
  • Iceman Cometh
    Episode 25
    A villain plans to freeze the world, returning it to the Ice Age – wiping out the harm that humans have done to the environment. B-story: Clover confronts her reputation as an “Ice Queen.”
  • 6/1/02
    The spies go after an art thief only to find that all of their leads point to a supposedly deceased magician. In a b-story, the spies accuse Mandy of sabotaging their photography projects.
  • Malled
    Episode 23
    A sinister store in malls across the world is abducting shoppers and turning them into anti-consumer terrorists. In a b-story, Clover is accused of shoplifting.
  • Soul Collector
    Episode 22
    A villain is stealing kids youth using a gem to make himself and his cronies immortal. In a B-Plot, Sam enters a Youth Contest but is worried she won't win because she thinks she has one grey hair.
  • Passion Patties
    Episode 21
    A sinister cookie manufacturer creates a highly addictive cookie which makes all who eat it severely fat. B-story: Clover won’t wear a hat that isn’t her “normal” size.
  • A Spy Is Born I
    Episode 20
    The spies battle a villain who has abducted the top movie stars of the world to use them in his insanely realistic and dangerous action film. In a b-story, Sam is voted “Most Popular” in the school yearbook and has to deal with life in the spotlight.
  • Game Girls
    Episode 19
    A villain invents a device which literally captures extreme sports stars and places them into an extreme video game. B-story: Alex falls for a teen idol who turns out to be a computer-generated personality.
  • Evil Boyfriend
    Episode 18
    Sam falls for a seemingly nice boy at school, only to find out that he is using her to steal a top secret invisibility serum from the military. B-story: The girls decide they aren’t spending enough time together, so they plan a spa weekend in Palm Springs.
  • Spies Vs. Spies
    Episode 17
    The spies are replaced by a trio of former spies who have come out of “retirement.” But Clover, Sam and Alex soon find out that the former spies’ intentions aren’t so benevolent. In a b-story, Clover squares off with a bully from her past who has just started at Beverly High.moreless
  • Black Widows
    Episode 16
    The girls investigate the disappearance of the California State Cheerleading Champions, The Honeybees. They have to deal with homicidal (sort of) cheerleading robots and come up with their own routine as the "WHOOP-ettes". In a B-story, Mandy rivals Sam into winning the Spelling Bee.
  • Wild Style
    Episode 15
    The cruise ship Juliet disappears in the Mediterranean Sea. Our heroines investigate and find out that the passengers, and even Clover, have been turned into human-animal hybrids by a famous fashion designer. In a B-story, Clover tries to impress a guy with some really tall shoes.
  • Aliens
    Episode 14
    The spies investigate alien abductions and a secret organization called GOOPER. In the b-story, Alex prepares for her driving test.
  • Shrinking
    Episode 13
    A villain with a Napoleonic complex uses his shrinking machine to bring the world down to size. B-story: Affected by the machine, Clover tries to return to normal size for her upcoming date.
  • Queen for a Day
    Episode 12
    The girls travel to the African Nation of Lyrobia to investigate a strange kidnapping attempt against that country’s Queen Tassara -- a kidnapping attempt with an anti-gravity ray! After Clover, who’s disguised as the Queen in order to protect her, is abducted from the palace, the girls and the real Tassara must go after her. They eventually discover that Makeda, the Queen’s jealous sister, is the kidnapper -- and she wants to keep her sister from signing a peace treaty with neighboring Kenyopia so that a twenty-year war between the two countries will continue and she (due to a deal she made with the General of Kenyopia) will become Queen. Can the girls stop Makeda and get Tassara to a peace summit in Geneva before it’s too late? In the b-story, Clover and Mandy compete for the title of Homecoming Queen.moreless
  • 1/26/02
    A computer geek turns his mega-computer against those who have wronged him. It’s up to the spies to stop the computer before it carries out plans for mass destruction. B-story: Sam abuses her “student judge” power.
  • Spy Gladiators
    Episode 10
    The girls compete in a reality game show to find out why the contestants are disappearing. Alex becomes aggravated with a new girl just released from juve when all she was trying to do was be nice to her.
  • Model Citizens
    Episode 9
    The head of a modeling agency is stealing people's body parts to give her models perfect bodies. In A-B Story, Clover wants to win the "Miss Groovy Smoothie" beauty contest.
  • Abductions
    Episode 8
    A man is abducting the world's most intelligent people so that he can transfer their abilities into his son's brain. In a b-story, Sam gets a role in a play, which makes Clover jealous.
  • The Fugitives
    Episode 7
    The girls become fugitives when they are duplicated by an evil genius who uses their clones to rob banks. In A-B Story, Clover and Mandy compete over a new exchange student from Texas.
  • Eraser
    Episode 6
    The brains of the world's top scientists are being sucked dry by strange creatures from the ocean controlled by a former janitor who wants the world's memories in his hands! In the sub-plot, Sam saves Mandy and her hair after releasing it from a clay pot! Mandy wants to be Sam's best friend but actually cramps her style in the process!moreless
  • Child's Play
    Episode 5
    An evil toymaker is creating mind-controlling toys that make adults act like children. In A-B Story, Clover want's to date Rick, an older guy who makes Clover think she has to act more mature just to like him.
  • 11/17/01
    Research Lab Scientists are being kidnapped into the middle-ages. In a B- story, Clover really wants to win the Halloween Contest that Mandy and her are competing over.
  • The Get Away
    Episode 3
    The girls' Hawaiian vacation is interrupted by a madman threatening to make volcanoes erupt all over the world. In the b-story, the girls get psyched up about the upcoming school dance, only to find out its theme isn't so great...
  • The New Jerry
    Episode 2
    The girls arrive at WOOHP to find that Jerry has retired. In his place is Mac Smit -- a handsome, charismatic, intelligent, cool, thirty-something who Sam develops a bit of a crush on. When strange things start to happen (the credit card Mac gave them turns evil, the car he lent them explodes) the girls deduce that someone is after Mac. As they follow clues to find out who the unseen assailant is, the girls soon discover it is Mac himself (he’s really a rogue WOOHP agent named Tim Scam). Mac’s plan is to use an Evapo-Blaster -- a device he developed when he was at WOOHP -- to dehydrate all the earth’s water. But first he must get rid of the spies -- just like he’s gotten rid of Jerry! In the b-story, the girls grow sick of the way Jerry is treating them and wish they had a new guardian.moreless
  • 11/3/01
    The spies go undercover as the opening band on overnight pop-sensation Ricky Mathis’ world tour in order to investigate what’s making his fans act so crazy. They eventually discover that Ricky’s fans are being hypnotized by his music -- music that Sebastian (a bitter, ex-guitar playing record exec) has engineered in order to create an army of lyric-following zombies. With his “Ricky Zombies” in place (Clover included), Sebastian plans to overthrow the governments of the world. In the b-story, Clover gets a crush on a new boy at school -- a musician named Damon.moreless