Totally Spies! - Season 4

Saturday 6:00 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Nov 03, 2001 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Totally Busted (3)
    Totally Busted (3)
    Episode 26
    With the spies now held captive by Mandy, things look very grim for them, especially when Mandy decides to turn them into evil spies! What can Jerry do to help? Is there much he can do? Jerry enlists the help of the spies' mothers to save the girls, but can the spies' respective mothers save them from all the mess they've gotten themselves into?moreless
  • Totally Busted (2)
    Totally Busted (2)
    Episode 25
    Clover, Alex, and Sam uncover that Mandy, Caitlin and Dominique have all been affected by an Evil Shampoo that has turned them into "spy-sassins" who have kidnapped the spies' mothers! Will the girls be able to save their mothers successfully or are they to determined to see that this is all a trap to destroy the spies?!moreless
  • Totally Busted (1)
    Totally Busted (1)
    Episode 24
    When Clover, Alex and Sam's mothers discover that their daughters are spies, they completely freak out and inform Jerry that they are putting an end to it immediately. The spies go back to regular civilian life. Meanwhile, Mandy, Dominique and Caitlin all become affected by an evil shampoo from one of the spies' missions (the girls accidentally dropped it into Mandy's pool). Mandy and her cronies become evil “spy-sassins” (anti-spy agents) and kidnap the spies' mothers. Their plan? To sequester them in hopes that they can capture the spies when they try to save their moms. Sam, Clover and Alex realize that their own carelessness is what got their mothers in trouble, so they become spies again and ultimately save their moms. But in doing so, they get captured by Mandy! Now with the spies trapped back at The Groove, Mandy turns them into spy-sassins so that the Sam, Clover and Alex will destroy one another. Luckily for the girls, Jerry trained their mothers to be spies, and the moms swoop in a save the girls from each other. Now with the spies back to normal (thanks to a serum created by Jerry), the mothers and daughters round up evil Mandy and her cronies! In the end, the mothers allow their daughters to remain WOOHP agents.moreless
  • Spies in Space
    Spies in Space
    Episode 23
    The spies are way psyched when they find out that their favorite new band, The Alpha Centauris, are about to make music history. The band plans to be the first performers ever to broadcast a concert live from the moon! The only problem is, it’s just days before the gig and the band is nowhere to be found. Jerry puts the spies on the case and after GLADIS outfits them with some cool intergalactic gadgets the girls head off to find the band. After finding their abandoned ship, clues lead the spies to believe the band was abducted by aliens. In a b-story, because of her excellent academic record, Sam is offered a chance to graduate early from Bev High. But is she really ready to leave her best friends and her spy work behind?moreless
  • Spies on the Farm
    Spies on the Farm
    Episode 22
    When people start to mysteriously disappear from a remote rural area, Jerry sends Sam, Clover and Alex in to investigate. Posing as farmhands (think “The Simple Life”), the spies eventually uncover a local farmer who has abducted known meat-eaters (a neighborhood butcher; a restaurant owner; a fellow farmer, etc.) and, using strange new technology (to say the least), is turning them into fruits and vegetables to not only punish them… but to further his radical vegan cause! Can Alex, Clover and Sam save themselves (and the other abductees) before it’s too late? Or will the evil farmer try to eliminate them (by turning them into produce) in order to protect his totally bizarre secret? In a b-story, Clover, in an effort to prove to Sam and Alex that she’s not afraid to “get her hands dirty,” (they’ve accused her of being too much of a girly-girl on past missions), embraces life on the farm.moreless
  • Spy Soccer
    Spy Soccer
    Episode 21
    It’s the start of a new soccer season at Bev. High and Alex is psyched when her team gets a cool new coach. The only downside is that Clover and Sam feel a little snubbed because Alex is constantly busy with her team. Later, Jerry sends the girls on a mission to investigate a series of abductions. When the girls check out one of the crime scenes, they discover the place is totally trashed. And stranger still, one of the clues leads Sam and Clover back to… Alex! When the girls confront Alex, she can’t explain or remember where she was at the time of the abduction. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Alex’s demeanor changes and she becomes very evil. Sam and Clover discover that Alex’s new soccer coach is using a special mind control ball to turn the Bev. High soccer team into her own private army! Can Sam and Clover survive the final showdown against the coach, Alex and her mind-controlled teammates? In a b-story, Jerry becomes addicted to video games.moreless
  • The Suavest Spy
    The Suavest Spy
    Episode 20
    Jerry calls the girls to WOOHP to give them an urgent mission. It appears that a longtime nemesis, Kyle Katz, an ultra-suave, ultra-intelligent, teenage jewel heist expert is up to his old tricks again. When they receive the dossier on Katz, the spies are shocked to discover that he’s amazingly handsome! Even though Jerry cautions the girls to be careful of looks and demeanor, the three girls eventually become completely infatuated with their adversary. The girls are so distracted by Katz, that he’s able to prepare for his next big score right under their noses! Can the spies stop Katz before his suave ways destroy their friendship and, ultimately, WOOHP's chances of ever finding him? In a b-story, Sam’s recent win at a science fair earns her an unwanted gaggle of nerdy groupies.moreless
  • Like, So Totally Not Spies (2)
    Sam, Clover and Alex finally piece together their former lives but have they done so too late? With the LAMOS already taken Jerry captive and moving in on WOOHP, can the girls stop the LAMOS from carrying out their evil schemes without revealing that they got their memories back?
  • Like, So Totally Not Spies (1)
    It’s the day before the first day of Spring and Sam, Clover and Alex are at The Groove shopping for a new wardrobe when they come across a mystery vendor selling totally cool bracelets! Happy that they’ve finally found a fashion item that Mandy doesn’t have, the girls eagerly pop them on! The next morning, however, the girls wake up feeling quite strange. What they don’t realize is that the bracelets, were specifically designed to knock out the girls memories of being spies! With no recollection of WOOHP, or their super-spy abilities, the girls go about their lives like normal teens -- allowing the LAMOS to pursue their latest evil plot: to abduct and eliminate Jerry for once and for all! Will the girls be able to piece together the memories of their former lives and save Jerry… or will they remain permanently clueless?moreless
  • Beauty Is Skin Deep
    Beauty Is Skin Deep
    Episode 17
    A hot new line of cosmetics is hitting the shelves at the trendiest boutiques in New York, Paris and Beverly Hills. The makeup line is called “Moody Beauty” and is designed to give the girls wearing it a specific desired look (happy, pouty, mysterious, strange, surprised, etc.). But the makeup comes with one startling side-effect – it permanently contorts the face of the person wearing it. For example, the happy eye shadow makes you look like a clown, the pouty lipstick makes you look sad and so on. As the spies investigate, they find out that the sinister force behind the makeup is an ex-beauty queen, named Miss Vanity. After years of being in the spotlight, Miss Vanity ultimately decided that people are too vain, and so to remedy that, her makeup will make everyone look equally hideous. Can the spies stop Miss Vanity before she turns them and the entire world into a freak show? Can the spies come to terms with discovering that Jerry likes to wear “just a little make up” to add color to his otherwise pasty British skin? In a b-story, Clover thinks she’s rejected by a boy, so she starts to let her appearance slip.moreless
  • Evil Ice Cream Man Much?
    When the spies investigate a strange series of attacks, they find that the victims are completely and inexplicably frozen solid. As the spies investigate further, they discover that an evil ice cream man is behind the attacks. He’s outfitted his ice cream truck with a bizarre device that force feeds victims his special brand of ice cream that literally freezes them. Can the spies stop this menace before he sends Bev Hills into a modernized ice age? In a B-story, Clover helps Alex buy a new dress for an upcoming dance, but at the store, Alex’s date accidentally sees her in the dress. Clover convinces Alex that it will bring her seven years bad luck with boys.moreless
  • Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!
    Episode 15
    When teenage girls from around the globe start to mysteriously disappear, the spies are sent in to investigate. What they uncover is that all of the missing girls had one thing in common: they were all high school cheerleaders. And when Mandy also turns up missing, the spies discover that a strange new instructional cheerleading DVD called "Sweet Moves" is to blame. The girls trace the dvd back to former WOOHP baddie Candy Sweet. Still in a WOOHP prison, Candy, as a part of her rehabilitation, has been allowed to release the DVD. In addition to teaching its viewers some bizarre moves, the DVD also hypnotizes those who watch it... luring them to Candy's former "training facility" so that the cheerleaders can practice their new moves as a group -- a group that will eventually use their moves to spring Candy from prison! Can the spies stop the evil cheerleaders before its too late... or will they too become victims of Candy's crazy plot? In a b-story, Mandy and Clover compete for the title of Head Cheerleader.moreless
  • Evil Heiress Much?
    Evil Heiress Much?
    Episode 14
    Soon after a Forbes-type list of the world’s richest people is published, these same people start to disappear in a variety of strange ways… prompting Jerry to call in the spies. They are assigned protect the fifth richest person on the list – an over-exposed, blonde hotel heiress named Milan Stilton from being abducted! Alex and Clover are stoked. They just love Milan’s work – not to mention the cute little Chihuahua she carries everywhere she goes! Sam, on the other hand, is less than thrilled. Regardless, they move into Milan’s Hollywood Hills digs. And, despite their best efforts to guard the ditzy heiress, they soon find themselves kidnapped! What the girls eventually uncover is that Milan is the one behind the abductions! Can the spies stop her and save the rich people before it’s too late? In a b-story, Sam gives up material possessions.moreless
  • Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe
    When men all the world over are discovered in a strange, catatonic state, WOOHP calls in the spies. After some investigation, Sam, Clover and Alex uncover that what all of these men have in common is that they all received flowers from the exact same flower shop! The girls trace the bouquets to a jilted florist bent on getting revenge on all of her past boyfriends! Can the girls stop her before she takes out the rest of her ex-beaus… as well as the entire male population of the world? In a b-story, an ex-boyfriend of Clover’s shows up at Bev High and ends up dating Sam!moreless
  • Deja Cruise
    Deja Cruise
    Episode 12
    The spies are totally psyched when Jerry informs them that he’s offering them a little vacation on the new WOOHP Cruise Liner – a state-of-the-art, luxury ship designed to be a pleasure boat for overworked WOOHP agents! The spies eagerly take Jerry up on the offer. Once on the boat, the girls realize Jerry wasn’t kidding, the ship is loaded with all sorts of amenities: a WOOHP-shaped pool; 24-hour pilates classes; all-you-can-sushi bar and so on. The girls are in relaxation heaven – except for Clover who’s busy scamming on a cute lifeguard. Suddenly, the serenity of the vacation is broken as a gang of baddies take over the boat. Their plan: to destroy the ship with all of the WOOHP agents on it. The girls spring into action and try to defeat the villains, but their efforts only result in them accidentally causing the ship to sink. Or does it? The girls all wake up and find that things are back to normal. Suddenly, just as things seem to be back to normal, the entire incident happens again. The spies try to stop the villains, but again destroy the vessel. And yet, again, they wake up on the ship. The spies realize that they are re-living the same day over and over! And the only way to stop this vicious cycle is to defeat the bad guys. Can the girls figure out what to do, or will they be stuck on this boat forever?! In a b-story, the girls face the utter exhaustion that comes with being super-spies.moreless
  • Mani-Maniac Much?
    Mani-Maniac Much?
    Episode 11
    When teenaged girls start to disappear from the greater Beverly Hills area, Jerry sends Sam, Clover and Alex in to investigate. What they uncover is that a malicious manicurist, by implanting tiny, mind-controlling jewels in all of his fabulous nail creations is creating an evil army of manicured teens to take out the most popular mani-pedi boutique in the area. Can the spies save their fellow BH girls – and the world – before it’s too late… or will they too become crazed mani-maniacs?! In a b-story, Clover and Mandy compete for a dream job as a hand model.moreless
  • Arnold The Great
    Arnold The Great
    Episode 10
    As the spies are carrying out a routine mission to stop a bank robbery in progress, they spot something really odd – a person in a homemade superhero outfit is also trying to foil the plot. What’s even more bizarre is that the self-styled “superhero” turns out to be Arnold! In an effort to prevent Arnold from getting seriously hurt, the spies intervene and save him – unfortunately, the bad guy gets away. But, when Arnold sees that the girls are spies, he’s in awe and he wants to join their ranks, but, the girls tell him that it’s not possible. The spies learn the hard way that the whole robbery was a well-elaborate trap by a familiar foe. When Arnold is given powers of a super villain can the spies stop this nerd-turned-super villain before he puts them out of commission? In a b-story, Alex brings home a puppy she found lost in the neighborhood. When Sam and Clover tell her she can’t keep it, instead of trying to find the real owner, she decides to hide it from them!moreless
  • 0067
    Episode 9
    When Jerry is approached by a flamboyant Hollywood producer and asked to star in a big-budget, James Bond-type spy movie, he just can’t resist! Jerry decides to leave WOOHP in Sam, Clover and Alex’s hands while he pursues his dreams of becoming an actor! Sam, Clover and Alex are shocked but after a little snooping, they uncover that the Hollywood producer that Jerry is working for is none other than Marco Lumiere – and the movie he’s having Jerry star in is a fake… he’s just having him commit real crimes and pretending that it’s all in the script! Can Sam, Clover and Alex stop Jerry before he becomes a real-life baddie… or have promises of stardom gone to Jerry’s bald head? In a b-story, Sam, Clover, and Alex have to deal with the huge responsibility of running WOOHP!moreless
  • Evil Jerry
    Evil Jerry
    Episode 8
    Terence has enlisted the help of Tim Scam to create a crazy device that has the ability to gather half of the evil from Terence and transfer it directly into...Jerry! Luckily, the spies start to notice that Jerry’s acting strangely and they find out that Terence and a troop of ex-villains are to blame! Can the spies save Jerry and WOOHP before it’s too late – or will Terence proceed with the rest of his wicked plan – moving himself and the rest of the L.A.M.O.S into WOOHP? In a b-story, after reading that “spies” are “hip” in a chic new magazine, Mandy, Caitlin and Dominique start their own Bev Hills spy club – which involves invading the privacy of Sam, Clover and Alex.moreless
  • Attack of The 50 Foot Mandy
    It’s that magical time of year again – time to crown the new Miss Beverly Hills. Among this year’s hopeful contestants are Mandy and Clover. In order to get that extra winning edge, both Mandy and Clover unwittingly decide to get a special full-body makeover that promises to make their hair, smiles, eyes and even their attitudes bigger. But as they are getting their treatment, a shadowy figure sneaks into the spa and puts a microchip into Mandy’s machine. At first, Mandy is pleased with the results of her treatment which seems to have worked better than Clover’s. She doesn’t realize it at first, but as she gets larger and larger, she can’t deny what’s happening to her. As the spies start to investigate a rash of disappearances among Miss Beverly Hills contestants, they find out that Mandy, who has now grown nearly fifty feet tall, is behind the crimes! They also discover that along with becoming bigger physically, Mandy’s meanness has also become magnified. And in an effort to win the competition, she decided to take out the other contestants. Can the spies stop this monolithic Mandy whilst also determining who that shadowy figure was? In a b-story, Clover tries out an entire litany of ridiculous talents to find something she’s good at so she can win the talent part of the Miss Beverly Hills competition.moreless
  • Mime Your Own Business
    The girls are sent to investigate a bizarre series of events where a mysterious man seems to be zapping victims with a strange device which makes them lose their voices. As the phenomenon gets worse, the world is on the brink of a total communication breakdown! The spies ultimately discover that the culprit behind all of this is an evil mime whose goal is to force the world to live as mimes. As the spies spring into action to try to capture the crazed mime, he uses a series of traps to keep them at bay – i.e., putting them into an “invisible box”, forcing them to walk into a powerful wind, and other mime-esque dangers. Can the spies defeat the villain, restore their voices AND save the world from going into chaos?! In a b-story, Sam and Clover accuse Alex of not being able to keep a secret.moreless
  • Alex Gets Schooled
    Alex Gets Schooled
    Episode 5
    When Alex’s report card reveals a crop of not-so-great grades, her parents inform her that they're transferring her to Dorsal Academy -- a top boarding school in England. Not only will placing Alex at the new school allow them to keep a closer eye on her, it will practically guarantee that her grades will be boosted since the school is known for teaching the smartest students in the world. Alex bids farewell to Clover and Sam and sadly heads off. At the new school, Alex feels lonely and alienated. Not only does she miss her best friends dearly, she finds the school to be, well… strange. And when Clover and Sam receive a distress call from Alex and, they realize something is up too. After a little investigating, the girls realize the school’s headmaster is turning his students into half-human half-dolphins! Can Sam and Clover save Alex and get her back to Bev High before she gets “schooled?” In a b-story, Jerry moves in with Sam and Clover while his apartment is being fumigated – and ends up being a nightmare houseguest!moreless
  • The O.P.
    The O.P.
    Episode 4
    During a weekend road trip up the California coast, the girls’ new car breaks down in a seemingly idyllic gated coastal town called Ocean Palisades – or “The O.P.” for short. At first they completely love it, but, when they meet a few teens who seem to be too perfect to be real, they start to get suspicious, especially when they are stopped from leaving the town! After a little spying, they discover that the teens have been replaced with obedient robots! Can the spies find the real teens and save them, or will they be turned into perfect robots themselves and forced to live in The O.P. forever? In a b-story, Sam, Alex and Clover get a new car from Jerry!moreless
  • I Hate the Eighties
    No longer a worshipper of the 70s, Boogie Gus has gleefully discovered the 80s, and he’s bent on using his new device – “The Eightifier” - to turn Beverly Hills into the ultimate 80's paradise. Can the spies stop Boogie Gus before their home town goes retro for good? In a b-story, an old flame from Jerry’s past turns up. Will true love bloom again?moreless
  • Futureshock!
    Episode 2

    When the girls fiddle with Jerry's new time machine, they accidentally jet themselves 20 years into the future! At first they think it's way exciting – until they discover that Mandy is an all-powerful super villain who has control of all media! Desperate, present day Sam, Clover and Alex seek out future Jerry for help -- but to their shock, find that he's not exactly around anymore, he's had himself cryogenically frozen! And when the spies seek out their future selves, they discover that they're being held captive by Mandy! The girls have to find a way to "thaw" Jerry out, save the future versions of themselves from captivity, and stop Mandy before she "Mandifies" the planet! In a b-story, Mandy falls from the top of a cheerleading pyramid and hurts herself. Determined to find something to fill her time, Mandy decides that she's going to run the Bev High TV station – an event that the spies later learn turns out to be the pivotal moment in her life.

  • The Dream Teens
    The Dream Teens
    Episode 1
    Picking up where we left off last season, Terence escapes from WOOHP and frees several of the spies’ former arch villains in the process. They form the “League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow the Spies” or LAMOS for short. Together they will pool their collective resources to take out Jerry and the spies for good. Meanwhile, Clover, Sam and Alex are all giddy because they’ve each met the boy of their dreams. But as the girls get more and more involved with each of their respective boyfriends, weird things start to occur. Turns out that the guys are actually plasma robots that have been sent to gather data (in a variety of funny ways) about the girls for..Myrna Beesbottom! They use this data to turn themselves into the male equivalents of the spies and Myrna wants the spies destroyed. It’s up to the girls to stop their male protégés from taking them out and discover what Myrna's plot is. In a b-story, Clover accidentally submits a silly picture she took of herself in a photo both for her yearbook photo instead of her real headshot.moreless