Totally Spies!

Season 3 Episode 10

Super Nerd Much?

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Dec 19, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The episode didn't explain who the man was that Arnold nerdified at his "lair".

    • What did the magician use the jewel for before Arnold got a hold of it?

    • When Arnold was nerdifying Beverly Hills, his muscles grew a little. Wouldn't he have become very buff if he nerdified the whole population?

    • Jerry calls the magic stone a "cat's-eye emerald". Cat's-eye gems are so called because the light reflected on their suface forms a crescent-shaped pattern resembling the iris of a cat's eye. But only smooth-surfaced gems can create the cat's-eye effect, and the magic stone in this episode is a square-cut, faceted gem.

    • In the part before Mandy gets "nerdified" she is walking down the hall and the window behind her seems to follow her. She never passes the windows pain.

  • Quotes

    • (Alex, Clover and Sam watch as Arnold drains another guy.)
      Sam: And that's why he's changing. The ring sucks cool DNA from people who were mean to him and sends it to Arnold.
      Clover: But why did he zap me? I mean, I've never been mean to him.
      Sam and Alex: (staring suspiciously at Clover) Hmm.
      Clover: OK, so I turned him down on a few, uh, hundred dates. But I was being nice by not letting him get his hopes up. I want my cool DNA back!
      Alex: (nervously) Aah.

    • (Nerds are running out of a building, screaming.)
      Sam: Either Arnold's in there, or there's a major cartoon convention going on.

    • Sam: Jerry, we found the Cat's Eye emerald. And someone is using it to nerdify cool people.
      Jerry: Nerdify?
      Alex: Make people more...
      Sam: Uh.
      Alex: Y'know, like you.
      Jerry: I beg your pardon?

    • Sam: Wow, I knew Arnold is smart, but not sneaky smart!

    • Clover: (after being turned into a nerd) I'll never date again!

    • Clover: Whoa! Talk about buff!

    • (Arnold tries to tell people to vote for him)
      Mandy: What are you running for? King of the Nerds?!

    • Alex: He's got cool gadgets and he's not even a spy!

    • (Jerry "WOOHP'S" the girls back to class)
      Alex: Just in time!
      Sam: For a pop quiz!

    • Sam: That is one clever techno-geek.
      Clover: More like techno-hunk.

    • Clover: Too bad about Arnold. I mean yesterday, he was almost dateable!
      (Sam and Alex look at Clover with a dirty look)

    • Clover: You're not a nerd, Arnold. You're just coolness-challenged.

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