Totally Spies!

Season 5 Episode 14

Totally Mystery Much?

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM May 13, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Totally Mystery Much?
Scientists make a startling discovery in the Antarctic--a Yeti-like snow creature frozen in a block of ice! Meanwhile, Jerry informs Sam, Clover and Alex that there have been reports of a strange being terrorizing a posh ski resort. When they arrive to investigate the luxurious place, they find that they aren't the only ones on the case - they meet Martin Mystery, a teenage paranormal investigator working for The Center – an organization much like WOOHP! In the b-story, Clover is annoyed because the nerds get a crush on her, Sam discovers she looks like Martin's sister, Diana, and Alex falls for Martin.moreless
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      • Sam: Wait. Who are you and who are you working for? You're clearly not a WOOHP agent.
        Martin: WOOHP? Boring. I'm from The Center. We handle all the cool cases around the world.
        Sam: (scoffs) Well I doubt this case has anything to do with the paranormal (face close up) since there's no such thing!
        Martin: (chuckles briefly) You know, you remind me of my sister, Diana. (face close up) She's a really lame buzzkill too.
        (Sam fumes and then pile-drives Martin into the snow and then walks off.)

      • Martin: Well, okay, but what about the skiers who have disappeared from the resort? That's a paranormal mystery for sure.
        Sam: People have disappeared?
        Alex: Martin might be onto something. In Resurgence of the Underground Creature, the beast resurfaced only to take humans underground with them.
        Martin: This is nothing like RDUC. That game is so old; it's an electronic fossil. (walks up next to an uninterested Clover) This is totally Arctic Primates. Hybrids rule the tundra and feed off the humans. Hottest game out there. And we all know life imitates art.
        Sam: (on other side of Clover) I believe it's the other way around. Art imitates life? (walks ahead annoyed)
        Martin: (sighs) (she's) so Diana.

      • (The girls land on Jerry's couch.)
        Jerry: Ah, girls, once again, impeccable timing.
        Sam: You're the one who times these things, Jer.
        Jerry: I know. I was commending myself.

      • Clover: Besides, what's the big deal? Being messy is part of dorm life. It's a rite of passage, like dating cute college boys. (checks phone messages)
        (Phone beeps.)
        Boy 1: Hi Clover. I would be honored if you would accompany me to the library studies picnic?
        (Phone beeps.)
        Boy 2: Hi Clover. (Clover flinches.) The math club is having a dance and …
        (Phone beeps.)
        Boy 3: Um, I just want to say your eyes sparkle like the crystal of ultimate power on medieval zone level 63.
        (Phone beeps.)
        Clover: (standing up and covers ears) Ah! It's like I'm a geek magnet. Ever since I accidentally went into that comic book store at the mall. From the outside it totally looked like a shoe store!
        Alex: (sighs) I wouldn't mind if a few geeks were interested in me.
        Sam: How about You getting interested in a little cleaning?

      • Alex: Hey, Sammy.
        Sam: Don't "Hey Sammy" me! Look at this place. You girls leave a trail everywhere you go!
        Alex: Well, aren't those YOUR books?
        Clover: Totally. Like, who are you to play the blame game?
        Sam: They're on the floor because I tripped on one of Alex's silly games.
        Alex: (gasp) Silly? Resurgence of the Underground Creatures is anything but silly. The title alone should tell you that. (kisses video game box)

      • (while Martin is parachuting with Alex & Sam)
        Martin: I gotta talk to M.O.M. about getting one of these jet pack backpack parachutes.
        Sam: So you admit our gadgets are better than yours?
        Martin: Different, yes. Better, no.

      • Martin: We'll use my I-Cutter to get in.
        : (knocking Martin aside) Thanks, but we have our own gadgets.
        : (instantly recovering next to Clover) Mine are better.
        : Um, it's not the gadget. It's the gadgeteer. (Alex giggles) Watch and learn. (Clover applies a laser beam to the fence. Martin fiddles with his U-watch)
        Watch: I-Cutter selected.
        : Ha!
        (swiping sounds)
        : Huh?
        (The cut-out fence section falls inward. The girls are stunned)
        : (quietly to Alex) Jerry is so getting us an I-Cutter when we get back.

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