Totally Wild

National Geographic (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • White-Bellied Sea Eagels Whirl
      White-Bellied Sea Eagels Whirl feature clips of a variety of wildlife engaged in robust activity, and gives it a human-like and humourous look to them.

      The episode includes 'singing' trouts spawning, a mother elephant seal 'singing a lullaby' to its pup, an otter at play in the snow, rainforest insects in a feeding frenzy, a baby beluga whale beached on the shore, bottlenose dolphins bullying the females and young, cobra and monitor lizard fighting over a meal, and white-bellied sea eagles dancing with each other in the sky.moreless
    • Coral Reef Spawning
      The episode shows the methods by which various seemingly vulnerable creatures prevent themselves or their eggs from being eaten by predators.

      It shows clips of a lizard that squirts blood from its eye to scare away a coyote, a pair of fish fighting off a turtle from their eggs, an attacking bird protecting its eggs from an invading snake, and a mouse escaping an enemy by jumping off tree tops.

      The episode also features clips of schools of anchovies swimming around in large unison to confuse predators, and the incredible spawning techniques of coral reefs.moreless
    • Killer Whales Hunt Sea Lions
      Explore the life of the termite queen in her efforts to contiually pump out eggs for the termite colony, the newborn loggerhead turtles crawling from their nest to the sea in their desperate struggle to get to safety, and a big horn sheep known as the Johnny Rooks in its encounter with the monitor lizards. And finally, watch as wasps kill spiders, killer whales hunt young sea lions, bats hunt for fishes, and even fish killing bats.moreless